My Week: A Better Mousetrap

What’s the old saying? Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door? Well, I haven’t built one. I wouldn’t want the world at my door, anyway. To tell the truth, I could use the money but I’m not an inventor. Critters seem to find my house inviting even though Twinkle is on duty. It’s very frustrating.

My Saturday night activity and eating more food than I’m accustomed to eating made me feel listless and logy on Sunday. I’d found some ancient Lemon Lift tea in the cabinet so I fixed a cup. It wasn’t very good but it perked me up a bit. Not enough to do any good as far as getting much done but I had a lively conversation with DD. I think the rest of the tea will go into the trash.

In the valley, it was a sad day for Genese’s family. The funeral for her granddaughter who’d never had a chance at life was that afternoon. I can’t even begin to imagine.

Trying to push myself to Get Things Done, I accomplished a few things—mostly having to do with my blog post I hadn’t stayed up to do the night before. It took most of the afternoon. The tech was supposed to be here the next day but I’d been checking the connection off and on and it had righted itself. If it hadn’t been better, I would have never been able to have my weekly visit with DD. Chatting with a rep, I canceled the call for the next day. It was a great relief and I was able to sleep well that night.

Monday was windy. It wasn’t terribly cold but the wind made it feel colder than it was. It was also the day I went into my cool room (aka DD’s bedroom) and discovered a mouse had been chewing on one of my bananas. It was attached to another and when I picked it up, the second one had been violated as well. That did it. I had filled the house with cheesecloth squares soaked in peppermint oil until it smelled like a candy cane factory. I’d tried the cornmeal and plaster trick and all the mouse/mice had done was use it as a litter box. I wanted the critters GONE.

I’d been shopping Amazon for mouse solutions and found an electronic trap. The reviews were mostly good so I went ahead and ordered it. I’m squeamish about the spring-type traps and I don’t want to poison them. If Twinkle ate a poisoned mouse, she might get done in, too.

Amazon Prime is great. I ordered the trap on Monday and it was here on Wednesday. I put the four batteries in, baited it with a bit of peanut butter and put it where there had been some activity.

DD and I don’t email much but as tired and frustrated as I was coupled with the fact that it’s getting close to my birthday, my imagination was working overtime. We were also having some wild weather for January with tornado watches and warnings, flash flood watches and wind advisories. I’d tried to touch base with DD with no luck. Since she had mentioned she wanted to come out to be with me for my birthday, I just knew she was ignoring my pleas not to take the chance and she was on her way. I’ve texted a bit with merm from time to time so I went to Google Voice and sent her a text message. Going down the list of messages, I spied one that said, “Made it to Arlanta? how was your flight?” 6:21 PM. YIKES! DD was on her way here and merm had accidentally sent me the text rather than to her. After texting back and forth (I text from my computer—not from my phone), she assured me that DD was emailing me. I asked what about the message about the flight and she said, “Thats because that was the last thing we texted weeks ago. You never communicate.” Actually, I’d never seen it.

I felt a bit foolish after DD and I sent some email messages. The upshot was, she’s still planning to come in May when the weather has moderated a bit (I hope). The way it’s been the past year or so, who knows? At any rate, while we were emailing, Twinkle was tearing through the house like a cat possessed. I didn’t see a mouse but I figured there was one somewhere.

Before I went to bed, I checked the trap one more time and, sure enough, the light was flashing. I’d bagged a victim. I’d take care of it the next day. What with all the excitement, I didn’t get to sleep until after 2 a.m.

The trap is as easy to empty as the instructions and reviews say it is. I didn’t see anything on the metal plates but I used a Q-tip on them just to be sure. I closed it, turned it back on and put it in the same spot. Just so you know, I haven’t caught anything else but there hasn’t been evidence to make me think there was more than the one mouse, either.

After I’d posted the victory on Facebook, DH’s niece posted a picture of a “humane” trap on my wall with the message that she’d caught 44 mice with one like it (I figure she caught the same mouse 44 times) and my sister chimed in that she’d used that kind with success, too. Now, there’s humane and there’s humane. I figure it isn’t humane to keep a mouse imprisoned until it’s released at the captor’s leisure. There are three things a mouse needs—food, water and shelter. The trap gives shelter but it’s without food and water until it’s let go and who knows if it will find it then? If it’s eating peanut butter and gets done in in seconds, it dies happy. To me, that is more humane. And I KNOW it isn’t going to get back into my house OR proliferate.

Without any distractions, Twinkle spent a lot of time on my lap.

Such comfort

In the afternoon, I went over to visit my neighbor/cousin. We had a good, long visit. She isn’t home a whole lot and it was nice to get caught up. On the way back to the house, I checked the mailbox and the wind was really cooking up on the road. When I got back inside, the lack of sleep hit me like a ton of bricks. I managed to get the proofreading of next week’s lesson done on SSNet.

Yesterday, I woke to the ground pretty much covered with snow. There wasn’t a whole lot but it was pretty. The temperature was 13 degrees and I was surprised I still had water. Had I known it was going to be that cold, I would have left it running.

My neighbor/cousin posted on Facebook she’d made me a snowwoman. I looked out and there it was. CUTE!! Genese said it looks like a singer.

My Snowwoman

She must have put it on the railing while standing on the ground because these were the only tracks on the floor.

Not Twinkle's

This morning, I got up and readied myself to go to church as usual. The car was frosted over enough that I started it and left it running while I fixed my hair (I’m so tired of HAIR) and got dressed. I’d already choked down my breakfast (after the alarm went off, I’d gone back to sleep and didn’t wake for another hour).

The car was nice and warm when I got inside and I hardly noticed the few snowflakes hitting the windshield. I’d been invited to the home of the members hosting the guest meal today and was looking forward to going. The radio was tuned to WMBW with an episode of “Ranger Bill” playing. Everything was looking good.

Not too far from the house, I noticed the road was getting snow covered but I wasn’t having any problems driving so I forged ahead. Going down the mountain, I saw some spots that looked wet but could be black ice with the temperature still below freezing. I slowed down which probably aggravated the person behind me. That was okay. I planned to get where I was going without incident.

The snow was coming down more heavily but I was still able to see okay. By the time I got to the church, it was thick enough that one of the ladies commented that maybe the service should be abbreviated. The speaker and his wife walked in and he said, “I feel like I took a wrong turn and ended up at the North Pole!”

It didn’t take me long to decide it would be the better part of wisdom to turn around and come back home. I told the pianist and got a rain check from the luncheon hosts. No one said anything discouraging until I was walking out the door. One of the deacons just about blew his top. “They turn school out but the hatchery still sends trucks across the mountain every day!” I don’t think those trucks travel the back roads. I told him I’d rather get stranded at home than in the valley. He snorted. “Besides, I didn’t leave enough food for my cat.” “A cat can live for a week without anything!” I told him Twinkle has hyperthyroidism and is 15 years old so she wouldn’t make it. That’s when he really blew up. “Hit the cat in the head and bury it in a hole! Animals get better treatment than husbands do!!” Not wanting to hear about his marital troubles, I closed the door and left.

When I got home, the phone rang and it was my neighbor/cousin. She was cautioning me to be careful. I told her I’d already been to church and back. I did slide a couple of times but, other than that, I did okay. I also told her what the deacon said about Twinkle. That really hurt. Twinkle is a member of my family. At home, she IS my family. Maybe he isn’t a cat person. I don’t know. Or maybe he doesn’t think animals have value. I guess it’s his problem and not mine.

My breakfast had been very light so I ate some more. I listened to part of the Sabbath School lesson on Sabbath School Study but the current moderator has a bad habit of lecturing when it’s supposed to be a discussion. I signed off when he started on a discourse that had nothing to do with anything. Twinkle and I had a quiet afternoon.

My toilet paper supply is dwindling. I’m down to six double rolls. I don’t like to get even close to running out. Neither do several of my Facebook friends. More snow is predicted for tonight and tomorrow but Monday’s looking pretty decent. Hopefully, it will be. I don’t get Sears catalogs any more.

2 Responses to My Week: A Better Mousetrap

  1. Mary Jane February 3, 2013 at 9:52 am #

    No wonder that deacon made the remark about animals being treated better than husbands! His wife probably just treats him the way he deserves to be treated!! You did the sensible thing by going back home, and people who have pets are supposed to take care of them. (I bet Twinkle would hiss at him!)

    • Tommie February 3, 2013 at 10:15 am #

      A bit more information, he’s from Michigan and he thinks people who can’t drive in snow are mentally challenged. However, Michigan doesn’t have mountains with curvy roads. He’s normally a nice person even though he’s very outspoken. I’m sure Twinkle WOULD hiss at him—and maybe screech.

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