My Week: Still Water Kefir-ing After All This Year

I looked back on my order history on Amazon because I knew it was last June I started making water kefir. How do I remember even that much? Because it was a year ago next Wednesday that DD came to visit and she was the first person (other than moi) to sample my wares. I’d ordered the grains on June 7 and they got here pretty quickly. There have been very few days I haven’t had my water kefir before breakfast and those were mostly when I was away from home. My first taste was a year ago a few days from now but it’s close enough.

Speaking of DD, we had our weekly visit Sunday. I’d seen pictures of my sister’s memorial on Facebook and DD had emailed me some she’d taken with her phone. That wasn’t like being there but DD told me about the service and the refreshments after. She’s a talented writer and since I had been to the church where it was held, I had no problem picturing it.

Besides visiting with DD, I had a good conversation with merm, too. We had a brief discussion about how she could give me my B12 injections if I ever get out there to visit. That would be a welcome change from my DIY every Sunday morning.

DS1 and I had a short interchange, too. Haven’t heard from DS2 lately. My granddaughter (his daughter) went to camp to be gone for two weeks. She had told me she was afraid she would fall off a horse at camp and break her arm like one of her friends did. I assured her things like that don’t happen often and I didn’t think there was any danger of it happening to her.

I went over to see my friend/cousin/neighbor and took some pictures of her sugar babies. The original pair (that was supposed to be two females) has now reproduced for the second time. I haven’t been able to get a picture of all four of them (Thelma, Louie, Peanut and Gidget) but I have gotten some pictures of them in their little house inside the cage.


My Neighbor Critters

The people they own have been out yardsale-ing so I have been feeding the critters if they didn’t get back in time to do it themselves. The Garage Guest is back at work again (for the third time at the same place—hopefully he’ll stick with it this go-round) and he has to leave Pooky tied. She looked so pitiful I actually felt sorry for her. She’s a victim of circumstance. I’m sure she’d rather have her own place to guard.

Poor Pooky

My arugula has thoroughly gone to seed so I’ve gathered whatever I could and I have almost enough to plant the back 40.

Arugula Seed

I have tomatoes and lots of blooms on every plant except for Mr. Stripey and there’s nary a bloom. It’s a sturdy plant but it doesn’t look like it will ever produce any fruit. My sister suggested talking to him so I’ve been pleading with him every day but he’s turning a deaf ear so far. The strawberries are blooming and I ate two berries yesterday (I’ve got to be careful so I don’t founder). More are coming on. I figured they were through until fall but maybe these are true everbearers that will bear all summer?

Other than puttering around in the garden and working in the house, I’ve been to town once where I saw three people I know. For a wonder, I looked halfway decent. I’d scoped out the prices for the other stores and saved a goodly amount of money by doing price matching plus I had a 75 cent coupon I’d printed off for Earthbound Farms. Walmart had their celery again! Celery is one of the dirty dozen for pesticides so I try to get organic whenever I can.

Goodwill didn’t have any shorts like I wanted so I broke down and bought two pairs and two tops at Walmart. They are soft, stretchy and the shorts have pockets where I can carry my pedometer.

I’ve had only one sister to email this week because the other one had gone to the beach with her daughter and grandchildren. It was rough, I know, but somebody had to do it.

Genese had some good news the other day. She is scheduled to go for an evaluation on Tuesday re: her lymphedema problem. I do hope they can help her. She has been suffering too long. Of course, I try to add to her discomfort by beating her a Wordscraper regularly. There’s one of our current three games she’s winning, though.

There were no services at my church today because of the Olde Tyme Campmeeting that was going on north of here. I don’t know that it’s spelled that way but if it isn’t, maybe it should be. Twinkle and I have had a nice quiet Sabbath here.

It’s ‘way past my bedtime already so I think I’ll cease and desist for tonight.

2 Responses to My Week: Still Water Kefir-ing After All This Year

  1. Mary Jane June 10, 2012 at 10:10 am #

    Sorry Mr. S. hasn’t responded to your pleading to at least bloom! Maybe he’s just slow and will surprise you with tomatoes after the others have run their course. I had 3 rabbits in my garden this morning, and the beans have been nibbled on again! Sometimes I almost agree with Mr. McGregor!

    • Tommie June 10, 2012 at 10:20 am #

      I can hope. You are the one who taught me the mothball trick. Maybe you could buy them in bulk. 😕

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