My Three Weeks Later…Part 2

Where was I? Oh, yes. Leavenworth, WA. It was Sunday morning and I was the first one up. The third full day in Pacific time which was two hours behind Tommie Time and DD thought I should be acclimated by then. I’m an early riser, anyway (usually).

After I had my two tall glasses of water, I went back to bed and had my morning quiet time. It wasn’t time to eat yet so I started watching a video online. The volume on my netbook isn’t loud enough for this more deaf than not woman to hear well so I had headphones to remedy that problem. The door opened and it was DD. “No wonder you didn’t hear me knock!” The other bathroom was out of toilet tissue so she had come in to get some of mine. We scoured the whole place but there were no more rolls to be found. She and merm went to the store to buy a supply and more groceries while I stayed in.

We’d brought oranges so I was looking for one thing—a citrus juicer. There was equipment galore. Almost anything a person would need for food preparation. Almost. That’s the key word here. No citrus juicer. I used one of the sharpest knives I could find to cut the orange into sections. I’d have to make do with that.

After I finished eating, I took my shower and made ready for a day of roaming through the shops. We wondered how the smoke outside would affect me but it was like the night before. In the open, it was no problem.

We started with some shops closest to the condo. One was particularly dangerous for the three of us. It was full of all kinds of fudge and several of them were vegan. I sampled three and was allowed to pick out two. DD picked out one and merm one. To keep from (as my mother would have said) wagging them all over town, merm put her name on the bag and left it at the shop to pick up later.

Wandering around the town, we’d pop into a shop here and a shop there. I was tempted by several things but I resisted except for two little boxes of handmade chocolates for DS1’s and DS2’s and a bar of dark chocolate for me. DD and I sat down for a little rest and merm took advantage of the situation.

DD and Moi

Shopping over, DD busied herself making curry while merm cooked the rice. I made a salad and merm kidded me ever after because I didn’t notice until later that I’d used a cutting board for chicken. Evidently all the salmonella was dead because we’re still here.

They’d brought some Wii games and demonstrated a couple of them.

Next morning, the smoke was even heavier. The fires were filling the area with more smoke. I couldn’t see the mountain off in the distance at all.

What mountain??

The other mountains weren’t as visible as they had been the day before


and the bird was still there, surveying it all.

The Perch

There was no shopping that day. DD had thought we had until 2 to get out of the condo but, on second look, she discovered it was 11. We buzzed around and got everything ready to load when a message came that we could take our time. Too late then! We were on our way.

Once again, and not totally happy about it, merm was at the wheel. I offered to drive but she didn’t take me up on it.

merm at the wheel

There were fruit stands along the way. We stopped at Mott’s and bought several things including a box of apples for merm. Among the few things I really really wanted to do was go to Yakima Fruit Market. The time I’d been there before was with my sister and brother-in-law back in 2001. I was surprised to see how it had grown. It was several times the size as before.

Shopping for produce

And look what kind of peaches they had! Elbertas—my favorite!

Yakima Fruit Market

Shari had wanted us to stop by to see her at her school but that wasn’t to be. We got back in town too late. The next day was the only other option but it was inspection. We didn’t need to be there then. I couldn’t fit everything in.

Back at the house, DD busied herself in the kitchen while merm built a fire in the fire pit on the deck. I missed the moving of the table but it suddenly appeared and we were all set to eat our last meal of the day outside.

Our meal on the deck

On the menu was the elderly corn I was reluctant to try. Everything was grilled over the fire. When the time came, merm handed me a large ear. I was hoping for something smaller but when I bit into it, I was pleasantly surprised, shocked and amazed. It was the best corn I’d had all summer. Tender and sweet, it needed nothing but (of course) a bit of black salt. Also on the menu were peppers stuffed with “cheese” and beets. The food was all delicious.

As soon as everything was put away, I headed to bed. Tuesday was predicted to be a big day.

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  1. Mary Jane October 3, 2012 at 5:16 pm #

    Sounds like a great time (and food!)!

    • Tommie October 3, 2012 at 5:44 pm #

      You can safely bet on it!

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