The Raw Vegan, Part CXXXVII: Love Is in the Air

November, 2004, and it was time for a visit from DD and merm. The couple had become engaged to be married earlier in the fall. Near the apartment, there was a nice park and that’s where merm proposed. He presented the lucky young lady with a “diamond” the size of a doorknob. She would get the official version later.

Since they weren’t married yet, I consigned merm to the storage room where he slept on a futon they’d brought with them. DD slept in her room. During the day, merm enjoyed relaxing on the futon in front of the fireplace where the gas logs merrily burned.

The primary purpose for the visit (besides seeing me) was to introduce the two brothers to the prospective bridegroom. The first place we went was DS1’s. He and merm got along like a house afire. They shared similar interests in computers and, in fact, anything electronic. There was no lag in the conversation.

DS1 and My Granddaughter

Where could that clue be?

This was during DS1’s avid interest in geocaching. He and DIL1 had set up a geocache in honor of my mother and it was decided that DD and merm should find it. DS1 printed off the clues and we set out. The hardest one to find was around a historical monument. DD and merm spent a long time locating it. DS1 and my granddaughter patiently waited.

We enjoyed watching them inspect every nook and cranny of the area within a few feet of the coordinates on the list.

It turned out this one was on a plastic encased paper taped to the bottom of one of the rails of the fence. They had to go through all sorts of contortions to read it.


Finally, the clues took us to the community building that’s also DS1’s polling place. They roamed all over the field and ended up at a telephone pole where there was a bird house. And that’s where the cache was! DD signed the log and merm donated a Metro card to the cache since the finder takes something and leaves something. It had been a successful trip.

After we left DS1 and my granddaughter at home, we continued on to DS2’s house. DS2 wasn’t too impressed. He later described merm as a “girly-man”. Anyone who doesn’t share his love for fishing and guns is automatically put into that category. However, merm made a hit with my DIL. She had recently subscribed to cable Internet and had been sent the equipment to install it. She didn’t have a clue where to start. That was when merm stepped in and took over. He had it hooked up and running in no time.

As it usually happens, the younger generation is more comfortable with computers than the older. My littler granddaughter had to demonstrate her expertise with the mouse.

Mousing Around

Pleased as Punch

We piled back into the rental car and made our way home. Within a couple of days, DD and merm headed back to New York. It had been so nice to have them around. The house seemed empty without them. I didn’t know what might keep me occupied now. It’s definitely a blessing not to be able to see into the future.

3 Responses to The Raw Vegan, Part CXXXVII: Love Is in the Air

  1. Mary Jane February 2, 2012 at 8:15 pm #

    I agree that the house seems very empty when the visitors leave!

  2. Mary Jane February 2, 2012 at 8:17 pm #

    Chaco Canyon? In Colorado? Who is that with you in the picture?

  3. Lila February 2, 2012 at 8:48 pm #

    Your granddaughter with the mouse brought a smile to my face. Yes, I know her name, but thought you wouldn’t want it here.

    You are so right about not being able to see into the future being a blessing. How well we all know!

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