My Week: A Little Sunshine with the Rain

By Sunday, it was obvious I was going to have to break down and go to town. I’d put it off as long as I could but things were getting critical. I was down to my last oranges but I’d gone online to look at the specials and there was one store that had eight lub bags for $4.99. I couldn’t pass that up. I called to make sure they were in stock and they were. I got ready and went.

The phone rang when I was back home and in the process of changing my clothes. It was DD. We had our weekly visit then an important appointment took her away. I finished unloading the car and got busy fixing something to eat.

Monday was a red-letter day because it was merm’s first day at the new job. From all reports, everything went well. I have faith that it will continue to be that way.

This week has had a pretty good balance of sunshine and rain. It’s made for a nice change. I was able to get out and sit in the sun several days, including today. We’ve had our share of downpours, though, with thunder, lightning and the threat of tornadoes. People get understandably nervous when weather like that moves through.

I’ve had visits with DS1 and my younger granddaughter. The reason for the latter was the need for a donation for the Fun Run at her school. I gave a paltry amount and put it in the mail the next day. Then there’s the wedding shower tomorrow…YIKES!

I’d gone out to my neighbor’s pump house the other day to get a potato to bake as a reward for being down by eight lubs when I noticed the lamp I’d referred to last week as being discarded. There it was, sitting in the pump house across from the basket of potatoes. I emailed my neighbor and told her I’d seen it and asked what I could use to clean it up. She said it was funny, that she had mentioned to her husband that she was going to do just that and set it on the deck to see if I’d notice it! She said she’d get it done this weekend. How about that! Two minds…

Yesterday, after I got through sunning, I walked to the mailbox and, on my way back, a splotch of yellow caught my eye. I dashed to the house to get my camera.

Daffy Down Dilly

My mother would call them “daffy down dillies”. There was lots of greenery with buds but this was the only one that I saw that was brave enough to bloom.

I’ve finally gotten back into the swing of walking. Most days, I’ve managed around 11 to 12k steps. Of course, the music isn’t what I listen to on Sabbath so I take the seventh day off. It will be back to it tomorrow, though. I believe it’s helping with the calorie burn, too. Yesterday, I was down by eight lubs in the challenge but it was seven today. Of course, I weighed about an hour and a half earlier than usual, too. That can make a big difference. DID YOU KNOW THAT??!

Speaking of this morning, I made it to the church a little early and found the pianist talking to one of the ladies in the back of the sanctuary. There was a chorale rehearsing on the platform. I didn’t have a clue what was going on. When I asked, the pianist didn’t have much of an idea, herself. She went up front to talk to the accompanist and came back to report that the group would be having Sabbath School and I would play for church as usual. Things turned out better than I expected them to, I’m thankful to say. It would be nice to be notified beforehand, though.

My signal light was nowhere to be seen. I talked to yet another of the men only to be told he doesn’t have a key to the church. Maybe next week…

The program was very good today. The chorale did a beautiful job on the two numbers they did and the song services were rousing. It was nice to be able to have a break from playing. If the accompanist had been familiar with our order of service, I would have prevailed upon her to play for church. She played beautifully.

Of course, the order of service is subject to change, too. The elder in charge today called for the offering before the prayer requests and praises so I had to quickly flip to the offertory. Then, when he got up to do the requests and praises, he laughed and said he wanted to see if we were paying attention. Well, YES! I don’t take anything for granted.

The pastor preached an excellent sermon. He has come a long way in the years since he first came to our church.

I’ve had a quiet afternoon. I ate a bit too much but my goal in the challenge is five pounds so I have a little cushion—in more ways than one. As I was leaving, an old friend asked if I wouldn’t be staying for lunch. I said no, that I didn’t want to sabotage myself in the weight loss area. He made my day. “Weight loss? You don’t need to lose weight! You are perfect just the way you are.” It’s nice that he thinks so. I told him I didn’t want to lose my $25. “You have to pay to lose weight??” I quickly explained that there are nine of us involved and the ones who reach goal get to split the pot.

About that, I feel kind of bad because I got sick right at the beginning and had to force myself to eat. The first few lubs I lost were because of that. I kind of got a head start and not in the right way, either. I have stuck with it, but I still feel sorta like I’ve cheated. It will be over on Wednesday and we’ll see what happens. I’m the only person who weighs in every day so, for all I know, EVERYONE may reach goal. It’s only the first weigh in and the last that really mean anything, anyway.

Amazon has notified me of price changes on some of my subscribe and save items. The only one that went down in price is one that I’m skipping this time. Coconut oil went up a dollar so I’ll skip it, too. At least they make it easy.

As my sister would say, “Life on the edge.”

4 Responses to My Week: A Little Sunshine with the Rain

  1. Lila January 28, 2012 at 9:06 pm #

    When I saw the picture of the jonquils on Facebook, I could hardly believe they were current. Amazing!

    Wondering what your signal light is.

    • Tommie January 29, 2012 at 8:03 am #

      Yes, the picture was taken on Friday.

      The signal light is a little box with a small light bulb that sits on the organ. When the people are ready to come out on the platform, the light can be activated from the little side room where they are concealed from the congregation. The light was uninstalled when the renovation of the sanctuary was going on and it has never been put back. Now, someone has to open the door and wave at me (all visible to the rest of the attendees) to start the introit. It can be very distracting and it’s disconcerting to me. Before, people thought I magically knew when to transition. 🙂

  2. Mary Jane January 29, 2012 at 9:35 am #

    That jonquil is beautiful! I have one bud, but no bloom yet. I keep looking for crocus blossoms, which should show up any time. Lots of foliage up, so maybe there will be flowers soon.

    • Tommie January 29, 2012 at 9:37 am #

      We also have plenty of time for cold weather. BRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrr!

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