My Week: To Vote or Not to Vote

That is the question. Honestly, with the Electoral College calling the shots, I wonder if there is any use. I have maintained for most of my adult life that the College needs to be graduated so the members could get real jobs and let the popular vote select the winner. I use the term “winner” loosely because it is, at best, a thankless job. I have no idea why anyone would want it. It’s nothing but headaches and heartaches and nonstop criticism from almost all quarters.

Tennessee is sort of purplish in some of the maps showing the red (Republican-leaning) and blue (Democrat-leaning) totals. However, it is more red than blue and not nearly as purple as some others. No matter which way I cast my vote (or do a write-in), it’s pretty close to a foregone conclusion that Tennessee’s electoral votes will trend toward Republican. So…is there really any need for me to go to the polls on Tuesday? Force of habit says yes. I should do my civic duty. But will it change anything? But this is supposed to be a rehearsal of my week.

Sunday, I was up to shooting myself in the leg vs not being able to see straight seven days before. DD called and we had a good visit. She’s really enjoying her pottery class. I snitched this photo (without permission) from her Facebook album.


I think it’s pretty awesome, myself.

Monday, I got an explanation of benefits (EOB) from Humana Choice. It was for my tetanus shot I had to have in August. This is the breakdown:

Total billed charges $95.00
What Humana paid $62.39
Discounted amount $32.61
My part $00.00

I have to pay my Part B premium every month—well, it’s held out of my Social Security. I don’t pay anything for my Humana Choice. Not bad. At least I’m not paying out the wazoo for a supplement. If the doctor had seen me it would have been a whole $10.

My rebounding has been coming right along. I got up to 30 minutes but I’ve cut back to 25. During the week, I watch Andy Griffith on Netflix while I bounce and each episode is 25 minutes long.

Right on time, my electric and water bill came in. It’s been late the past few months but it was in the mailbox on the first of the month. I wasn’t surprised that my consumption was up with the cool weather we’ve been having. What caught my eye was the water bill. As usual, it showed I hadn’t gone over the minimum but the charge had increased from $19.95 to $22.54 (plus tax). I called and asked if it had gone up (DUH!!) and the woman just said “Yes”. “Water isn’t something I can do without.” “Ha ha.” I’m stuck with the increase.

One day, I went into the garage to get something out of the freezer. The Squatter was sitting on his cot reading. He looked up at me and, boy! did he have a shiner! I told him he looked rough and he gladly told me all about his accident. Seems the sole on his boot had come loose and it folded back as he was walking. He’d landed flat on his face, knocking the wind out of him (and his sails). He said the helicopter had been called to fly him to the Mother Ship. When he woke up, he was hooked up to all sorts of equipment. He can’t go back to work until the doctor releases him. Guess that’s a freebie for the hospital, doctor and air ambulance.

As usual, I had no trick or treaters. I would have shared an apple or two if anyone had come to the door. It’s just as well. There aren’t that many kids in the neighborhood any more. When DD was small, there were quite a few including the Dreamboat that lived a few doors up on the opposite side of the road. I must admit, he was a handsome young boy and I don’t think it was lost on her.

Our weather wasn’t affected by Sandy except for more wind than usual. About a year ago, my neighbor/cousin’s twin brother started tearing down the old house. Work had stopped on it with the back part and one long wall still standing. The other day I noticed the wall was no longer there. When I took a closer look, it was evident the wind had done what the workers hadn’t. Maybe another gust will come through and finish the job.

Today is my neighbor/cousin’s birthday (as well as the aforementioned twin brother) so I called to wish her a happy one and I sang to her. I think it pleased her. Other people had said happy birthday but I was the only one who sang.

Church was another DVD today but it was a good message. Once again, I was the one to unlock the church. The heat had been turned up to 71 and it was stuffy. My friend who is responsible for the beautiful arrangements turned it down to 67 which was a bit on the cool side. I’d taken my jacket off but I had to put it back on. At least it wasn’t cold enough to hang meat.

I was invited to stay for the guest meal but I had food prepared to eat here so that’s what I did. I was much more temperate than I was last Sabbath. I think tomorrow will be a better day.

Genese met an old friend of mine. It’s a small world. Our Wordscraper games are going my way again. I won the last one and, unless she can pull one of her tricks out of her hat, I’m on my way to winning this one. Now watch her trounce me yet again. 😀

I’ve been using my hot water bottle every night for several now. Last night I even wore my down booties to bed. Next thing you know, I’ll be dressing in layers.

For those of you who are still bowing to the Powers That Be and change your clocks twice a year, tomorrow morning is when it changes yet again. As for me and my house, we stay on Standard Time year ’round.

It isn’t easy blogging tonight. The switch on my lamp has all but gone out and I’m having to do this by the light from the fixture on the ceiling fan. I may have to bite the bullet and buy a new lamp if this one can’t be fixed.

6 Responses to My Week: To Vote or Not to Vote

  1. Genese November 3, 2012 at 11:41 pm #

    Just wondering… did Twinkle have a vote in your household decision to stay on Standard Time, aka Tommie Time, year round?

    • Tommie November 4, 2012 at 12:16 am #

      Yes, she did and it was unanimous. 😛 Personally, she couldn’t care less but she didn’t like having to put up with me bouncing off the walls and screaming, “I WANT MY HOUR BACK! I WANT MY HOUR BACK!!” She voted “Yea” in self-defense.

  2. Lila November 4, 2012 at 8:36 am #

    At least, you are one person who isn’t confused by the time change!

    • Tommie November 4, 2012 at 8:42 am #

      Just everything else. 😀

  3. Mary Jane November 4, 2012 at 10:14 am #

    Glad the “old house” will soon be nothing but a memory!

    I also wonder why in the world anybody would want to go through the problems, headaches, criticism, danger, and grief of being president!

    • Tommie November 4, 2012 at 10:45 am #

      I don’t know how soon but eventually it will be. I want to put an asparagus bed there. It will require a lot of work because the rain washes through that spot with a vengeance. That’s one reason the old house had so many problems. One person said, “A river ran through it.” 🙂

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