My Week: Christmas Is A’Comin’

I have all of my shopping finished, over and this is the first year, ever, I have done it all from the comfort of my home. PLUS, I paid for around 90% of it with my rewards points I get with my Discover card. Discover and Amazon have joined forces so a person can access the rewards points and pay for items that way. I tithe what I spend that way because, after all, it’s sheer profit. Next year, I won’t be able to do as much because my balance had been building over a matter of years. I won’t have as much to play with.

Sunday, DD and I visited via phone later than usual. They’d had somewhere to go so I agreed to have our call when they got home. I did some of my shopping while we were talking. Guess you could say I was a multi-tasker.

The days went by uneventfully except for packages appearing on my deck. I even got a couple from the new warehouse in Chattanooga. When it was planned, merm said I’d have to pay tax on my purchases, but one of the incentives was that purchases would be tax exempt. I don’t know how long that will last but I didn’t even have to pay tax on what was being sent to merm and DD this time and I always have before.

On Tuesday, my neighbor asked me to come over when I could. All excited, I just knew she had a new computer. She’s needed one for a long time. Hers is about 150 in computer years and it has a very slow processor, a tiny hard drive and limited RAM. I have to do something to it every now and then to keep it limping along. Well. When I got inside, she wanted to show me her new elf hat. She gets a different one every year and this one has a bell on the point (I think) and is battery powered so it flops back and forth, lights flash around the edge and it plays music. It’s cute but I was disappointed, let down and dejected. She admitted that it is a pain to wear but it’s tradition so she’ll do it.

By Wednesday, all the packages were in—even a gift for me! I found out later that another was coming that wasn’t gift wrapped so when one appeared in my box addressed the way I don’t have them sent, I didn’t open it. I got a Christmas card and picture from my friend in prison. It made me feel so sad. He’s standing in front of what is plainly a backdrop of a Christmas tree, fireplace and fire. It’s definitely fake and I know how he must long for it to be real.

Wednesday night, I got ready and went to see Genese before prayer meeting. I managed to slip by my “boyfriend” both to and from her room so I got to the church almost on time. When I walked in, one of the ladies was playing for the song service. She would start out with both hands but, as the song went along, she finally got down to one finger. I took pity on her and took over. I didn’t do much better since I’m so out of practice but I made it through.

When the meeting was almost over and I was seated at the piano for the closing song (it’s a theme), they decided to discuss the format. That went on for what seemed much longer than it was. I don’t think a hard and fast decision was reached but I was finally able to play. After visiting with friends, I came on home.

Thursday was my sister’s birthday (the one in the Great Northwest) and to celebrate, I got another project done for the construction company. I’d started a post on here about galangal several days before so I finished it and posted it under Unusual Ingredients.

I’d been putting off doing some essential paperwork and getting it in the mail. My hair also needed cutting and I’d made an appointment in the middle of the week for Friday. Mother’s grave has been bare for months since the mowers destroyed the last flowers. I’d never found that round tuit to get another arrangement and I felt condemned. So…I went a little early for my appointment and stopped in at the florist shop a few doors down and ordered an arrangement. With my hair cut, I went to the bank and got my papers notarized and witnessed. Then, the post office was next so I could mail the two packets. Swinging back around to pick up the flowers, I headed on home.

Mother's arrangement

When I can get to the cemetery, I’ll put them on Mother’s grave. She won’t know it but it will make me feel better. Oh, and the arrangement is bigger than it looks in the picture.

It had been raining off and on and was a generally nasty day. I was glad to be home. After I ate and washed up the dishes, I did a few other things and went to bed early. Guess that’s why I woke ‘way before time to get up and stayed awake for, probably, an hour.

For the second week, I was the one to open the church. At least it was already warm. The automatic thermostat does make it nice. I made it through all the carol singing and came home. Stopping at the mailbox, I had yet another package. This time, I know what it is. There was to be caroling this afternoon but I didn’t go.

Next Sabbath will be Christmas Eve. Then the next will be New Year’s Eve. It hardly seems possible. 2012. Strange.

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