My Week: Never Again

If I have anything to say about it and I trust I will. You never know, though. Things have a way of surprising me.

When I went to DS1’s and spent the night a week ago, I didn’t want to haul my B-12 and related paraphernalia along so I didn’t. BIG mistake. I didn’t want to shoot myself late in the day on Sunday so I decided I would wait until Monday. When I got up, I was feeling pretty good so I thought, “Hmmmmm. Maybe I can cut my injections down to every other week.” It isn’t my favorite thing to do, shooting myself in the leg. Plus, it would save money. Two pros. No cons that I could see.

It’s good we can’t see into the future. Sometimes. I could have saved myself some grief if I could have just this once. I did okay the first couple of days, maybe three. Then I started having some of my old symptoms again. Tingling lips. Balance problems. A bit of a headache. I’ve made it for 13 days. I’ll make it for 14 but, believe me, I’m shooting myself tomorrow.

I’ll blame my being lazy to the max on my lack of B-12. I’ve gotten a few things done, like weeding one of the garden boxes, but that’s about it besides eating, sleeping and washing dishes. Oh, I sat in the sun when there was sun to sit in.

Guess the big news is that I have a great-granddaughter, Ariana. She joined the family yesterday. I haven’t seen her and I’m sure I won’t, except in pictures.

Ariana, My Great-Grandbaby

There have been updates on Facebook. My granddaughter didn’t sleep much last night because the baby kept her awake. I think my DIL is more taken with the baby than my granddaughter is.

Now, in case you are wondering, my granddaughter hasn’t given birth at age 16. She is participating in this generation’s unwanted pregnancy prevention program. When DD was in high school, each of her classmates was given a five lub sack of flour. It was her “Flour Child”. It was dressed in a little outfit and looked really cute but it wasn’t nearly as much trouble as Ariana is. She had to care for it and, if she had to be away from it, she had to arrange child care. Ariana actively gets hungry, has to be fed, “pees and poops” (not really but there are times she has to be changed), cries for seemingly hours on end, has to be soothed and rocked—and if her head isn’t supported, she screams bloody murder. In short, she’s about as close to caring for a real baby as it can get without having a real baby to care for.

This is an interesting video about the program. If you don’t want to watch until the end, the incidence of teen pregnancy dropped tremendously in Cumberland County, NC, after this program was introduced. In 1998, the county was third highest and in 2008, it was at number 23.

This is a good representation of what the “mother” goes through. There are some disturbing moments here that make me glad the baby isn’t real.

And here is Part 2.

She uses some of the language I understand is the norm among teenagers these days. The way she pats the baby’s back, if it were real, it might have bruises. Something that would really make it realistic is if it would spit up.

This one is actually kinda funny and has (almost) no profanity.

I don’t know if any of my granddaughter’s experiences are being videoed. I do know she thinks she needs energy drinks to stay awake to “care” for the baby. When she has a real one, she’ll learn you sleep when the baby sleeps. And you’ll be awake when the baby’s awake—without help.

Now, let’s get back to MY week.

Last I reported, the Garage Guest had a job. Well, he has quit. My neighbor is still working in Florida so time will tell if she relents and lets him stay. I know he’s been mostly shut up in the garage except for going to get his last paycheck.

Speaking of my neighbor, she’s bringing back some Florida tomatoes. I told her I’d help her eat them. She’s getting vine ripened ones. I hope they aren’t the kind that are made to withstand bruising from falling off a five story building.

Today was the first Sabbath I’d gone to church on Tommie Time. It was a novelty because Tommie Time is the same as Church Time. It was also an hour earlier (because they observe the Evil Daylight Saving Time) so I had the alarm set for 5. I’d gone to bed before 9 last night and woke at 3:30 and didn’t go back to sleep. I managed to stay awake during the service but I dozed in Mother’s chair this afternoon. I don’t think it was enough to keep me awake tonight.

The other night after I had been in bed for a few hours, I stretched and hit the bed frame pretty hard with the middle toe on my right foot. I didn’t think I’d done any damage but when I put my heels on this morning, my right foot hurt like the dickens. When I walked, I couldn’t help but limp. Fortunately, I’d gotten some gold flats on eBay so I wore them.

Golden Slippers.

I’d worn them to my brother-in-law’s memorial as a nod to my mother. She used to sing “Oh Dem Golden Slippers”.

Genese had some news. She’d submitted a recipe to a site and it will be published! It’s a vegetarian recipe, Winter Vegetable Stew with butternut squash, sweet potatoes, parsnips and carrots. It’s going to be in an upcoming vegetarian cookbook. How about that from a confirmed meat eater? She may be convinced yet!

It’s getting on toward 8 o’clock so I think I’ll hang this up and do elsewise. Surely I can stir up some trouble before I turn in for the night.

4 Responses to My Week: Never Again

  1. Lila March 24, 2012 at 9:36 pm #

    When my granddaughter went through this, she had a defective doll that cried much more than it should have. She had to repeat it with one that was programmed as it should have been. She was required to take it wherever she went. When she was in Walmart with it, she got a dirty look from a woman who thought the baby was real and my granddaughter was an unmarried teenager. I hope your granddaughter’s responds as it should.

    • Tommie March 24, 2012 at 9:53 pm #

      Maybe the defective one would be more of a deterrent than one that’s more affable. There are babies that cry for hours on end and the mother is at a loss to know what to do to soothe it. Been there, done that.

  2. Mary Jane March 25, 2012 at 11:59 am #

    Congratulations to you and your weary, sleep deprived granddaughter! Yep, that’s the way it is with babies. Ariana is much more realistic than a sack of flour, no matter how the sack was dressed.

    • Tommie March 25, 2012 at 12:22 pm #

      There are those who disdain such and say it doesn’t work but I think Cumberland County proved it does.

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