My Week: My Real First Anniversary

Last Sunday marked exactly one year since my last day “working” at the hospital. I say “working” because I didn’t get ANY work done. You’ve heard of people who get paid just for showing up. That was me on September 30, 2011. There was some concern that I wouldn’t hang around for the retirement party but I did and all that’s history. If I’d known I could make it on Social Security and my minuscule pension, I might not have stayed at the hospital as long as I did but I was nervous. Anyway, it worked out the way it worked out and there’s no use wondering otherwise. What “might have been” is not part of my story.

DD and I had the first visit since I’d left their place almost a week before. She was pretty psyched about the pottery class she’s taking at the nearby community college. The one she was taking before wasn’t as well equipped as this one is. There are 10 wheels for the students to use and only nine in the class wanting to use them so no competition means free access. She can go to class early and get more time in, too, so I believe she’ll get her money’s worth.

I was (still am) in Lazy Mode so I didn’t get a whole lot done. That was also true of Monday and Tuesday.

My electric bill came. After one year on the budget plan, I have a sizable credit balance. I called to make sure I was reading it right. Yes, because of the mild winter we’d had, there were lots of credit balances. My payment was being lowered by $28 a month. I asked for it to stay the same because the coming winter is predicted to be a doozy. I won’t be paying anything this month or next and a partial payment in December. I plan to put the amount that’s usually due into a fund so I won’t get caught short down the road.

Wednesday morning, the sun was shining brightly and everything looked so pretty. I had to get out and take a picture of my Malabar spinach.

Malabar Spinach

The lower leaves were huge—as big as my two hands together.

I had to bite the bullet that day and go Shop. I bought ingredients for Super Duper Gut Bombs because my sister has asked to sample them when I go see her at my niece’s place. Also, my cousin/neighbor needed some for sustenance on an extended trip. I made them that afternoon and all but the ones I gave the Traveler and a few I ate are in the freezer.

Both my neighbor/cousins are gone. One is in Florida, working, and the other is in California visiting his sister. A friend of theirs is staying at the house and feeding the critters so I don’t have to worry that they’re going to starve if I don’t go over there. And, of course, the Squatter is still in residence.

The friend is a very nice lady just a little older than I am. She and I can talk for hours and still not get it all said. She wanted me to work on her computer and said she’d treat me to a movie and a meal at the restaurant of my choice if I’d get it up to speed. Well, a computer that old and the word “speed” don’t go together. All I did was update her anti-virus and she was ready for me to collect. I let her know I really hadn’t done anything. What she needs is a new everything—even the monitor. She might be able to get by with the printer she says is still in the box.

Thursday, it turned off quite a bit cooler. I put Twinkle’s heating pad on the chair and she pointedly ignored it. I patted the chair but nothing. She hates to be picked up but I picked her up and put her on it. She stood there for a minute, sat down, then got up and jumped off. Okay. If that’s what she wanted, she could be cold. A few hours later, she decided to try it out and that’s where she’s been most of the time since.

Twinkle on her heating pad.

Malabar spinach isn’t cold hardy so yesterday I did the dreaded deed and cut it down. One of my forum members lives in Australia and she said she was able to root it in water. I read somewhere else online that a cutting can be planted directly in the soil and it will grow. I have eight cuttings in water and one in a pot so surely I’ll have something going when spring rolls around. The rest of it, I cooked lightly in just a bit of water. I ate one good size serving and have a couple more in the fridge.

This morning, when I picked up my devotional book, I had a distinct feeling that the reading would be special to me. I hardly ever look at the name of the author first but I did and—it was my sister! As usual, it was an excellent article. She is a most talented writer.

Church today went a long way to convince me I really do need help hearing. I spent some time the other night looking at aids online and the Lyric is very interesting but expensive. Also, my ear canals are small so I don’t know if it would work for me, anyway. I can’t do anything about it any time soon so…

I had an invitation to lunch for today so I whomped up some salsa and took it and chips as my contribution. We had a nice little group stay by. There were enough of us to fill one of the round tables in the fellowship hall with no room left over.

After lunch, we all trooped over to senior housing to surprise a lady with a birthday. She was overcome with all the attention. We stayed for maybe an hour and left. With a side trip to pick up my co-op order (it had come in while I was in Seattle) I came on home.

On days that I’m home, I eat two meals. On Sabbath, I have breakfast, lunch, snacks, supper, snacks and end up eating all afternoon. I am so full right now, I’m miserable. I’ll have to quit doing this but with guest meals and fellowship meals, I’m not ever satisfied. I don’t know why. I’m just not.

I got word from Genese’s daughter that Genese can’t get online. That’s a crying shame that they can’t get her a reliable provider. It’s her only outlet. The other residents who are still lucid go on outings and have games and activities to look forward to. When she doesn’t have Internet access, she doesn’t have much of anything. The public network is flaky and, when it works, so much is blocked that it’s ridiculous. The nursing home office has DSL through the local phone company. I don’t know why they can’t run a line down to her room, too. Maybe she could ask…

Well, I have one year and six days of retirement under my belt. It’s been an education and an overall good experience. I’m looking forward to more of the same.

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  1. Mary Jane October 7, 2012 at 9:47 am #

    That spinach is beautiful! Hope your starters will take root and grow.

    • Tommie October 7, 2012 at 9:54 am #

      I hope so, too, since I can’t eat “real” spinach.

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