My Week: Huntin’ Bears with a Switch

That’s what one of my sisters emailed she hoped I was up to doing. Not quite. Even now, I’m not there yet. Better but not altogether well.

I’d been out to the garage on Friday to get some things out of the freezer. My supply of cooked fava beans would be zilch after breakfast on Sabbath. Saturday night, I almost forgot to put them to soak but I remembered just in time. Sunday morning, when I took the lid off the pan, I was greeted with the usual giant beans staring up at me. People have a hard time understanding just how big the beans are so I thoroughly washed a quarter and took some pictures so I can answer the question once and for all.

Soaked Fava Beans

As usual, you can click on the picture to see a larger size.

I’m still spending a lot of time in Mother’s chair though I was able to start exercising again on Wednesday. I managed almost 8,000 steps that day and 11,000 both Thursday and Friday. I’ve been walking to the mailbox, too. My periods of exertion are getting longer and longer. I actually even made a batch of Super Duper Gut Bombettes on Thursday and took a couple over to my neighbor. The Bombettes are a bit smaller than the Bombs because I’m trying not to sabotage myself. There’s still the weight loss challenge, you know.

This morning, I had the alarm set for 6 a.m. I “snoozed” it until almost 6:30. There was a rip-roarin’ storm going on and it was nice to just lie there and listen to the rain.

I managed to make it to church a tad early but my trip to the bathroom delayed my arrival at the organ. Today convinced me that it takes some effort to play the organ for both Sabbath School and church with two song services. By the time it was over, I was tired. The signal light has never been put back on the organ so someone has to open the door beside me to let me know the people are ready to go out on the platform. Today, I was so absorbed in my playing, I didn’t notice the elder trying to get my attention. The pastor’s wife came up and let me know. After church was over, I told said elder that I’m going on strike if something isn’t done. It’s distracting, to say the least, and embarrassing at the worst.

I hadn’t coughed at all while I was in the building but when I got outside and started breathing the cold damp air, I started in hacking like I was a few days ago. As soon as I could get in the car and go, I went. There was a fellowship meal today–I don’t know why because the regular ones are on the second and fourth Sabbaths of the month. It isn’t unusual not to be notified of such but I wouldn’t have stayed, anyway. I let a couple of people know that I won’t be going to prayer meeting until the weather improves and the days get longer. Guess I’m getting Up There.

Tomorrow, there is some kind of food party at the home of one of the members. I’d thought about going but I don’t think I will. There’s lots to do here at home to get caught up to where I was (which was behind) so I believe it would be better to spend my energy that way.

I’ve been looking at floor lamps so I can see to read while I’m sitting in Mother’s chair. I have yet to find one that I’d want that’s affordable. The one I had was brass and it got wet and grew awful green stuff so I put it out to be discarded. Maybe Goodwill?

The weather this week has been dismal, mostly. There was one day I could sit in the sun. That’s not enough. When I drove home today, it was through a think pea-soup fog. Tuesday is the first day we are supposed to get an appreciable amount of sun. At least I have that to look forward to.

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