My Week: Two Anniversaries and a Crisis

This has been one more week. It started out calmly with an hour and a half visit with DD. She is trying to juggle work and an art class. It isn’t working out well for her. Then we got to talking about what she was like as a small child. It was nice to relive the good times but a bit unsettling to go through the bad. It takes the good and the bad to build character and we’ve had plenty of both.

Monday was a double anniversary. Forty years before, DH and I got married in front of the fireplace in my mother’s living room. To celebrate that milestone, I went grocery shopping. While I was in the parking lot at Walmart, I activated my yearly $10 T-Mobile card. I already had more than $9 that rolled over from prior years. Two anniversaries. The first makes it easy to remember the second.

We’ll skip over to Wednesday. I got up that morning and it promised to be another routine day. Twinkle met me at my bedroom door and escorted me to her bathroom. I fed her, filled her water bowl and went on about my business. It was time to make water kefir so I got that done. I’d already done my body test with the Wii, drank my two 16 ozzie glasses of water and had my quiet time.

The morning was bright and sunny. I was looking forward to sitting on the deck to get my vitamin D while I drank my water kefir. What follows may be filed under TMI if you’re a squeamish person. Skip it if you are.

I don’t remember why I went into my bathroom but on my way out, there was Twinkle upchucking on the carpet. It seemed she’d been doing that more and more. I got my cleaning supplies and mopped it up. There were two different places I had to clean plus there were some dark dots beside it. When I wiped them with some toilet tissue, it came away bright red.

To say I was concerned would be an understatement. I watched as she went in by my bathtub and passed some more blood onto the bath mat. I walked through the house and found yet another deposit of upchuck that I proceeded to clean up.

Twinkle went in and got into her cat box. She crouched as if she were going to poop but nothing happened. She repeated that several times.

I’ve had pet carriers in the past but not any more. I’d borrowed my neighbor/cousin’s on several occasions so I called her to see if I could again. Well, yes, but she wasn’t sure where it was. She told me where she thought I could find it. The Squatter was still asleep in the garage and I had to disturb him. When I told him what was going on, he got up and helped me look. We didn’t find it.

I came back to the house and started trying to contact the vet but there was no answer. Two numbers were listed but I struck out with both. Google came to my rescue and I picked a vet at random—I thought. The person I talked to was very nice. She asked me a number of questions and gave me directions to the hospital. I told her about my lack of a carrier and she suggested I put her in a box.

That presented another problem. I’d disposed of most of the boxes but I finally managed to find one that was the perfect size. I cut air holes in it while Twinkle looked on and attempted from time to time to get inside. She does love boxes. I got a soft towel to put in the bottom and got the package sealing tape out of the drawer. Not looking forward to trying to capture her, I looked around to see where she was. She was in the box. As I started to close the flaps, she looked mildly alarmed but I reassured her and she didn’t object as I folded them and taped them. I sent out a quick email and posted a short status update on Facebook asking for prayer for both of us.

Her experiences in the car have been few and far between. The last time she was in there, she was screeching and screaming like a banshee. It was enough to bring the neighbors over to see what was going on. I steeled myself for a repeat. It didn’t happen.

It was probably 12 miles to the animal hospital. The first few minutes, she meowed pitifully but I believe she felt so rotten she wasn’t going to put up a fuss. Someone suggested maybe she knew I was trying to help her. Maybe that’s true.

Going into the hospital, I saw the waiting room was packed. Many times when there are so many animals in that close proximity, there will be some vocalization but everyone seemed to be quite content. I took that as a good sign. Going to the window, I let them know I was the one who had called about a sick cat. The lady gave me a chart folder with a paper for me to fill out. I turned to pick up the box with Twinkle in it and try to find a seat when I heard

“Is that Tommie Sue?” Surprised, I looked around and there sat a woman who had attended my church years ago. I’d see her now and then, mostly at Walmart. The one available seat was beside her. It was nice to see a familiar face. You can think what you want but I believe my going to that particular hospital was providential. God, in His mercy, used her to help soothe my frazzled nerves.

I’d been told on the phone that it would be a 45 minute wait. As it turned out, it was more like and hour and a half. We had plenty of time to catch up. Her daughter was there with her cat but they were sitting too far away to be included.

The clocked ticked on and pet after pet went in to be examined and treated. Then it was Twinkle’s turn. I’d been sticking my finger in the hole closest to her head and she’d nuzzle it so I knew she was still alive. She hadn’t made a peep, though, and that’s unusual for her.

In the exam room, I put the box on the table and sat down to wait. Presently, a young woman and a younger very muscular man came in. Taking the tape off the box, the man reached in quickly and pulled Twinkle out. She didn’t object. He put her on the table and she lay there like it was what she normally did every day. There was no sound when her temperature was taken or when the woman tried, unsuccessfully, to get a stool sample. She took her through the door to weigh her and came back saying she weighed 6.2 lubs. I knew she had lost some weight but I had no idea it was that much.

Twinkle was put back in the box to wait for the vet. Taped down again, I was restricted to talking to her and sticking my finger in to touch her.

A very nice-looking lady came in and examined her. She palpated her all over, looked at her gums and mouth and there was no resistance. Explaining what was going to happen, I consented to lab work, a worm pill and an injection. She told me twice what the injection was for and it made sense but I couldn’t tell you what is was or why. My nerves were about shot. When she brought her back in, she told me Twinkle had been a very good patient. Surprise, surprise. She must really have been sick.

Medication to treat her stomach was dispensed and we were ready to check out. They’d call next day with the lab results. I forked over $140.66 and we headed home. Once underway in the car, there was a little meowing but it soon stopped. When we got into the house, I untaped the box and opened it. She blinked a couple of times and managed to jump out.

I hadn’t had anything to eat and it was well after noon. I ended up eating only one meal but it was a big one.

Twinkle was definitely not feeling good and was very wobbly. I split one of the caplets into four pieces and crushed it into her water bowl. I had been told it would dissolve into the water—yeah, maybe in a week or two. She doesn’t like it but it’s her only source of water so she’ll drink it.

The rest of Wednesday and most of Thursday, she spent on my lap. I would have to move her so I could take care of my needs—eating and bathroom. Yesterday, she was much better and chasing a mouse that has made the big mistake of coming into Twinkle’s Territory.

When things settled down, I posted an update on the forum.

Thursday morning, I got the news that her T4 was high. I don’t know how high and I have no idea what the range is. When I started to ask questions, I was told the vet would be calling me on Monday to advise me. Google and I found that a high T4 in a cat indicates hyperthyroidism or feline Graves’ disease. Twinkle has all the symptoms in the list except for diarrhea. There are several options for treatment. Medication, surgery, radioactive iodine or prescription pet food are four of them. The medication has side effects that aren’t too pleasant. Surgery is probably out for an almost 15 year old cat due to risks regarding anesthesia. Radioactive iodine isn’t offered in this area and it’s quite a process after to dispose of the radioactive waste. The prescription pet food has to be the sole source of nutrition and who knows if she would like it? Decisions, decisions. I have a list of questions to ask when I talk to the vet.

There will be no more leaving Twinkle alone when I go anywhere for any length of time. Boarding her at the animal hospital will cost $10 a day.

Yesterday, I had things to do so it was nice she was better. Not 100% but better. I worked some in the garden, changed the bed, did laundry and fixed food for the fellowship meal for today. Oh! and the figs are getting ripe! Last Sunday, my neighbor (the male one) spotted them. I went out to see and almost fell over one of the grow boxes. He had to catch me to keep me from going down. “Been into the sherry?” Uh, NO! The fig crop this year is the biggest it’s ever been and I’ve been feasting.

Last night, my cousin (my neighbor’s sister) messaged me on Facebook and told me her husband wanted us to get together before church so he could play the piano while I played the organ. I made it to the church before they did. It was enjoyable playing around at playing and we’ll probably do it again sometime.

Church was short on purpose. The fellowship meal was good. I fixed a plate for Genese and a mutual friend and I took it to her. We had a good visit and laughed a lot. She told me she’d set up another Wordscraper game but I haven’t been able to access it.

I took our friend back to her car and came on home. Twinkle met me at the door. She didn’t have the mouse so I don’t know if it got away. I haven’t found a corpse anywhere. I hope it hasn’t crawled somewhere inaccessible and died.

There’s a prayer breakfast in the morning. I haven’t yet decided whether I’ll go or not. I have to eat my fava beans so if I do go, it will be a very early day for me. Time will tell.

P.S. Twinkle has found the mouse and is marching around with it in her mouth. Have you ever heard a cat try to meow when her mouth is full? I wish those critters would stay outside!

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