A Strange and Troublesome Day

I guess it was closer to 7 when I got up rather than the 6:30 I told DD. Anyway, it wasn’t late. As usual, I did my Wii Fit body test and drank my two 16 ozzie glasses of water. I’d checked my email and found one from the editor of you-know-where. As fate would have it, I started in on the lessons and the next thing I knew, it was after noon. I’d had my water kefir and some Dandy Blend, at least.

My backup juicer did a good job on my oranges and, as soon as I got it into my cup, the phone rang. It was DD. I drank/ate my OJ while we talked. The washer and dryer have been replaced so she doesn’t have to listen to the house being shaken to its foundation when the spin cycle kicks in. She’s really getting into pottery. A rough guesstimate of what she will be firing is something like 15 pieces. We talked about the job situation and her dream of someday owning her own home with a studio for her wheel and the kiln she hopes to have.

An hour and 45 minutes later, we hung up and I started looking around for something to eat. It was 3 o’clock so it would be my one meal of the day. I had a banana, then pulled some leftovers out of the fridge and ate.

As of 8pm, I’m still in my housecoat. I have worked on the lessons until I’m blue in the face. At one point, I rebelled and watched a video for a while, then went back to it. There were so many errors in coding (mine) that I loaded the first three lessons from my bak directory and started over.

The templates had some missing/wrong coding that has skewed the text at the top of each lesson (13 of them). I’ll have to go through each one and fix that. And the list goes on and on.

I had to admit to DD today that I enjoy working on the lessons but things like this can be close to maddening. Before I lose what’s left of my mind, I’ll feed Twinkle and prepare to rest my brain.

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