More Rain

It was too early when I woke. I covered my eyes with the comforter and left my nose out so I could breathe and went back to sleep. Next time I opened my eyes, it was 7:30. That’s sleeping in for me.

My whole day has been thrown off by such an inauspicious start. It didn’t help that the beautiful sunshiny morning was replaced by more showers and the lights blinking off and on, off and on.

At the end of my quiet time, I play a portion of the Sabbath School discussion on sabbathschoolstudy. I couldn’t get the volume up enough even with turning my aids up as far as they would go and doing the same on the computer. Later, I found that the transmitter wasn’t plugged all the way in. The volume about blasted me through the roof.

I was in the middle of eating my first meal of the day (you could hardly say it was breakfast, it was so late). There was a knock at the door. My CIL asked if I could take him to get his truck. Sure. I’d let him know when I was ready.

When the time came, I called my CIL and we started out. I backed in front of the ruins of the old house and was surprised when he jumped out of the car. I hadn’t noticed the good sized limb that was lying across the driveway. He threw it to one side. That’s when my left hearing aid started giving off all sorts of static.

It had been sprinkling when we left but it was hot in the car. I turned on the a/c, hoping for the best, and it worked partway to the shop where the truck was. When we arrived, I offered to wait but he said no, that the truck was ready.

I drove through the little settlement that had been so flooded on Sunday. It didn’t look any different than usual except for some yellow tape at the side of one of the houses.

The audiologist’s office isn’t far from there so I stopped in only to find that she was in Nashville getting some more education. I explained my problem and made an appointment for tomorrow.

On the way home, the a/c decided to work. I’d taken my umbrella with me and I guess the weather wanted to cooperate by raining some more. By the time I pulled into the driveway, it was pounding down for the second time in the last eight hours. I considered waiting for it to let up but used my umbrella and came on it. I got a little wet but not bad.

Genese has been trying to find out if her TennCare card was faxed yesterday but hasn’t gotten an answer. Her doctor was under the impression she already had her hearing aids so there’s a holdup somewhere.

My sisters have been hard at work. The Farmer has been planting and the Baker made a cake for her great-grandchild’s first birthday.

Not a lot has been accomplished at my house. Twinkle actively tried to avoid me this evening but wasn’t successful. It’s getting close to what should be my bedtime so I’ll call it a day.

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