My Week: I Heard THAT!

Sunday came and with it hammering. I looked out to see what was going on and the Squatter/Demolition Crew of One was working (!) on taking the rest of the old house down. I was amazed. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I verified I wasn’t dreaming. It was daytime and I was wide awake. Would wonders never cease? I went out and commented on the fact that he was working. Yes. He would have it all down before he left on Friday. Not wanting to discourage him, I kept my thoughts to myself.

My struggling with the battery in the cordless phone paid off. By that morning, it was fully charged. DD and I talked for more than an hour and a half and it was her turn to hear the beep of a dying phone. Mine was still going strong.

I visited with my neighbor/cousin briefly. Her construction partner was there and when he heard the hammering he asked, “What was that?” My cousin told him what was going on and he found it hard to believe, too. This is what the house looked like when le Squatteur knocked off for the day:


Monday, there was no activity. I went into the garage to get something out of the freezer and S. had to clear some tools off. He explained he was sorting things in anticipation of packing for his trip to Phoenix.

Tuesday, everything was quiet. S. was walking around so he was still alive. End of day:


Wednesday came and le S. was sitting on a stool in front of the garage. “You through?” He squinted up at the sky and said, “I have to decide what to pack.” He’d been thinking about it for three days. You would THINK he would know by then. I came back to the house.

Thursday was my day to go to have my hearing aids fitted. Not being here, I didn’t know what was going on. Besides, I had more exciting things to attend to.

The following is from an email I sent to my family:

I went to get my hearing aids fitted and it was quite a process. It was something like an hour and a half solid testing and learning. I’m to wear them every day for two weeks and then go back for another session. In the meantime, I’m to use the remote to “teach” them how I like to hear things.

Near the end of the lesson, the receptionist came in and told the audiologist, “She has a flat tire.” I didn’t pay any attention because I thought she was talking about, maybe, the next appointment. That’s when the audiologist repeated it to me and I realized I was the “she”. We wound things up, I paid my bill by putting it on my Discover card and went out to look at the tire. It wasn’t all the way down but getting there.

“Fortunely” there is a tire place within 100 or so feet. I walked over and asked for help. A young man walked back with me and agreed that I could drive it that far so I did. He wrestled the tire off (it was thoroughly stuck), plugged the hole where he pulled out a nail, checked the air in the other tires and took my money. I tipped him some, too, for being so nice.

I didn’t take my remote into Walmart but I wished I had. I guess the heat/air was what was making the racket and it was LOUD. Walking through the store, I couldn’t feel I had the left aid on and had to make sure I hadn’t lost it. I reckon that means it’s very comfortable. They aren’t really obvious, I don’t think. I may be wrong. I thought I was once but I was mistaken.

I’ve been listening to Pandora and dancing around the kitchen while fixing my salad. I’m going to have to find some way to carry my remote so I can get a good signal and not have it cut out. I watched a video earlier, too, using the aids as headphones. Pretty neat. The audiologist paired my cell phone with them so I’m set. I talked to DS1, too, and was able to hear the cordless phone holding it up to my right ear. It’s equipped with T-coil which makes it not interfere with the aids. I’d read that open fit doesn’t work well with phones but these do fine.

You might have guessed that I’m a happy camper. Things don’t sound a lot louder but they do sound clearer. However, when I was talking to one of the fellows at Walmart, he’s still hard to understand. I think it’s because he really does mumble.

I told my audiologist/Facebook friend that I was going to have to think of a way to wear my remote. She told me to look in the box it came in to find the lanyard. I hadn’t seen it! I immediately attached it and put it on. When I’m eating or working in the kitchen, I put it inside my shirt so I don’t mess it up.

Now I diverge into a different direction. Ants have been getting into Twinkle’s food and when they do, she won’t eat it. I don’t know why. She’s a carnivore and they are creatures. Anyway, I’d tried rigging all sorts of ways to keep them out of her food without much success. I looked online for ant-proof pet bowls but most of them are made for, I guess, St. Bernards or bullmastiffs and not for Twinkle-sized animals. Walmart didn’t have anything in that line, either, but I did find a mat that goes under the food and water bowls to help contain the mess. It was $4.

When I got it home, it occurred to me I could use it as a mote. It has a lip that sticks up enough to hold a nice puddle of water. I set her food bowl in it and voilà! it works! I have found one ant that figured out how to get across to her food and it lost its life because of its resourcefulness.

Thursday evening, this is what the old house looked like:


No, I’ll have to take that back. The stuff on the ground had been cleaned up. I don’t know if le S. did it or if one of my neighbors did but, except for that, it’s much the same. I guess using that spot for a garden won’t happen this year.

Yesterday morning, my neighbor/cousin-in-law had to get up before the crack of dawn to take le S. to the airport. I didn’t get to tell him goodbye. Oh, woe. The man is to be pitied. I pray for him and I tried to be nice but unless the Lord works a miracle…

Now, back to the hearing aids. I have worn them almost all my waking hours since I’ve had them (which amounts to two and less than 1/2 day) and played and played with the remote. As a matter of fact, I ran the remote down so far yesterday that it barely came on this morning. It went off and when I plugged it in to charge, it was deader than a doornail. I was frantic. I think my audiologist is tired of my questions and is incommunicado.

This is the weekend of the church campout and I don’t camp any more so all I had to do was stay home and stew. I hoped and prayed but nothing happened and then I was urged to take the battery out and put it back in. Praise the Lord! It worked!

I’ve been talking about the aids and the Tek remote and transmitter and all the other stuff on Facebook and I promised to post some pictures so here they are.

New Toys

The round box is what I put them in at night as you can see in the next picture. The plug thingy is one of the chargers (the remote and the transmitter each have their own) and they come with all sorts of adapters so if I ever get to go somewhere far, far away where I can eat fresh durian, I’ll be prepared. There are connectors for my computer and TV and I don’t know what else. The Tek remote is the thing that looks like (surprise!) a remote. The transmitter is next to it (the thing that says “Transmitter”) and below that are the stars of the show—the aids! They really aren’t very big at all and they are really light. And now they are ready for bed.

Ready for Bed

I wish Genese could get some aids that would do what these do. She has a large degree of hearing loss because of ear infections. The challenge would be getting her tested since she couldn’t sit up long enough to do it in the office and the audiologist doesn’t have equipment to do the testing in her room. It’s so frustrating. Of course, it might keep her awake long enough to beat me at Wordscraper and I’m back to my winning ways.

It’s been a long week. We’ve had days when I had to turn on the a/c, one day when it rained 2″, and it was back to cool enough for heat today. I planted a long row of organic carrot seed and discovered that Pooky has dug up a foot or so at one end. le Squatteur told me he was sending $640 to my cousin-in-law so he can put her on a plane to join him but we’ll see. He predicted she would bark constantly the first few days after he left but there’s been nary a peep. He also said she won’t eat for anyone but him but she doesn’t appear to be starving.

Twinkle has been dosed with her B-12 and is lying on her heating pad. My ears are tired and so am I so I think I’ll call it a night and go to bed.

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  1. Lila April 14, 2013 at 8:48 am #

    So glad your hearing aids are working out so well!

    • Tommie April 14, 2013 at 9:44 am #

      Me, too! I hope these will do me many many years. When it comes to something like this, I don’t believe in bargains. You get what you pay for. I could have gotten these for less online than I paid but they wouldn’t have been adjusted to my needs so I’m paying for the audiologist’s expertise, too. That will go on for as long as we both shall live—which I hope will be a long, long time!

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