Struck Out

Not much to report for yesterday except for financial. I did some stuff around the house and emailed back and forth with the editor of SSNET. The trash can in the kitchen was full so I took the bag over to put it in the well house. I spied the kittens on the little deck beside the well house and they spied me.

Sitting down on the steps, I watched them scurry back to the drain pipe they use as a tunnel. All but one, that is. It was a bit braver and I was able to get within a couple of feet of it before gave in and dashed off.

My CIL came out and said there had originally been six kittens. I’d thought all along there were only five. It’s his theory that the people who moved away from the house to the north of me took the mama cat with them.

There are alerts set up for my credit card to email me in certain instances. One is if I’m nearing my credit limit (which I never have). I got one such email yesterday. Signing into the web site, I was horrified to see that my card had been charged twice for the difference in my hearing aids. I called the office and just did catch the secretary. She was hurrying to get away but she promised to go ahead and put through a credit. I called the credit card company and spoke to a rep. He said if we could get her on the line, he could go ahead and take that charge off. We got voice mail. I told him I was sure she would take care of it as she said she would. He put a note in my record to explain the reason for the overage.

Humana uses bribery to get people to go to the doctor. They sent out a list of things that, if I did at least five of them, I would get a $10 gift card for each up to eight. I did five. I checked the web site. I was credited with one. I called and spoke to a rep there. She took down the list and said she would have them researched. I could check back and when all of them were listed, I could redeem them for gift cards.

THEN, I called the office that bills for my doctor. The payment was finally posted and yes, I had a $10 credit balance. The young man I talked to said he’d put in for a check to be cut to clear that out. Every little bit…

Later in the day, Genese posted

“The Seventh Day Adventist Church’s Vacation Bible School came by with roses, songs and that wonderful joy and energy that only children have. They told me they learned about fossils and Noah’s Ark and Jesus and the Sabbath and forgiveness. I love when young people visit.”

VBS got along without me this year. Last year, about all I did was sit in the kitchen and I had things I could do here at home.

I posted a reminder on my church group page that services were canceled because of the Olde Time Camp Meeting going on some two hours from here. I’d told my sister I might go to that today if I could ride with someone but the thought of traveling four hours total talked me out of it.

The lady in charge of another church group posted what was going on in other area churches. Steve Darmody was to be at the 11 o’clock service not more than 10 miles from me so I thought I would go.

Last night, I went to bed at a reasonable hour but, for some unknown reason, I didn’t go completely to sleep until after midnight. Before that, it was dozing here and there. When I’d wake, I would pray I’d feel up to going if it were the Lord’s will.

I didn’t feel too bad when I got up so I commenced to get ready to go. I had my clothes laid out, ate breakfast, showered and dried my hair.

I’d already had my devotions/quiet time. I checked Facebook. Genese had left me a private message. She told me she couldn’t figure out how to use the neckloop and there was no one there who would help her. She’d had a bed bath last night and I don’t know how she got her hearing aids back in. Three aides were in there with her but none of them would do it. She can manage the right one, sort of, but she’s unable to use her left hand well enough to handle the other one. I hope those CNAs are never in her situation because what goes around usually comes around.

Hmmmmmmm. Steve Darmody. Genese. Steve Darmody. Genese. I figured I’d heard Steve Darmody. Genese needed help. There was no one willing to do anything with her ears. I hadn’t filled the gas tank the last time I was in town so it was getting low. I could do one or the other but not both. Instead of putting on my Sabbath-go-to-meeting clothes, I pulled on a pair of jeans and headed out.

She was sound asleep when I got there. I poked her on the arm numerous times before she’d open her eyes. When she did, she was more than surprised to see me.

We set about getting the neckloop to work. Try as we might, she wasn’t getting any sound. After I plugged and unplugged I don’t know how many times, she discovered she could get the audio if she held it up next to her ear. We experimented with different places and the top of her head turned out to be the best for stereo. That was precarious so it was soon ruled out.

The upshot was, we struck out. I brought it home with me and she will use her headphones to listen to audio when her speaker might disturb her roommate. I guess it was the thought that counted.

This afternoon, I was rebounding when the phone rang. It’s had a strange ring lately and while I could answer it, the handsets made not a peep. It was DS1. I’d spoken to him briefly yesterday but he was at the church working for my DIL who is in Indiana with her mother. He called to apologize for having to cut me off. I understood. I could tell he was super busy. Anyway, at home he can only get one bar on his phone. He spent almost all of our talk time trying to get his phone to work with their WiFi. When he finally did, it was to tell me that he and my granddaughter needed to go somewhere. At least I know they are still alive.

During that time, I figured out the ringing problem. I’d had to fax some paperwork the other day and figured I’d solve having to unplug and plug the fax. I ran it through from the MagicJack to the fax to the phone. The fax was ringing. I don’t use the fax much so I switched it back and the phones ring now. If only I could find that other handset!

I took 1/4 of the cantaloupe over to my CIL. He was on the phone so I put it in the fridge. On my way out, I became aware of five pairs of eyes watching me. Once again, I was able to get within a couple of feet of them. They are really cute. If Twinkle could eat regular food, I would definitely be tempted…

My neighbor/cousins both say they aren’t keeping the kittens but I noticed a little cat toy rigged up on the handrail at the back steps. I’m going to hide and watch and see what happens.

4 Responses to Struck Out

  1. Lila June 8, 2013 at 9:59 pm #

    It takes a really good friend to gve up a Steve Darmody concert!

    • Tommie June 8, 2013 at 10:06 pm #

      If I could have been sure I wouldn’t run out of gas I would have done both.

  2. Mary Jane June 9, 2013 at 7:49 am #

    I agree with Lila! Sorry Genese is having trouble with the aids. I can identify with that!

    • Tommie June 9, 2013 at 8:22 am #

      The trouble was getting the neckloop to work. She had both aids in when I got there and she’s really enjoying them. She told me about her granddaughter visiting and how softly she speaks. Genese could hear and understand every word.

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