I Keep Forgetting

Last Friday, I had an email from Humana that my claims had been processed and paid. I’d checked online prior to that and saw most of them were finalized but not all. If I owed something, I wanted to know. I’d worked long enough with insurances to know that information isn’t complete until the patient is notified—and sometimes not then. I had paid my $10 copay at the doctor’s office but, as I told DD, I had no idea what I might owe the hospital or the radiologist.

Here’s the breakdown:

Medical Billing

Payments like these used to really rile me when I was working at the hospital but I’m on the other side of the fence now. I called physician billing and talked to a fellow who assured me I would be reimbursed my $10 after they receive payment. From prior experience, I know patients receive notice before the provider gets paid but I also know the organization that bills for my doctor isn’t as organized as it should be (the pot calling the kettle black?). I called this morning and, surprise! the payment hadn’t been posted yet. I’ll keep calling until it is and make sure I get my $10 back.

My oranges were used up at breakfast so I had to go to town to shop for groceries. I’d been putting it off, hoping to pick up my aid on the same trip but…My audiologist posted a comment on my Facebook status last night. The city had to open the sewer line running to her office and the other businesses in that building. The smell is overwhelming and she’s closed until Monday. That guarantees I have at least four more days wearing The Loaner. She assured me FedEx doesn’t leave packages if they aren’t there so my one or Genese’s two won’t be left out where they can be thieved.

There’s a UPS drop box in town. I took the boxed up juicer to it and there was no way I could get it through the little door thingy. I may have to call for a pickup. We’ll see.

While I was at Walmart, I saw the couple I take road trips with. They’d recently been to see our friend who is in federal prison. She told him the next time they go, they’re bringing me with them. She said he got sick after they left and has been sick for several days.

I picked a few more strawberries today. The foliage is so thick, it’s hard to find them. They’re pretty tasty.

I called my cousin for an update on her partner’s daughter and brother. The daughter is waiting on results and the brother is in a skilled nursing facility. He’ll be evaluated tomorrow by physical therapy. She sounded tired.

Twinkle is meandering around. I guess I should go waylay her and dose her. Then it’s feeding time, water kefiring and bed.

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  1. Mary Jane May 31, 2013 at 11:28 am #

    That’s the kind of bill we like to get!

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