My Week: Strawberries ‘n’ Cream

To be sure, this is a week and a day. Yesterday was so long and so busy, I had not the least inkling of a desire to do this post last night. But that can wait its turn…

I was all excited last week and couldn’t tell why. Now I can. Our church is going to do a “God in Shoes” June 29. It’s a program for less fortunate women in the area and lots of freebies will be offered including, but not limited to, a pair of shoes. New shoes are preferred but gently used will be accepted, too.

Well, you know me (or maybe you don’t). I like to shop on eBay. I’d been watching something on Tuesday that I’d planned to bid on. When the time came, the top bid was ‘way out of the reach of my budget so I didn’t win the auction. I’d gotten up from the computer and was going to do something else when something told me to go back and look for shoes.

I put in all the parameters I needed for the search–women’s running shoes, no size specified, new in box, etc., etc. Up popped a long list. I spied pair after pair after pair that were identical. The starting bid on each of 10 pairs of shoes from the same seller was $4.95. Shipping per pair was $9.95. I figured if I bid on eight pairs, I’d end up with at least a couple. My bids in, I got up again and decided I’d go to bed. I was already taking my shoes off when I felt I should go back and bid on the other two. That taken care of, I lay down and went to sleep.

Every time I woke up that night, I’d pray that I’d get some of the shoes for the program. I don’t know how long they had been posted but my bids were the only ones. I made up my mind that I wouldn’t outbid anyone. If someone came along and bid against me, they could have them. My limit was $4.95.

Next morning, there were two emails. I’d been outbid on two of the pairs of shoes. Okay. That still left eight. I had to go to town so I wasn’t sitting and breathlessly watching the minutes tick away. When I got home, there were eight emails. I’d won the rest of the auctions! Eight pairs of nice shoes for the program!

Seven PairsOne Pair

By the way, while I was in town, I went by Goodwill and bought four nice pairs of “gently used” shoes for less than $12. One pair sells for no less than $150 new.

Before I paid for the ones on eBay, I asked the seller if he would combine shipping. No problem. I told him what they were for and he was glad they were going to a good cause. Not only did he cut the shipping just about in half, he upgraded it from standard to expedited so they got here in two days.

We’ve been canvassing businesses and individuals for donations—either shoes or monetary. I set up a PayPal account and scanned the letter and donation form to a pdf so it can be emailed or downloaded. Tax deductible donations can be PayPal’ed to Our church is quite small so any help we can get will be appreciated.

I emailed the letter to some of my relatives. A few days later, one of my sisters sent me a couple of pictures she’d found she thought I’d want—and a check for God in Shoes!

Here are the pictures. The first is when I was a junior in high school. The next is my sister who recently passed away and her son and yours truly holding DS1.

Young Me

Sisters and Offspring

Sunday, DD and I had our usual visit. The prospect of her job turning into something more creative has fallen through. It’s too bad because she is very talented (and that’s not just Mom’s opinion). When we talked today, she said she’s getting busier and busier because the person she works with will be going on maternity leave soon. She and merm are in the process of buying furniture for the house they moved into almost a month ago.

Now, to the title of this post. There aren’t many things I miss, eating only vegan food. However, now and then I have had a longing for some whipped cream to go on some fruit. I know it isn’t a good combination and too much can make me fat but “moderation in all things”. I’d mentioned it to DD and, last week, I buckled down to do it. There are lots of recipes online for coconut “whipped cream”. I hunted one up and went through all the steps to make it. I had to start it the day before I planned to eat it because it had to chill overnight.

The next afternoon, I took it out of the fridge and carefully skimmed the “cream” off the top. My egg beater had given out years ago so I’d bought a strange-looking one with the best reviews on Amazon. It’s built to last and the others all had strikes against them.

I put the cream into my smallest mixing bowl and whipped it up. Like cream from a cow, there’s the “sweet spot” where it’s just right and the next second, it’s butter. That happened to me is how I know. I blended in a little more of the liquid and that helped. I mixed in a few drops of the vanilla DD made for me and some Coconut Crystals. Here’s the result and I must say, it was tasty.

Strawberries 'n' Cream

By Wednesday, I’d about finished my berries but it was the neighbors to the rescue! I called the produce place and reserved a flat and my neighbor went down to pick it up. I’ve been feasting ever since. I’ll hate to see them go but peaches can’t be far behind.

Thursday, I called the credit union the hospital uses and closed my account. There wasn’t much in there but it was enough to go to my bank on Friday and open a savings account. I think the interest rate at the CU was .24%. At the bank, it’s .45%. The lady who helped me smiled and said, “You always look so pretty!” I could have asked her when she last had her eyes checked but I appreciated the compliment. Then she talked about how my hairstyle suited me. After the business was taken care of and I got up to leave, she came around the desk and hugged me. Now, when have you gotten that kind of treatment at YOUR bank?

Yesterday was a LONG DAY. Sabbath School, church, fellowship meal, Women’s Ministry meeting, a visit with Genese and then on to my cousin’s house for a family get-together. When I got home late yesterday afternoon, I put the food away and dropped. When it came time to do this post, I rebelled. It could wait.

The nominating committee meeting for today was canceled, I’m glad to say. It’s rained all day long. I’d thought I’d go to town and get some things I need but I decided against it. I’ll live.

All three of my children have wished me a Happy Mother’s Day by phone and merm did on Facebook. I haven’t gotten much done but DS2 said that was okay. I’ll trust he’s right.

3 Responses to My Week: Strawberries ‘n’ Cream

  1. Lila May 14, 2012 at 8:34 am #

    I missed seeing your blog last night. So glad it’s here this morning!

  2. Mary Jane May 14, 2012 at 9:13 am #

    I made Mother’s Day a leisurely one, too. Had a card and phone call from my son,sister,a surprise visit and pot of marigolds from niece Ann and her family and friend, and a phone call from niece Annie. I read and didn’t worry about the rain coming down all day!

  3. Tommie May 14, 2012 at 10:55 pm #

    Thanks for missing me, Lila! And, MJ, your Mother’s Day sounds most enjoyable!!

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