My Week: Hallelujah! It’s Over.

Not my week—the election. However, my week is over, too. Mercifully, I was spared most of the mud-slinging but not all of it. The politicians found Hulu and youtube and I saw one commercial on each. Facebook was full of it, though. I never in my life got so tired of seeing “Obama sucks” and “Romney is a moron”. Neither man is perfect and both have their good qualities. Here I go, getting ahead of myself again.

DD called on Sunday and we had a rousing good conversation about politics (with no mud), pottery (with mud) and writing. Oh, and also the time change. I told her I was so glad I didn’t fool with it. I have clocks that set themselves but I counted seven that don’t and I don’t think that’s all of them. We hung up after almost an hour and a half.

Monday, the mail brought the pictures that had been snapped on Grandparents Day. There were three of them but they are all so similar I’ll just post one here.

Grandparents Day 2012

I adjusted some of the settings on my FB friends so I wouldn’t see their posts unless they were important. Mud-slinging again from both sides.

Tuesday, I got up and readied myself to go to the polling place before breakfast. I wanted to get my Civic Duty out of the way before my other activities might intrude. As usual (it seems) it was raining. I can’t remember a general election here when it wasn’t. I had posted on FB, “Seems rain on Presidential Election Day has almost become a tradition.” One of my friends commented, “That’s bcause (sic) God is crying when he looks down and see’s (again sic) the lying, cheating politicians that are attempting to rule HIS world!!!” See what I mean? It didn’t take long to go through the line and get the job done.

Now, it’s nobody’s business who I voted for. I’ll just say this. The person was my second choice. The first one wasn’t on the ballot and I knew writing the name in would be futile.

DS1 called to let me know he’d heard my name mentioned on one of the local TV station’s newscasts. I’d commented on a “Question of the Day” post. “What will you do if the candidate you support for president doesn’t win later tonight? Are you mentally/emotionally preparing yourself for that possibility today, or are you presuming things will turn out like you want them to, no matter what?” I commented, “I don’t stress over it. Whatever will be will be. Ultimately, God is in control.” and got the most “likes”. Guess I’m famous. He also wanted to update me on his mother-in-law and I could tell he was lonesome. He isn’t used to being by himself with two cats and a dog for days on end. I would have talked to him longer but I’d just finished fixing my meal when the phone rang. If I’d known was what waiting for me the next day, I think I would have gone ahead and listened.

I was planning to get to bed reasonably early that night but after I was already tucked in I remembered I was supposed to write a post and I hadn’t done it. I got up and took care of it. Off and on, I would check the news and I got caught up in It. By the time 12:30 a.m. rolled around, Obama had been declared the winner by what was becoming an increasingly wide margin per the Electoral College but not as much by the popular vote. The people had spoken.

Wednesday, I woke up with ears so plugged up I couldn’t (as my great-aunt used to say about her husband) “hear thunder”. What with the cooler weather and the furnace running most of the time, the air in the house had dried out. My little weather clock that shows the humidity percentage had a frowny face to express its displeasure.

I had to go to town to do my grocery shopping. The car could have very well been electric for all I knew because I couldn’t hear the engine. People would talk to me and I’d see their lips moving but there was no sound. I had to keep apologizing and say my ears were stopped up so they’d shout. I could barely hear them then. I got an idea of what my sister went through.

When I got home, amid all the “what a tragedy” and “WOOHOO!” posts on Facebook, I posted “My ears are stopped up (the left more than the right) and I’m essentially deaf. I was hoping driving down and back up the mountain would clear them but it didn’t.” I’d seen one of my produce guys at Walmart and he thought it might help, too.

The idea that the dry air might have something to do with it made me decide to boil some water. I put a pot on the stove and added a few drops of essential oil. I “tented” my head and breathed in the steam taking care not to burn myself. I felt a little better but my ears were still clogged.

That night, instead of putting the hot water bottle to my back, I lay with my left ear on it. Thursday morning, I could hear Twinkle meow. It was faint but I could hear her.

Gradually, with the increased humidity, my ears cleared until I could hear almost normally yesterday. Up until then, I was considering asking the pianist to play the organ because it’s hard enough under the best of circumstances to hear when the pray-er finishes pray-ing. I don’t know if it’s true of everyone but most people lower the volume when they are praying. It’s true that God can hear even a silent prayer but Tommie the Organist needs to hear, too, when music is expected to follow.

My neighbor/cousin called to talk to me about insurance. During the course of the conversation she asked if a person has a Medicare Advantage plan, does it get them increased benefits if the Medicare card is presented, too. I had to tell her no. The Advantage plan takes the place of the Medicare card. I’ve had people give me both during registration and I’d try to explain but they usually didn’t listen. Guess my 24.5 years of working with insurance didn’t make me knowledgeable enough…She’d tried to convince one of her friends but she didn’t get anywhere, either.

This morning, the alarm went off at its usual time. It wasn’t until I was up and around that I realized I had an extra hour. Since we are all back on standard time, I’m on Eastern Tommie Time now and church is on Central. I slowed down and enjoyed moving at a more leisurely pace.

Even with my improved ears, it was nigh onto impossible to hear the Sabbath School teacher. She is very soft-spoken as it is and even with the microphone, it was a lost cause. I could hear some of the comments of the other participants. If I had the money, I’d check out the Lyric. The trial is free but I’d be afraid it would work.

One of the ladies slipped me an envelope with a picture and said she’d been asked to give it to me. It was taken at the prayer breakfast I’d been to back in the summer. Of course, I’m on the right. The lady in the middle is someone I went to school with back in 1961 (we can’t be that old, can we?) and the one on the left is the wife of the former principal at our now closed church school. We are displaying our cards we made during the craft period.

Prayer Breakfast

There’s another breakfast tomorrow. I’d thought I’d go participate in the work bee at the church but I’ve changed my mind. I didn’t learn about it until this morning and, since I missed the last one, I think I’ll go.

I stayed for the fellowship meal so I could go visit Genese. I figured it had been so long she probably thought someone had absconded with me. We had a good visit that was cut short by one of the aides coming in to let her know she was going to get the bath they’d failed to give her last night. I elected not to stay and watch.

Well, there’s been no change of the POTUS. To some people, the news is good. To others, it’s bad. To me, I’m just going to hide and watch and see what happens—and pray.

4 Responses to My Week: Hallelujah! It’s Over.

  1. Lila November 11, 2012 at 4:46 pm #

    Every time I would get a political forward on email, which was way too often, I would delete it immediately, if I could tell that it was political. I didn’t have all the unhappy sarcastic follow-ups that you have had – only one or two. And that was too many!

    • Tommie November 11, 2012 at 5:22 pm #

      Those weren’t comments on my posts. They were friends’ statuses.

  2. Mary Jane November 14, 2012 at 5:47 pm #

    I also hated the nastiness of the campaign–and I didn’t appreciate getting political emails assuming that I had the same viewpoint as the sender, because I didn’t!

    • Tommie November 14, 2012 at 6:14 pm #

      Yes, I got several political emails, too, and I’d delete them and go on.

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