My Week: Puny

I’ve been fighting Something coming on for a long time but it finally got me. I wasn’t sure I would be able to go to church and I WAS late but I made it. I warned the pianist that I might not be able to play for wiping my nose but I managed. It was tissues to the rescue.

Sunday, DD and I had a good visit between my coughing and blowing my nose. I got a few things done around the house, posted my Swan Song and went to bed.

Monday wasn’t much better. That night, I lay in bed and chilled, shivering until the whole bed shook. Getting some sense into my head when I got up to go to the bathroom, I got another comforter. It took a while but, by and by, I warmed up and the shivering stopped.

In spite of my rough night, I felt pretty reasonable on Tuesday. I was sitting on the deck in the sun (so nice to be able to do that and not have to watch the clock) and thought to check my pedometer before I came in to walk. It had all zeros. I hadn’t planned to go out at all this week (except for prayer meeting) but I’ve come to depend on my pedometer.

My PedometerWell, folks. I was impressed with it before and now I am all the more. I got myself in gear, showered, dressed and went to get a battery. When the woman put it in, I had to set the time again. Figuring everything else would have to be redone, too, I left that for later.

Getting back home, I looked up the manual online and found that my steps had been recorded—just not displayed. They showed up when the next hour rolled around. AND it had all my steps for the prior week. The time was the only thing I had to put in. Everything else was still there. I’m so happy with my Omron!! I’d searched the WWW for good reviews before I settled on it and found that Amazon has the best price by far. I hit the bull’s eye this time! It isn’t often I can say that but this time, I can.

Now, I’ll quit rhapsodizing.

Wednesday, I felt pretty good and got a lot done besides going to prayer meeting. I asked for prayer for myself for my nagging cough I’ve had for weeks. I don’t often do that for myself but it’s getting to be very aggravating. After, I all but said I would go out to eat on Sunday with the other ladies.

Thursday, it was back to feeling awful again. I’ve heard of “older” people having good days and bad days. Well, I’m beginning to think that’s me except I’ve been having more bad days lately than good.

Yesterday, the mail included a picture of my granddaughter and me at Grandparents Day. I posted it on Facebook. I know her mother has seen it because she “liked” it but I don’t know if my granddaughter has.

My grandgirl and me

I went to talk to my neighbor-cousin. I was coughing, sneezing and slinging snot. She couldn’t help but notice so she immediately said I needed to take some charcoal. Her sister had given her some and she gave me part of it with instructions on how to take it. I brought it home, mixed a spoonful with some water, grabbed a straw and sucked it up. Before I went to bed, I repeated it.

This morning, I was surprised to see (this can qualify as TMI so turn your head if you don’t want to know) my poop was black. At first, it was a shock and then I remembered—the charcoal. I don’t know that I feel any better but I may have started it too late for it to help right away.

Up until lately, I’ve been reading my Bible through and when I’d finish, I’d start over. I decided when I finished the last time that I’d do something different. I’m reading books I haven’t sat down and read for years. The first one I selected is Steps to Christ. When I get through a chapter, I go back and find a quote to post on Facebook along with a picture I’ve taken. Well, my neighbor was almost hurt that I hadn’t included a picture of her burning bush. She showed me the best angle to take it from. This afternoon, while she was busying herself otherwise, I took some pictures. It isn’t easy to get good ones out here because of the power lines but I think I did pretty well.

Burning Bush

Then I slipped over and, standing ‘way back, I took another picture.

Hard at Work

I’ve had a huge cup of garlic lemonade and, even though it’s just 8 o’clock, I’m going to bed soon. I went at 7:15 last night but woke early this morning and didn’t go back to sleep for the longest. That happens to my sister. I hope it isn’t genetic!

Tomorrow, I’m planning to go out to eat. I’ve asked my neighbor-cousin-doctor to go with me and she said she’d think about it. I’ll get her to drive if she does. She can even drive my car.

There’s lots more I could tell but I’m going to let us all (including me) rest.

4 Responses to My Week: Puny

  1. Mary Jane November 5, 2011 at 10:38 pm #

    Hope you’re over your ailment! I had a 2 day cold week before last, and was amazed and thankful to recover that quickly. It kept me from going to our church’s health fair, where I had hoped to get a massage and my annual flu shot. Still plan to get the shot, but, alas! Won’t get the massage.

    • Tommie November 6, 2011 at 1:57 am #

      No, not over the ailment yet. I keep thinking about poor Kay and her cough. Can’t help but wonder if mine will be the same. I’m glad yours didn’t last long. Sorry about the massage. Good luck with the shot! If they give you any grief, tell them I said you can have mine.

  2. Shari November 6, 2011 at 7:46 pm #

    Well, I felt like ick on Thursday when I got up but went to school/work anyway. By 10:30 a.m. I knew I had to go home. I work 4 miles from school and I almost had to stop and take a nap!!! Got home fell on the couch and slept until 2. Went and saw my color holistic healer and she worked on me for a couple of hours. Came home and went to bed at 7 p.m. I woke up at 5 a.m.!!! And the best part, I was well!!! No flu shot here! The gals at school who did get the shot have all been out the better part of TWO WEEKS!! I didn’t get the shot and missed half a day. Color therapy works for me.

    • Tommie November 7, 2011 at 7:17 am #

      Yeah, I know a lot of people who get the flu shot who end up getting sick or getting sick anyway. I was offered the shot free at the hospital and used to take it religiously but quit when I realized it wasn’t really helping me and might have been more harmful than good. Glad you got well so quickly! Wish I would. I’m still snotting around. 🙁

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