My Week: Attack!!

A week ago today I ate. And ate. And ate some more. Sunday morning, I woke feeling not well at all. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to keep my thyroid med down but I had to try. I drank 16 ozzies of very warm water with it and then another 16. I still didn’t feel up to par but I persevered and sat up long enough to have my morning devotions and plead with the Lord to help me feel better. He left me to suffer the consequences of my previous intemperance. I took myself and crawled back into bed.

My head was aching. My eyes burned and itched. My back was hurting terribly. I was a mess. I didn’t have the classic symptoms of a gallbladder attack but I was certain that while it might not be the primary culprit, it was involved.

There was no way I could even think about eating. No food sounded good and I didn’t feel like fixing anything, anyway. I got the heating pad and put it to my back. That made it feel better, sort of, but my head still ached and my eyes still burned. I couldn’t consider shooting myself in the leg. Not even close.

I drank water off and on all day and had three doses of charcoal mixed with some of it. When 2 o’clock came, I just knew DD would call. She didn’t. She didn’t call at 3 or 4, either. By that time, I was having a full-blown pity party and I lay in bed and cried. At a time like that, I always wonder how long it would take for someone to find me if I died. A couple of times, I crept to the computer and posted on Facebook. They were pretty cryptic status updates. “One sure way to lose weight is not to eat. Anything.” I got some “likes” but no comments. “I can understand why people turn to drugs for relief…” I got one “like” on that one but I didn’t see any comments until the next day.

Dozing off and on, I suffered through the day. Twinkle sat by the bed and looked concerned. Well, at least one creature in the world knew that all was not as it should be. That was a source of a little comfort.

My sister and I kept in touch via email but I wasn’t up to sitting for any length of time so my messages were very short and to the point. She sympathized with my plight. She’d been there, done that and had eventually had her gallbladder out.

Now and then, I’d soak in a tub of hot water. During the 24 hour period, I took four baths. I was probably the cleanest person in the neighborhood plus being the most miserable.

DD emailed that she was sorry she hadn’t called. They’d had company and were busy. She hoped all was well. I emailed back, “It isn’t.”

That night, I slept but it was fitful.

The next day, I had the aftermath of the charcoal ingestion. If you’ve ever taken charcoal by mouth, you know what I mean. If you haven’t, take my word for it—if you forgot dosing with it, it would scare the dickens out of you when you went to the bathroom. Everything is black. TMI? Oh, sorry.

I ate very lightly Monday. After my fourth bath in those 24 hours, I put on a B-12 patch. I’d use them all the time but they are very expensive.

My neighbor got home from Florida and left a bag of oranges on the deck. I went over to thank her and visit for a few minutes. When she found out I hadn’t been feeling well, she gave her husband what for because he hadn’t checked on me. In his defense, I’d been out the day before and the day after.

Tuesday, I was feeling more human. I’d planned to go to town on Sunday but I was sick. Monday, I decided I could make my oranges last until Tuesday but when my neighbor/cousin brought me my treat, I didn’t have any reason to go then. Bi-Lo was having the Grand Reopening on Wednesday so I decided I’d wait until then.

My sister had bought an older monitor from the man who had sold her her computer so she was finally back in business. She’ll never pry anything on her ‘puter again, I assure you.

There were too many good deals at Bi-Lo to pass up so I ended spending more money than I probably should have. I had three coupons I thought I could use but only one was good for that day. Well, shoot! And I didn’t get my bag credit. I called when I got home. The bag credit was just for Bi-Lo bags. I have 8-10 bags and I’ll be durned if I’m going to buy Bi-Lo bags so I can get a nickel credit. I let the fellow know and he said to tell the cashier I’d talked to Tyler and MAYBE I could get the credit with my own bags. Woohoo.

Getting close to home, I’m always struck by the way the trees still look that were damaged by the tornadoes that tore through here a year and a half ago.

Tornado scars

The colors on the road leading to my house are pretty.

The road home

Thursday, I was feeling much, much better though not good enough to hunt bears with a switch. I changed into some soft corduroys and a t-shirt and went to the Apple House where I felt very out of place (for about a minute) among the nicely dressed occupants of a tour bus. I guess it was a big treat for them to go there but it’s pretty routine for the people around here. I bought a 40 lub box of apples, some Kennebec potatoes, a gallon of cider, an acorn squash and a butternut squash. The apples are still pretty firm so it will be a few days before I’ll start turning them into sauce.

On the way home, I had to snap a picture or two. Here’s one of them. The road is only wide enough for one vehicle but I didn’t meet anyone going or coming back.

Coming back from getting apples

Friday was Grandparent’s Day at my younger granddaughter’s school. Earlier in the week, I hadn’t been sure I would be able to go. Thursday night, I set the clock for 5:30 TT but I woke an hour before that. I lay in bed and prayed until 5:04. I remember that because my Peugeot was a 504 diesel.

I’d planned to leave at 7:30 TT but I pulled out of the driveway at 7:15! First time ever I can remember leaving ahead of time.

Walking into the gym, I could tell already that it was going to be a better Grandparent’s Day than usual. Everything had been rotated 90 degrees and there were longer rows of chairs but not as many (rows). No one was going to be sitting 20 rows back! After two tries, I found my seat. The third is supposed to be the charm, right? I got on the end (important for bathroom breaks) on the second row right in front of where the chairs for the band were being set up. Perfect! My granddaughter plays the saxophone in the band!

Then…The Dragon sat down in front of me. The woman (who was much shorter) originally sitting there had been saving the seat for him.

The Dragon

He effectively blocked the whole band from view. By leaning to the right (which I couldn’t do very far because of the man sitting next to me) I could see between The Dragon and The Woman and that was a straight shot to my granddaughter. She spied me and smiled a huge smile and waved. Several times. Of course I waved back.

Just so you know, the little yellow road sign on his shirt says “318 CURVES IN 11 MILES”. I didn’t know about Deals Gap (The Dragon) so I guess his sitting there might be a blessing. It gave me a memory, anyway.

I tried taking a few pictures but I knew they weren’t what I’d want to post so I asked a friend from ‘way back when to get one for me with his nice camera. He obliged and emailed several to me including this one he’d cropped.

Grandparent's Day Photo by Grant Tuttle

Everything was very well organized this year. Of course, it would have to be the last year I’m there. Next year is Middle School. Before, all the children stayed in the gym for the whole program and it took a long time for them to file out. This year, the classes filed out after they’d performed. The program flowed better, too. The best part, I’m sure you know, was the band. I was ever so proud of my granddaughter, The Musician.

Trying to find her room was the first order of business after the program was over. A small group heading the same way I was, was rescued by a nice man who directed us to a less crowded stairway. I actually made it to the room before my granddaughter did.

It was beautifully decorated in fall colors (I’d peeked into the other 5th grade room and it wasn’t nearly as nice). The desks were pushed together to make long tables covered with orange tablecloths. I wish I’d thought to get some pictures of the room, too, but I didn’t.

The other years, sack lunches were served but each room was responsible for the food this year. I got the idea that some were just serving refreshments but we had an all-out meal. It was fixings for haystacks—not my favorite but I managed.

Going through line, I talked to a fellow who had been in college when I was in the academy (a year or two ago). He was wanting to know what was new with me. I told him I’d retired a little over a year ago. He said he’d had to retire, I think, five years ago. Health reasons? No. There was something about a contract not being renewed. Guess working for a large hospital system isn’t so bad.

My granddaughter and I finished our meal and she texted her mom. All the kids from her room had written tributes about their grandparents. We found hers and I read it. I hope she will get it back and send it to me. She said some very sweet things about me.

Going to the book sale, we found her mom in the hallway. We shopped for a few minutes and then had our picture taken at the photo booth. The result will be mailed to me and that’s when I’ll post it.

They took me to my car and we parted ways.

I went to the university supermarket. Since this is Alumni Weekend, there were lots of samples to be had and I spent too much money. The only other place I shopped was Walmart to get just a few more things I needed. Other than that, I stopped for gas (I’m getting 38 MPG—not too shabby for the kind of driving I do). Walking in the door, I checked the clock. 2:25 TT.

This morning, I got up early for the second morning in a row and got to church just after the door was unlocked. There was a DVD for the sermon since all the elders but one were off on a retreat. It was good but I still prefer a real person.

The leaves get prettier and prettier but there’s nowhere to stop to take pictures. I poked along (no one was behind me) and got these. The color is somewhat muted by the windshield.

Autumn Leaves

Getting closer

Almost to the top.

I was good today. I drank my water. I didn’t overeat. I even watched a bit of a Veggie Tales video on Netflix while I rebounded. I must confess, I’d all but quit exercising. When I was cleaning before I went to Seattle, I took up the Active Life mat and I haven’t found a good place for it since then. Thursday, I moved the rebounder in front of the TV. I started out with five minutes, 10 yesterday and 15 today. Tomorrow, I may do 20. Maybe last Sunday will be a blessing. It would certainly be in disguise if it is but I feel it was a definite wake up.

Speaking of wake ups, I reluctantly went out to get something out of the freezer. The Squatter’s truck is here so I figured he was, too. My neighbor came out and told me S. had had an accident. Whether or not he was sober, he didn’t know but S. had fallen and hit his head. He was sent to the Mother Ship (I think he said he’d been taken by helicopter). How he’s getting around, I don’t know since he doesn’t have his truck. Pooky isn’t here, either. It’s all a big mystery. It remains to be seen if he still has a job.

Genese has ended my run on Wordscraper and now I’m only winning every other one. That may end with this game. The lead keeps seesawing back and forth. She might have me on this one, too.

Well, it’s already down to 41 in the valley. It’s 47 on the deck. I’ll have to bring my Malabar spinach in tomorrow or risk its being bit tomorrow night. The cuttings I have in water have tiny roots. Next summer I should have quite a crop if I can keep all this going over the winter.

Twinkle is on her heating pad and mine is keeping me warm. We’re both snug as two bugs in a rug.

5 Responses to My Week: Attack!!

  1. Lila October 28, 2012 at 2:28 pm #

    Excellent picture of your granddaughter and beautiful fall color pictures! I’m not seeing the usual brilliant colors this year. Sometimes we get fooled and they peak later, but I’m afraid we’ve about had it for this year.

    • Tommie October 28, 2012 at 8:00 pm #

      I did so appreciate Grant agreeing to take the picture since I couldn’t get a good shot. He’s well over 6′ and could get above the crowd. You know how it is.

      The colors are pretty here but they don’t show up true through the windshield. Maybe I should enhance them?

  2. Tom November 1, 2012 at 9:08 pm #

    Look at those trees, Reminds me on my morning drive in Seattle.

  3. Joanie Crosby November 18, 2012 at 2:43 pm #

    I driving around Bledsoe county this fall, I never saw the colors any more gorgeous than they were this year, I am so blessed to be paid to drive around and see them! (Of course that’s not what they are actually paying me for…. 🙂

    • Tommie November 18, 2012 at 3:11 pm #

      That’s part of it, though. If you weren’t driving, you couldn’t get to your destinations. 😀

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