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The Raw Vegan, Part CXXX: We Have a Winner!

March 2003 and Mother was on the mend. The hospital work was calling so I sailed back over the North Carolina mountains and back to the salt mines. I can’t say my job was terrible. We had a good CEO manning the Mother Ship who believed happy employees made a good hospital. Sandwiched between the […]

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My Week: Jobless No More!

Let me see if I can remember back to last Sunday. I was still puny. I don’t know when I have been puny for so long. Except for some high spots, this week has been about as do-less as last. Hmmmmmmmm. Sunday. Oh, yes. DD emailed me that she was going to a potluck and […]

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My Week: Going to the Dark Side

It’s been a lot of a “do nothing” seven days. Sunday, I dragged around and did laundry. I’ve never in my life been so tired of folding sheets. The only thing that made it the least bearable is my top-loading dryer. Why no one had thought of such before now is beyond me. I stood […]

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My Week: Puny

I’ve been fighting Something coming on for a long time but it finally got me. I wasn’t sure I would be able to go to church and I WAS late but I made it. I warned the pianist that I might not be able to play for wiping my nose but I managed. It was […]

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