My Week: Too Much Too Late

My sister emailed from North Carolina she has one jonquil in bloom. People, this isn’t even March yet! We aren’t supposed to have flowers in bloom in February in our part of the world but we do! What’s it going to be like in August if it’s like this not long after the first of the year? I got out and took a couple of pictures today. Years ago, I read that if this trend doesn’t stop, Tennessee will be in the tropics and I’m beginning to believe it.

Not March yet!


Last Sunday, I got up and finished making my soup for the Meet and Eat. It needed some crunch so I made croutons from some gluten-free bread I had on hand. Some gluten free crisps and hummus completed my offering.

There were several pots of soup there but over half of mine was eaten so I think people liked it. It was very orange and when the pastor looked at it, he passed. It did look like liquid cheese. It surely didn’t taste like it! One of the ladies later asked for the recipe. I’ve been thinking about posting some simple cooked recipes and that may be my first one. The original is online but DD veganized it and then I put my own twist on it.

We got our business done and cleared out so the baby shower that was supposed to start soon could be set up. After getting my gift ready, I tried in vain to find someone to give it to. Sitting in the car for over an hour waiting for it to start wasn’t something I wanted to do. I wasn’t going to chance coming home and going back with the gas in the tank perilously low. I brought my gift home and it’s still here.

DD had called while I was out so I called her back and we had our visit. We talked for almost an hour and a half. Her favorite pottery class is moving to a less convenient time so she won’t have as much access to a wheel. She was gifted with one (from merm) but there’s nowhere she can set it up. They have quite a large deck so maybe during the warmer months…

Monday, I went to town to do my grocery shopping and I got my hair cut!! It was almost long enough to put in pigtails. There was a girl with almost white hair tipped with orange doing a nice haircut on a woman but a young man (brown sides and back with bright yellow on top) came in and called for me. While he was doing the haircut—which turned out well—he was talking to the manager. She had brown hair tipped with green. She looked familiar and I knew who she was when he said her name. She’d worked there years ago when a friend was employed there, as well. I asked her when she came back and it was almost three years ago!

I went to pick up Twinkle’s canned food after I got my groceries. I asked the woman at the desk about an appetite stimulant since I was throwing away about as much as Twinkle was eating. She said I’d have to talk to the vet. I’d looked online and one suggestion was the liquid off water packed tuna. I mentioned that and she shook her head. “Too much protein!” I was thinking iodine from the fish and I repeated it was only the water and not the flesh. She insisted, “Too much protein.” I took the case of food and left.

While I’d been waiting in line, I’d heard a distasteful phrase. Something about “springing forward”. I won’t change my clocks but it still has an impact on the way I have to go to church and keep appointments. There aren’t that many appointments but who knows what will happen with my ears?

Oh! I also filled my car’s little gas tank. It’s the first time ever I can recall its taking more than $37 to do it.

My sister had emailed about her Medicare supplement and offices asking for her Part B deductible up front. She told me what plan she had and that it was supposed to cover everything that Medicare didn’t pay. I started Googling and came up with a promising-looking site. When I clicked on the link, here is what I got:


I always knew anything that started with “Medi-” was written in a foreign language but this is proof! (If you need to, click on the picture and select a larger size. This is priceless!)

The upshot of the whole deal was my sister, as a last resort, called the insurance company and found she had either misunderstood or had been led astray and she’s responsible for the Part B deductible. I told her to take notes whenever she talked to someone (that’s why I like to chat online if I have the option). Date, time and the person’s name are essential. Direct quotes if possible but the gist of the conversation for sure. Working at the hospital, it was drilled into us that documentation is key. If it ain’t written down, it didn’t happen.

Tuesday, I called and left a message for the vet to call me. Mid-afternoon, the phone rang. We discussed Twinkle’s lack of appetite and she suggested I give her B12. I was sitting at the computer so I started where I knew I could get a good deal–Amazon. I’d had an add-on item in my cart for forever (a case for my phone) and I needed some more Dandy Blend. I put in my order.

Earlier, I was determined to Get Things Done at all cost. I hadn’t had a caffeine drink in going on 12 years. I brewed a cup of tea. Real tea. Earl Grey. It didn’t do much at all for me. I brewed another and let it steep for one minute longer. Along about twilight, it kicked in. I finished the rearranging in the kitchen, got a few more things done and readied myself for bed.

There was no way I was going to sleep. I’d try to relax. I’d pretend my body was melting into the bed. Nope. Didn’t help. If I’d thought, I would have taken some melatonin but I didn’t think. My mind was whirling and not in the right direction. I gave up, got out of bed and sat down at the computer to work on the lessons on SSNet. Not long before 4 a.m., I felt like I could sleep so I went to bed. At 6:30, my eyes popped open and I was awake.

A snail could have moved more quickly than I did all day. I managed to put in 25 minutes on the rebounder but that was my only accomplishment. For a wonder, Twinkle’s B12 and my phone case arrived.

I felt better on Thursday but I was still dragged out. I started looking for my Dandy Blend but nothing. I checked “My orders” and it hadn’t even shipped! I went to Help and emailed about it–where’s my stuff? A bit later, there was an email in response. There had been a problem with shipping but it was fixed and it would be on its way. To help soften the blow, they were giving me a $10 credit and an apology. The Dandy Blend should be here Monday. Monday? I have Amazon Prime. That means two day shipping. Monday would be one day less than a week. I was happy with my credit but still frustrated that Prime wasn’t working the way it should.

My friend from church had made the rounds of Costco and the university supermarket on Tuesday and we agreed to meet at the clinic operated by the Mother Ship on Friday so I could pay her and get my goods. Just before I was going to leave, there was a knock on the door and my neighbor/cousin’s sister was asking for the key to get into the house. When I went back to give it to her, her husband had been able to rouse the Squatter who also has a key. The husband is the one who will be ferrying me back and forth to the doctor so we had a chat about that as well as pruning peach and fig trees.

I was a bit late getting to the clinic. I didn’t see my friend anywhere though I thought I recognized their vehicle in the parking lot. I sat down in the mostly deserted waiting room and made myself comfortable. Fifteen minutes later, I was getting concerned. I dug my cell phone out of my purse, signed on to the public WiFi and called her. She was with her husband who was in a physical therapy session right in the next room. She got my things. I was going to show her something and my Campari tomatoes slid off my lap and landed upside down on the floor. They were in a bag so nothing spilled but I’m wondering how well they will keep.

My doctor spared me a couple of minutes to say hi and catch up a bit. It was good to see his friendly face.

It was the first weekday I’d braved the nursing home and Genese’s door was shut. I saw several people I knew—some were on a dead run but others stopped to talk a bit. I knocked on Genese’s door and was told it would be another 20 minutes before she’d be presentable. I gave her treats to the aide and left.

Today, there were no services at the church because a neighboring congregation was having a day-long conference. I didn’t go. This afternoon, my neighbor/cousin called to say a package for me had been left in their mailbox. I opened it tonight and found—the Dandy Blend! It came FedEx Smart Post and two days ahead of schedule. I can’t complain.

I watched the church service here as well as listening to the rest of the Sabbath School discussion from Pine Knoll. Twinkle and I enjoyed the quiet.

I’m stocked with avocados so I took my cousin-in-law one and went out to the little workshop my cousin has built. It’s just about “there”. She showed me something I’ll have to make sure DD sees while she’s home. I thought about taking a picture but it wouldn’t do it justice.

Kohl’s sent me an email recently to review my order with them. Even though they’d refunded my money, I still didn’t know what to do with the two pairs of jeans so the review amounted to me venting. I got another email. Would I please revise my review? They couldn’t post it the way it was. I said I have these two pairs of jeans and I don’t know what to do with them. Should I keep them? sell them? donate them to Goodwill? They were supposed to issue a pickup months ago and they are still sitting here in a box. Another email came. “After reviewing your account, I see that you have been credited for the jeans. Please note that we cannot schedule a pick-up for the jeans, and you are therefore free to do with them what you please. Thank you for your time and for shopping at Kohl’s. Please let me know of any additional questions or concerns.”

So…I have two pairs of jeans that are too long and, now, too narrow. Once I work off some of the extra lubs I’ve acquired, I’ll have them shortened.

Twinkle’s appetite kicked in today. I hope it isn’t a fluke. Getting her to take her B12 isn’t the easiest thing in the world but most of it gets into her mouth. She just asked for more canned food. If she finishes it, that will make a half a can she’s downed today. Before, I’d give her a third and she’d leave a lot of that.

My heating pad must’ve gotten too hot (you think??) because I discovered a blister on my back tonight. I put some Melagel on it. A Band-aid is out of the question since it would be hard to aim for the right spot. It will heal better without it, I’m sure. I’ll have to be more careful.

I may try some more tea tomorrow but I can guarantee you it won’t be more than one cup and it will be early in the day!

4 Responses to My Week: Too Much Too Late

  1. Mary Jane February 24, 2013 at 10:22 am #

    And I thought I had sleep problems! Maybe you should just forget the caffeinated tea.

    Your jonquils are beautiful. I remember when they bloomed in January along the banks of the little brook in the back yard of the “House on the Mountain.” That must have been about 64 years ago, although they may have done it that early many times since then. I wonder if they are still there…

    • Tommie February 24, 2013 at 10:35 am #

      I’m sure they are. Once they get a foothold, they are around to stay. I pass by The House occasionally but I don’t go any closer than the road.

  2. Lila February 24, 2013 at 8:36 pm #

    I also have been wondering about the jonquils along the branch. Of course, they are blooming here, as they are at your place. A breath of spring!

    I cannot imagine your hair being long enough for pigtails, unless they were very short ones!

    Be careful with that heating pad!

    • Tommie February 24, 2013 at 9:02 pm #

      I told the young haircutter that I’d gotten frustrated and cut the back and he said something like, “Yeah. Just a bit.” It was ‘way over my ears and I hate that. If I have to get a hearing aid, it will be out there for the whole world to see.

      The heating pad has been off since last night.

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