My Week: Good Days and Bad Days

All my life I have heard the older generation say, “I/They have good days and bad days.” Does that mean I’m joining them? To be perfectly honest, if that’s the case, I have been part of that generation all my life. I can’t remember ever having days on end that were good days. The reverse is also true. They haven’t all been bad. So…I’ve always had good days and bad days. Then again, there were never any days that were all bad or days that were all good. I feel like I’m going around in circles here so I’ll go on to other things.

Sunday, DD and I had our visit. She and merm have been planting their garden and it appears that merm is in charge of the construction of the grow boxes. Later on, merm sent links to a couple of videos. In the first, she had the camera and DD was doing the tour. In the next, DD had the camera and, by that time, merm had set up the other grow box and it was her turn to do the tour.

Most days, I got out in the sun when there WAS sun. Some days, it was too overcast and one morning it was so cool I almost gave up but I stuck with it. I’ve solved my afternoon sun problem. I wanted to get just a simple lounge chair like the one I bought at Walmart one year but they don’t have them available either at the store or online. ‘Way more expensive is the route I took. Amazon has a cot that is technically folding but I don’t think I’ll fold it up until I’m ready to store it for the winter. It wasn’t hard to put together but hard enough not to want to do it every time I want to occupy it. Mid-afternoon, the sun hits between the car and the blackberry bush and I’m almost perfectly concealed from anyone. And no. This isn’t my yard.

I’ve been puttering around in my garden, too. Mr. Stripey has finally decided to put on some buds. My sister’s suggestion that I should talk to him coupled with praying for him have done the trick. I spied a Malabar spinach seedling (finally) and, a couple of days later, two more. I may be in a Malabar spinach jungle before the summer is over.

One of my forum members has been so kind to gift me with an earthing mouse pad, an outlet tester, a book about earthing and various seeds. I haven’t planted any of the seeds yet but I’ve been using the mouse pad under my feet when I sit here at the computer. I took it in the bedroom last night and forgot to bring it back in here so I’m not getting the benefit right now.

Thursday, the clouds rolled in and there was thunder in the distance. I figured the forecast was probably right and the severe storms Weatherbug was chirping about wouldn’t make it this far. I was wrong. The colors on the radar map went from green to yellow to orange to red to purple right over the house. The hail bouncing off the roof and the car made me alarmed for the garden. I prayed hard that, if the Lord willed it, the garden would be spared. When the storm had passed, I went out to inspect. The cilantro was a little the worse for wear and the sage had drooped somewhat. I propped the cilantro up and the sage had recovered on its own by the next morning.

The volunteer tomato plant has gotten so big and heavy I’ve had to stake the stake. It was leaning into my cucumber space. I pounded it in as best I could and I hope that will do the trick. It’s loaded with lots of cherry tomatoes though all of them are still green.

Yesterday afternoon, I was getting my contribution for today’s dinner ready. I was in the process of getting an onion ready to chop when the knife slipped and chopped two of my fingers. The cuts are minor but one of them bled a lot so I grabbed a rubber band to make a quick tourniquet so I could get it bandaid-ed. When I posted something about it on Facebook, one of my knowledgeable friends said,

“A tourniquet is last resort to stop bleeding. If applied correctly you will have to amputate that extremity due to cell death. It is far safer to apply pressure, elevate extremity and put pressure on pressure points to control bleeding.”

I said, “When it’s at the base of the fingernail and you only have one hand to work with, the other options don’t work very well. I tried them. It was only on there briefly–long enough for me to grab a bandaid. It was the last resort. When you’re dripping blood all over the kitchen with no one else around you need something fast. And did you mean ‘applied correctly’ or ‘applied INcorrectly’? Just wondering.” to which he replied,

“In my line of work (he’s an EMT), a correctly applied tourniquet means that all blood flow is stopped and the limb is amputated by surgical means in order to keep someone from bleeding to death. It caused tissue damage at the site and lactic acid buildup past the site, If on for very long and released, the acid build up will poison the body if the entire leg or arm is involved. Dripping blood is most likely from a venous source and usually will stop in a few minutes (folks on blood thinners or aspirin take longer) Life threatening bleeding is usually from large veins or arteries being severed. With arterial bleeding, the blood is bouncing off the walls from across the room. It sprays out like a water hose.”

Says I, “Thanks for the clarification. I was alone. My finger was bleeding. I did what I had to do to be able to go on with my life. My finger is still there. And you are still safe from having to come pick me up in an ambulance.”

Who said Facebook can’t be educational?

It took me a little longer to get ready this morning so I missed playing for song service. They were just winding up the opening song when I walked in. The speaker for church was a guest from the university. It was very interesting—he gave the history of the separation of church and state. Some friends from far away walked in just as church was starting. I got to visit with them too briefly when I was able to make my way out of the sanctuary. After that, it was the fellowship meal hosted by the Women’s Ministry then a meeting about God in Shoes. Following that, I went to visit Genese for an hour at the nursing home. Her uncle has passed away recently and today was his funeral. Some of her family came in on their way back so I left them to talk.

I’ve been feeding the sugar babies the last few days. They seem to be getting used to me. I haven’t attempted petting them. Yet.

My sister-in-law called me this evening and we had a good chat. I’m hoping she’ll come up for a get-together tomorrow.

The week ahead is going to be a busy one. If nothing else, I have lots to look forward to.

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  1. Lila June 17, 2012 at 7:09 am #

    Which sister-in-law? Just wondering. I really don’t know where one of them lives.

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