My Week: The Last Rose of Summer

Mother used to sing, “‘Tis the last ROSE of sum-mer, le-eft bloo-oo-oo-ming a-lone.” I was on my way back from the mailbox when the little girl next door called out to me to wait. She came running over (I don’t think she ever walks) and her little dog followed her. I asked her where her pot-bellied pig was and she said, “They selled it because they needed some money.” I have an idea that wasn’t the only reason they selled it. It roamed the neighborhood and cars don’t always go slowly on this road. Holding a finger up, she said, “Wait here!” I waited while she ran up to her house. She came back bearing this:

The Last Rose of Summer?

I smelled it and she smelled it and then instructed me to have my cat smell it, too. When I brought it in, I did just that but Twinkle didn’t appreciate it at all. I put it in water but it’s showing its age. It’s turning brown around the edges. When I posted the picture on Facebook and told where it came from, my neighbor across the street commented, “she is a cutie…” and she is.

DD was otherwise busy last Sunday so we didn’t have our weekly visit. It hasn’t happened yet this week, either. We will have our talk later on. She’ll have some time off for Thanksgiving so we’ll catch up then.

I’d mulled over whether to go to the work-bee or the prayer breakfast and the bee finally won. I went down and put in a few hours doing various and sundry things.

There were a couple of items I needed grocery-wise and then it was to the Apple House to get some more cider and a bag of Pink Lady apples. I visited the bathroom and found they’ve been redone since I was there before. Not only that, they switched them. My first clue was the urinals. I was glad no one was occupying the space. Backing out, I looked at the door and, sure enough, the sign read, “MEN”.

Being Sunday, the place was packed so I paid for my purchases and left. There were bags of oranges and I noticed there was a tomato box of oranges for $16. That isn’t quite as many as a regular case but still a good price. A couple of days later, I called to find out what variety and the woman said they were thin skinned navels. I went over and got a box and the girl threw in a huge cabbage. When I got it home I weighed it and it came in at 12 lubs.

Not wanting to tackle the cabbage that day, I hung it on the door in the unheated room where I keep my oranges and bananas. The next day, I got my nerve up. It took the better part of an hour just to get the outer leaves off and cut through the stem. I needed a machete for that but I didn’t have one. I used three different knives before I was able to complete the job.

The day after THAT, I turned less than half of it into cabbage soup. Most of it is in the freezer. Another portion was made into slaw for the guest meal yesterday and there’s still a goodly portion left. If I go back and get another box of oranges, I’ll tell the gal to gift someone else with the cabbage—if they still have any. Wednesday is their last day to be open this season.

My neighbor was getting ready to leave when I took the soup out to the freezer. She asked me if I’d bought a lamp yet and when I told her no, she said not to. Seems she’s well-lamped and she’ll bring me one. She thinks she can fix mine. I’d like that. It’s one of the few things I have left from the DH period of my life.

My notice of a small raise in my Social Security came. It’s the last one I’ll ever get that’s based on my W-2. I was managing on what I had so I think I’ll buy a block of Green Power. That isn’t much but like the raise, every little bit helps.

There was another windfall. This time it was from Nielsen. They wanted me to fill out a week’s worth of TV watching and to make it worth my while (?), there were five crisp one dollar bills enclosed. I went to their web site and read the Frequently Asked Questions, wrote “No TV” on the little booklet and sent it back. The $5 is mine to keep. There was a time when I was sent the diary that I faithfully logged everything but that was a different era.

I haven’t done any hardcore shopping since week before last. I’ll have to break down and go this week. My bananas will only last through Tuesday.

Yesterday, I did my usual stint at the organ. It would be nice to be notified of changes ahead of time but that isn’t the way it happens. As I was playing between Sabbath School and church, one of the elders came up and explained there was a decision made in board meeting that things were going to be switched around. The bulletin secretary had sent me the bulletin file but I thought she’d gotten things turned around. Not so. Okay. Between that and a bad bulb in the lamp, we were off to a rousing start.

During the announcement period, he informed the congregation and said mistakes might be made. The only one was when the deacons came up the aisle before they were supposed to but that was no big deal. It’s really better for me that the Doxology doesn’t follow a prayer. I don’t have to be concerned about playing when I shouldn’t. I had to scramble to get everything set up on the organ but I diddit. It should be easier after I get used to it.

With lunch out of the way, we started loading up to share non-perishable food with the residents of the local government assisted housing. Even the little kids were carrying stuff. We went in a caravan to the complex in the center of the apartment buildings. It took some 45 minutes to get set up.

We were there from 3-5, CST, and by the time a slew of people came through, it was dark. I’d been joking with one of DD’s school chums that I don’t do well driving at night.

Pulling out onto the highway, I really couldn’t see anything. I could tell my parking lights were on and I’d see my blinker blinking if I had occasion to use it but that was all. By following taillights of the cars ahead of me, I made my way to the church.

When I parked in front of the fellowship hall it was obvious I didn’t have headlights. I hadn’t thought to try my high beams until after I’d traveled the four lane in the dark. One of the men told me to go to Auto Zone and get some bulbs and he’d put them in for me. I took him up on it. For right at $20, I got the strange-looking little replacements. The man at AZ had a hard time believing both bulbs had burned out at the same time. Maybe they hadn’t. I haven’t been driving after dark a whole lot.

It was pretty cold by that time but my Good Samaritan didn’t back out. Just to make sure, he checked the fuses and they were okay. He was puzzled by both of the bulbs being burned out, too.

Since the car has power steering, one bulb was harder to replace than the other one but he stuck with it until it was done. I helped a little by holding the light.

He wouldn’t take anything for doing his good deed so I told him I’d “pay it forward”. I already have. I’d been working on a project with a certain budget but, adding what I would have given him, it’s turning out better.

I have no idea what time it was when I got home. I know I was pretty wiped out. I’d had between four and five hours’ sleep the night before. There was no way I could have blogged.

It was late by my standards when I got up. Best I can remember, it was around 7. I’ve pretty much dunced around all day long. I’ve put this off until I’m already sleepy.

Well, this is Thanksgiving Week. It won’t be long until Christmas. The apples are finally getting ripe enough to turn them into sauce. I have an idea I’ll be busy.

5 Responses to My Week: The Last Rose of Summer

  1. Mary Jane November 19, 2012 at 10:51 am #

    Wow! No wonder it took time to get this done. You’ve had a lot going on.

    That was a very special rose, coming from a sweet little neighbor. I have one, too, and she and her mother were my only trick or treaters. I had hoped they’d come!

  2. Lila November 19, 2012 at 11:06 am #

    If you can’t find anything else to do, you can work on the rest of that cabbage.

    • Tommie November 19, 2012 at 11:08 am #

      I’m out of celery so I’ll have to wait.

      I had NO trick or treaters. Your little neighbor girl sounds special, too.

  3. Lila November 20, 2012 at 8:39 pm #

    Have to wait for what?

    • Tommie November 20, 2012 at 9:06 pm #

      To work on the rest of the cabbage.

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