Aidless Again

Saturday night, I was chatting with the audiologist on Facebook. She said she would be at the office around 12 TT today. She figured my hearing aid that had been sent off was on the truck so I decided I would take a chance and meet her.

This morning, there were no mouse bodies to dispose of, only a large juicy hairball on one of Mother’s dining room chairs. She would have croaked! I cleaned up all I could, then sprayed it with Resolve. You’d never know anything had been amiss. That stuff is good.

I heard a mower going. Looking out, there was my cousin buzzing around the yards. I’d taken the cage away where the poke grows at the end of one of the square foot boxes. The mower had laid it over some but it seemed okay. I put the cage back. She saw me and grinned. When she could get parked, she asked if she’d ruined it. I told her no. There were some red berries peeking out from under the green leaves so we snacked and visited a bit.

On the way down the mountain, I veered off and took a few minutes to go see Mother’s grave. There’s a swath of undecorated ones that includes hers. On either side, graves have flowers. Some are silk. Some are plastic. Most are faded from the sun. In my humble opinion, her grave looks nicer than if it had ragged ones after an attack from the mower.

There were signs on the office door. One was to say that, due to unforeseen circumstances, the office wouldn’t open until June 7. The other was a message to the FedEx man to leave packages next door.

The door was unlocked so I walked in. I could hear voices in the back. I made my way to the aud’s office. There was a lady sitting across the desk from her. She looked very comfortable. The aud told me to go look in the bathroom. It was gross. The carpet has been well soaked with whatever might have been in the sewer pipe. The back door was open so the smell wasn’t too bad.

I went to the waiting room and sat down. There was a June (!) issue of Reader’s Digest (I don’t think they realize they are supposed to keep old magazines on the table) so I settled down to wait. That’s what you do in a waiting room, right? I have no idea how long the conversation went on but when the lady came out, she said, “Oh, I forgot you were out here! I could have left 10 minutes ago.”

We’d joked about wearing masks for the smell and I told the aud I could bring a mask. I hunted up the N-95 I’d been issued at the hospital. When I gave it to her, she had a good laugh and hung it on the door.

Planting myself in the chair in front of the desk, there was the usual hooking up to the computer. Sure enough, one of the packages on the receptionist’s desk held my errant aid. The paperwork with it said the module had been replaced and the aid put back to the wearer’s (that would be me) settings. Well! That was nice! My Tek still had to be reprogrammed to five settings instead of three. That was done in short order. I was ready to go.

Getting in the car, I shut the door and started the engine. Backing up, I turned toward town and got back on the main street. My left hearing aid started crackling. Oh! NO!! They had replaced the module but it still had the same problem. I was too far onto the street to go back. I circled the block and parked in front of the office. She was still at her desk.

I quickly took the aid off so she could hear what it was doing before it decided to quit. I suggested it might be feedback from the right one so she walk across the room, still listening. She said it sounded like paper crackling. That’s exactly it.

“Do you want the loaner back?” No. We had talked about my getting some better aids but she was leaning toward my keeping these for a bit longer. “Do you want to go ahead and order the others?” Yes! I pulled the other aid off and handed it to her, asking if I needed to bring the accessories in. No, that’s all she needed. She would deal with Siemens.

For the first time in almost two months, I don’t have hearing aids. It’s strange.

The picture I took yesterday of the blooms on the Mystery Tree are misleading so I took a picture of the tree today. (And there’s a dratted black walnut tree growing up right beside it.) The blooms are tiny, probably about the size (or a little smaller) of a bluet. I should take a picture with something like a dime for comparison.

Mystery Tree

I heard from the editor today. She has suggested I write a blog post on SSNET. Maybe I could copy one of my daily posts over to that blog. HA! I laugh. I don’t think the meanderings through my mind would make for a spiritual lesson. If I come up with something, maybe. We’ll see.

It’s to the OTHER side of the mountain tomorrow (to see what I can see?). I hope to see Genese. I’ve told her I plan to stop by but you know what plans are like. “Life is what happens…”

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  1. Mary Jane June 4, 2013 at 8:22 pm #

    Sorry about all the trouble with the aids. How long until you will get the new ones?

    • Tommie June 4, 2013 at 8:35 pm #

      She’ll check tomorrow when she goes in. It doesn’t take long once they’ve been ordered.

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