My Week: Blackberry Winter?

The redbuds have bloomed and gone as have the dogwoods so this has to be blackberry winter though I haven’t seen any in bloom yet. There’s something blooming behind the house but I don’t know that it’s blackberries. On second thought, looking at the images on Google says yes, they are. Dave of Dave’s Garden explains all about the different “winters“. Anyway, we are back to cool weather if not cold. The unseasonably hot weather sort of knocked me out of planting cool weather stuff but I didn’t make the same mistake SOME people (most notably my cousin/neighbor) did of planting warm weather plants and have them get bit.

But I’m supposed to be chronicling my week. Last Saturday night, I got all wired trying to figure out how on earth I was going to fit everything in on Sunday. I dozed quite a bit but I didn’t really go to sleep for hours upon hours. I had the alarm set for 5:31 a.m. Tommie Time but I knew I wouldn’t be able to function if I got up and stayed up then so I turned the alarm off. After pleading with the Lord to let me sleep, I dropped off about 6 and slept until 7. That, along with my dozing, had me refreshed enough that I could get up and go.

I had my contribution to the picnic all ready so all I had to do was get myself breakfasted, showered and dressed. I’d given up leaving on time so I figured I’d get there when I got there and they’d just have to be happy that I was showing up at all.

First, I had to drop my prescription off at Walmart and then I was on the road. I’d gotten two sets of directions to the pavilion where the “do” was to be held but they contradicted each other. First, I turned where one set said to and wound up in a residential area. I knew that couldn’t be right so I turned around and headed toward the marina which the other set of directions said to do. No pavilion there. The place of business was closed but I finally spied a fellow walking along. He was carrying a clipboard so I thought he might be able to help me. Turns out he didn’t know there was a pavilion anywhere around but he spied a building on a hill and said that might be it.

I headed toward said hill and saw my pastor walking along. WOOHOO! Finally! I’d thought I might have to turn around and bring my food home to eat but there was the group! The fellow had been right after all.

When I walked toward the pavilion, my sister-in-law, DH’s sister, came out to greet me. I had a warm fuzzy feeling inside. I wasn’t lost.

The wind was blowing and the tablecloths were trying their best to become airborne. My SIL is a smart resourceful woman and she started around all the tables, tying knots in the corners of the cloths to hold them down. I got in on the action and helped her with several.

There wasn’t much there I cared to eat so, after visiting with friends and family for a while, I left.

I couldn’t go right by Aldi without stopping so I got my Aldi quarter out and went shopping. I didn’t have time for much but I grabbed the things that were good deals and checked out. Next, I went to Walmart, picked up my prescription and got the rest of the things on my list.

Home was on the way to the nominating committee meeting but there wasn’t going to be time to stop by. As it was, I was a few minutes late but the pastor was just getting out of his car so I was okay.

The meeting scheduled for an hour stretched to almost two and a half. On the plus side, we did get a lot done. I don’t know why I’m there, really. I listen and vote and that’s about it. I contribute once in awhile but it isn’t major.

Back home again, I unloaded everything and was eating—again—‘way too late.

The rest of the week has been about average for me. Eating, sleeping, washing dishes, laundry, cleaning. Harassing the produce people about Champagne mangos. I did get word that they have the information to get them into the store. I do wish they’d hurry up. I’m down to two. I still have a few of the others left but they aren’t wonderful. As a matter of fact, when I cut one, here’s what it looked like.


What wasn’t out and out garbage didn’t have a good flavor.

I did have two strawberries off my plants which is two more than I had all last year. Looks like there might be more coming on!

Not even close

Getting there

Almost ready

Yesterday, I had a green smoothie with some fresh mint and I made some cashew mayo with dill out of what makes up my garden at the moment. I was hoping to expand my garden space this spring but that might not happen until next year, if then.

My niece called when I was in the midst of walking and told me my sister in the Great Northwest was unresponsive. She was going over later in the afternoon. It’s so sad to think of her in that way. When we were growing up, we were always at each other’s throats. I was enough younger that I was “the pest” but I was able to hold my own. Later, we got to be best friends. Now, I can’t call her. Along with her hearing loss, her eyesight is failing and she’s been unable to read anything but very large print for a long time. It’s like I’ve already lost her. There’s no communication except what I can learn from my nieces and caregivers. I gave orders for someone to call me, night or day, when the inevitable happens. I can’t pray for her to survive any longer. She’s suffered enough.

The church campout is out on top of a mountain where it is cooler than it is on my mountain. It got warm this afternoon so I sat in the sun but the clouds have moved in. Tonight, there’s a chance of showers with temps in the lower to mid-40s. Thanks, anyway, but I’ll be sleeping in my own bed tonight.

Today is DD’s 34th birthday. When I did my body test this morning with the Wii, it said, “If I’m not mistaken, today is DD’s birthday.” Then it went on to say that birthdays only come once a year (DUH!) and I should do something special. Well, I would if I could. Her present is on the way (it’s from a seller on Etsy so it was made to order) and I sent her a Jacquie Lawson card. Under the circumstances, that’s the best I can do besides call her and sing “Happy Birthday!” She told me merm was making her a strawberry shortcake—a tradition since she was a little girl. I’m glad the tradition still lives on.

I have a project. My cousin/neighbor has been helping her construction partner’s 84 year old brother with his finances. He has a healthcare plan she thinks might not be the best fit so I’ve been asked to help him find something more suitable. She was surprised that there are so many different plans but, when I worked at the hospital (I love that word worked), there was a binder listing hundreds of companies across the US who administer Medicare Advantage plans. So…I shall pull up the links I sent her and proceed to try to sort things out.

Until next week…

4 Responses to My Week: Blackberry Winter?

  1. Lila April 22, 2012 at 9:09 am #

    I’m wondering what group the picnic included. The church, obviously, but your sister-in-law was there?

    • Tommie April 22, 2012 at 9:30 am #

      Family and friends of the couple who is moving to Hawaii.

  2. Genese April 22, 2012 at 4:02 pm #

    I’m praying that God will give you comfort and peace about your dear sister. Soon she’ll awaken to a glorious eternity where the pain and suffering of this world will be forgotten. I am confident that you and she will have a great reunion there.

    • Tommie April 22, 2012 at 4:12 pm #

      Thanks you, Genese. I haven’t heard how she’s doing today. She may outlive me. Who knows?

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