The Raw Vegan, Part CXLXI: Waffling No More

To be sure, waffles were one of my all-time favorite things to eat. I’d put away my share (and someone else’s) of Eggos, but the best ones were homemade. I had a crackerjack waffle iron that was well-seasoned and I never had any trouble with sticking. A stack of waffles with butter and syrup and I was transported! Or, in the summertime, whip some cream (none of that frozen stuff in plastic tubs for me) and add some fresh strawberries or peaches and man oh man!!

I spent my days at work being distracted by my thoughts. In the evening, I’d get online (dratted dialup!) and start searching. Years before after DD was born, I went on a mostly vegan diet (I say “went on” because I also “went off”) that was low fat. I had quite a few lubs to lose and that was the only way I managed to do it. My energy levels went up along with the weight loss and I was a happy camper. DS1 had always been on the chubby size and he, too, dropped several sizes. With his chiseled good looks, he was a knockout. We were all feeling better but, obviously, it didn’t last. We’d fudge a little here and a little there until we were right back to our old ways. And the lubs, lonesome for us, returned.

It wasn’t a complete waste, though. I remembered the basic principles of that way of eating. No “free” fats and no refined foods. For its day and time, it was considered extreme.

When I started searching, I found a site maintained by Roger Haeske of Savory Veggie Stews fame. I was reading through all the malarkey about “You can eat anything you want as long as it’s raw” and thinking, “Yeah yeah yeah.” Then I came to a statement that brought me up short. “I don’t eat that way any more.” Then he started explaining that he hadn’t done well on the “anything you want” program. He started eating 80% carbs, 10% fat and 10% protein (the last two being maximum amounts). That matched the percentages of the low fat vegan diet I’d been on so many years before.

He had a forum (I don’t think it’s active any more) and I joined. In my discussions with him, I learned about a book, “The Raw Secrets” by Frederic Patenaude. It explained the way to go about putting raw vegan 80/10/10 into practice. I sat down and ordered it.

I still wasn’t completely sure I wanted to do this. What I knew was, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. AND obese. My BMI was around 33 and anything over 30 is considered obese. When I was in my teens, I was lucky if it got up to 18. Quite a change.

DD and merm were going to do a 30 day challenge. As I remember, they started on June 16, 2005. Four days later, I’d come to terms with the idea and figured I could do anything for 30 days. I was in. June 20, 2005. I was going to change my way of eating.

True to his techie ways, merm set up a blog to track their progress, complete with the grim-looking “before” pictures—front facing and side view. Ever the copycat, I did the same but the pictures didn’t come along right away. I could include a link to their blog but I won’t rat them out. I did learn that I needed to take my own mugshots wearing the same clothes every time. I’m baffled by why I didn’t take pictures as soon as or even before I started the challenge. The ones here were over a month later, July 30, 2005. I had already lost quite a bit of fat.


What started out to be a four-parter surely ended up a lot longer. And there’s one more chapter to cover in the story of my life up to now but that will have to wait.

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  1. Lila May 15, 2012 at 9:01 pm #

    So glad you don’t have all that extra weight now!

  2. Mary Jane May 18, 2012 at 3:31 pm #

    Hard now to believe that you were that big!

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