My Week: Happy New Year Birthday

2012. That sounds strange. 2011 sounded strange and 2013 is even more strange. It will get here whether I see it or not unless the Lord comes first and that’s entirely possible. Besides being the New Year, it was also DS2’s birthday. He didn’t even know how old he was going to be until I told him while I was at their house. 45. Now, that’s REALLY weird, having a son that age that isn’t even the oldest. The oldest one is fast closing in on 50—well, it’s still over two years away but two years isn’t much in the grand scheme of things.

Since many offspring born close to Christmas get presents wrapped in Christmas wrapping, I always tried not to have that happen with DS2. This year, I did it one better. I’d ordered his present from Amazon, flagged it as a gift with no wrapping paper. Now, you might think that’s cold and heartless but why pay $5 for something that will be garbage, anyway? I called to sing happy birthday and he seemed just as thrilled as he would have with the trimmings.

I never did get to town to get any black-eyed peas. Fava beans had to suffice. My “greens” were an artichoke. If I go completely broke this year, you’ll know why. If wealth depends on the amount of peas I ate on NYD, I’m in bad trouble.

My neighbor/cousin/doctor/friend got sick and was nowhere to be seen for several days. That’s not the norm at all. I didn’t have charcoal to give her (she probably has a good supply herself) so I made a pot of lentil soup and shared. She actually liked it!! I noticed her van was gone today so she must be feeling a lot better.

As for me and myself, I’m puny. On Wednesday, I went down the mountain to visit the various stores selling groceries. It was also the day that merm had selected to start a diet challenge to recycle fat. I got home, unloaded, and mostly put things away. I hadn’t eaten since breakfast so I had supper and set out to visit Genese and go to prayer meeting. A hot topic was the Bug that’s going around. Well, I don’t know where it found me but it found me.

One of the requirements of the challenge is that merm will post our beginning and ending weight from pictures that we (there are nine of us participating) send. I’m weighing with the Wii Fit so I emailed a picture of the screen. On Thursday, I was down by more than I charted but I figured it was from dehydration. Here’s where I am currently (no weight numbers are posted for me).

Current Standings

I started out in first place, then got bumped to second and am back to first. I have no idea what the “activities” are that I’m supposed to get extra points for participation. Neither do I know what the extra points would do. When I click on the activities link, it doesn’t go anywhere.

I called my neighbor to check on her and get some info so I could post a project on her web site. She was feeling better. That was good because as soon as I hung up and started to work getting the pictures uploaded, I felt like I’d been hit by a ton of bricks. I felt awful. I managed to get through the day but barely and I have yet to do that project.

And talk about lazy! Wednesday night, it was 12:15 a.m. before I got up to put more cover on the bed so I was cold for about three hours. That didn’t help the way I felt. Thursday night, I coughed so much I couldn’t sleep. I’d taken some ACF that night but my mistake was not taking it sooner. I’ve been taking it since then, too. Maybe it will work soon. Something I’ve noticed—I have a hard time pouring it without spilling. I have to pour with my left hand (the one with the tremor) and a lot slops around that doesn’t get taken. Guess I should pour over a saucer.

Last night was the annual Agape Feast and I’d planned to go. There was no way. Midday, I called the pianist to let her know I wouldn’t be there for that or for church today. She wished me well but ominously said that this Bug hangs on a long time.

Last night, I dug up an ancient bottle of cough medicine, prayed it wouldn’t kill me and took a spoonful. I was desperate for sleep.

In spite of the cough medicine, I still coughed. As soon as I would start drifting off to sleep, something would wake me up. Not anything specific. I might think of something and go off on a tangent. I woke this morning feeling like something Twinkle drug in. I think it messed up my stomach, too, because I’ve had little appetite today. Guess that’s good for the challenge.

I’ve been using the heating pad merm sent me for Christmas on my back. So much sitting and lying around doesn’t do it (my back) any good.

My attempt at keeping some herbs alive this winter has about bitten the dust. The cilantro is struggling but the dill gave up completely. The dill outside still has some usable growth. It’s survived several nights where the temperature got down to the mid-teens. How much longer it will make it is anyone’s guess. My neighbors got me a mini-greenhouse for Christmas but it’s still empty. I should get some things started for it. It’s pretty heavy but the winds have been, too, and it’s out there, blown over.

Late this afternoon, I heard something hit the house. I went outside and looked but didn’t see anything. At least a tree didn’t fall on it. (Update: The cutting board fell on the floor. Nothing hit the house.)

My evening meal was about an hour later than I like it to be. I finally felt up to stomaching something. My belief that it’s about as important WHEN you eat as WHAT you eat. I’ve been training my system to eat earlier and earlier and 4 o’clock is the latest I try for. I don’t always make it but when I do, I feel triumphant.

I’m fighting sleep. I know if I go to bed too early, I’ll wake in the wee hours but I may give in, anyway. We’ll see.

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