My Three Weeks Later…Part 3 Correction and Addendum

I woke in the very early hours this morning and realized what I had written yesterday wasn’t even close to being the rest of the story. I have to leave lots of things out or no one would be able to read it all but what I’d left out this time was just too much.

Along about Thursday, DD and merm noticed a gurgling in the pipes whenever water would run down the drain or a commode was flushed. The landlord had been supposed to come by for days to look at the disposal that had quit working but he hadn’t made it yet.

Friday, it was obvious there was a problem and not a small one. It was major. Whenever a commode was flushed, the contents bubbled up into the bathtubs. It was pretty gross. When DD notified the landlord, he suggested that maybe Pixel had upchucked in the tub. Now, I have lots of experience with cat stomach contents and that wasn’t Pixel.

The landlord came over in the afternoon and took a tour. Then he was convinced it wasn’t Pixel. He took a look at the disposal while he was there and decided while the plumbers were there to diagnose the drain problem he’d have them look at it. DD could have told him it was DOA.

Late Friday, DD decided she wanted Mexican for supper but she didn’t have all the ingredients she needed so, after unsuccessfully trying to coerce me into going, merm resigned herself to taking DD shopping. I was instructed to let the plumbers in when they came.

It wasn’t long until the doorbell rang. When I opened the door, there were two men in professional garb asking for John Somebody. I was clueless. It was their turn to be confused. They looked at the house number and one said, “I guess we have the wrong address.” Then it hit me. “Oh! That’s the landlord!” I let them in and showed them to the kitchen.

One of them asked me if I hailed from Georgia. I told him Tennessee. He’d graduated from a high school outside Knoxville that was in the same area where my sister had graduated from academy. It’s a small world.

Presently, the doorbell rang again and this time it was John. He took over the tour and directed them to the different areas affected. He’d already said that the beautiful willow-type tree growing in the corner of the back yard could be the problem. The plumbers agreed but they wanted to do some troubleshooting first.

So often plumbers are thought of with the big boots and butt crack image but these wore protective covers over their shoes and there were no cracks in sight. They put mats down anywhere they had to work inside the house.

DD and merm got back from the store and were briefed by the landlord. We couldn’t let any water go down the drains so washing of veggies, etc., was done in large pots and bowls. There was no commode flushing.

The sound of the beautiful music merm had selected was almost drowned out by the auger the plumbers were using to clear the obstruction. We ate our supper to those two conflicting tunes.

Eventually, there was a temporary fix and we could resume normal water usage. They’d be back the next day.

Sabbath morning, the landlord and the plumbing team were back. The ox wasn’t in the ditch but the poop was in the bathtub and that was, in my estimation, even worse. This time, a camera mounted on some kind of plumbing device was snaked through the tiles. Tree roots were definitely growing where they weren’t welcome. We spent much of the morning and our breakfast with the ex-SIL to the tune of more auger-ing.

The ex-SIL doesn’t tolerate even decaf coffee too well so merm made hot chocolate for him with decaf mocha for the rest of us. That espresso machine is something else. It would be nice to have but I don’t think I’d have merm’s patience to operate it.

In the afternoon, merm wanted to take me to see where she works. It was an impressive tour and I’d love to share the pictures I took but she doesn’t know what the policy is concerning that so I won’t. There are TWO that I will.

This is when I had to go to the bathroom (of course).

Ever green

And this is DD and merm relaxing in a reception area.

DD and merm

From there, we went to Pike Place Market and looked around.

Peppers at Pike Place Market

There was a gospel music group outside the original Starbucks and merm bought me their CD.

THEN we headed home and to supper.

Part of merm’s job is to watch content on TV so that night we watched “Revolution”. I don’t think I’d like to HAVE to watch anything. As for “Revolution”, I don’t think it’s something I’ll watch regularly or even again. Disturbing. There’s enough real stuff going on that’s disturbing without subjecting myself to it on purpose.

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