My Week: Curve Balls

Sunday was fairly quiet. DD and merm were off to see the parents and I was mostly left to my own devices. As my mother (and sisters) would say, I dunced around and didn’t get a whole lot accomplished. I’d been up late the night before so I really didn’t feel like doing a whole lot. Besides, Monday was going to be a busy day and I needed to rest up for it. I did get my giveaway post done. AND I sort of made ratatouille.

Monday, I got up and busied myself Getting Ready to Go. I’m still in the hermitess mode so I wasn’t overly enthused about sallying forth. However, there were things that needed attention. First, I went to see about getting two new tires put on my car. The man told me they didn’t have my size in stock (with all the tires lying around that place—stacked on racks and in piles—they didn’t have my size??) but he could order what I wanted and have them there the next day. Now, what kind of tires did I prefer? Uh, round ones, I guess. No, I didn’t say that. I told him I’d retired the end of last month. I didn’t need anything fancy but I wanted something reliable. Okay. He had just the thing. Two tires with a 75k mile warranty for $148 something. I don’t remember the cents part. “Let’s do it.” He pressed the submit button and we were in business.

Leaving there, I went to the post office to mail a package. I didn’t have any package sealing tape at home plus I didn’t have a label. It was a refreshing change from the reluctant employees where I used to go daily. The ladies were practically singing, calling everyone honey or dear, and kidding each other. I needed tape and a label. No problem, honey. Here you go. Just fill that out and I’ll tape it up for you. I swiped my credit card and I was on my way.

Next place, I got my first curve ball—of the week. Remember, last week I got a couple, too. I’d called the power company back in August about getting on the budget plan for my electric and water. The man gave me an amount for my monthly bill. That’s what I put into my budget. Getting to the window, I gave the woman my particulars and she looked up my account. The amount she gave me was $84 more. I was floored. I protested but she explained that the computer factors in all the months during the past year and I’d had three months that were particularly high including one month it was VERY high. I remembered those months. It was during the bitterly cold weather last winter and the furnace hadn’t shut off for days. I went ahead and signed up. It would be easier to pay even the increased amount during this winter than to be socked with another bill like that.

I picked up the pieces of my shredded psyche and went to Wally World and got the few things I needed and came home. I spent a lot of the rest of the day wandering aimlessly around the house.

Tuesday was spent working on the web site for my neighbor and I did another “story of my life” post. I also did the usual things—had my quiet time, ate, exercised, washed dishes, etc., etc. It was a beautiful day and I didn’t want to spend it getting tires replaced so I begged off until the next day.

Wednesday, it was raining. And raining. And raining. I got ready and poked down the mountain because I was paranoid about bald tires on a rain soaked road. (My neighbor asked me if I were going to turn into one of those old people who pokes along. Well, if I’m in no hurry to get somewhere…) I made it to the tire place without incident. When I walked in, an older man opened the door for me and proclaimed, “Welcome to Walmart!” I asked him if he were practicing to be a greeter. He allowed he might need to. I settled down for the duration on a couch even with the shop door. I’d taken the book merm sent me so I started reading. It’s very entertaining and it has some good advice sprinkled through.

I’d worn a warm top and a shirt-jacket over that but I had on sandals and my bare toes were sticking out. With the shop door opening and closing, I got thoroughly chilled. I was relieved when the man told me my car was ready. “How much did I tell you the tires would be?” “A hundred and forty-eight dollars and some cents.” He took my card, swiped it and had me sign the slip for $148. I wonder what he would have put if I’d said $135? I wouldn’t have done that but it did make me go “Hmmmmm.”

This time when I went to Wally World, I got some knee socks to cover my bare toes. While I was there, I spied a young man (well, he’s younger than any of my children, anyway) wearing a Batman hoodie. I took out after him and tracked him down in the cracker aisle. I asked him where he got his hoodie and he grinned. Turns out it’s quite a conversation starter. Since DS1 is a big Batman fan, I was interested. He patiently explained just how to search for it and find where I could get one. I gave him my card and he told me he’s eating better these days. He was in the process of watching “Forks Over Knives” and was impressed with the info. He promised to visit and leave a comment but I haven’t seen one yet.

After that, I also stopped by BiLo and shopped the specials and got the senior discount since it was Wednesday.

Goodwill was my last stop. I found a couple of plates and a little ramekin plus a nice skirt I wore to church today. It was senior discount day there, too, and I got 30% off everything with my bill coming to less than the original price of the skirt—$3.54.

I came home, ate, and made ready to go get my hair cut. I was about to the french-braid length and it was driving me crazy (as one of my Facebook friends said about herself, it would be a short drive). As usual, it was a good cut and done in less than 20 minutes, flat. I’d taken her a picture this time. It’s the one on the right.


Story behind the pictures—the one on the left was in the service awards annual for 2002. The one on the right was five years later. Sort of a before and during…

After a quick stop to get tomatoes (where I saw one of my former co-workers), I went to the nursing home to see Genese. We had more than an hour and a half to visit and that made up for all the “drive-by” visits of the past. We talked and laughed and had a rousing good time. On the way out, I met my “boyfriend” in the hallway. I braced myself for another tirade at my not coming by to get the mail but he shook my hand and told me how good it was to see me. Maybe he remembers that I’m retired. I don’t know.

Prayer meeting attendance was up and I sat where I could hear almost everyone. Some people tend to speak in low conversational tones and I miss a lot. Guess I have to get used to it because there’s no way I can get a hearing aid. After it was over, I took one of my Facebook friends home (it was just a short side trip). We sat in her driveway and talked for a little while so I was later than usual getting back.

Thursday was another posting day. It was also another Curve Ball Day. I still have access to the Employee Gateway on the hospital web site so I went in to view and print off the details of my last check. It consisted of all of my Paid Annual Leave (PAL) and half of my Extended Illness Bank (EIB). I looked at it and had a hard time believing my eyes. It was some $400 less than I’d calculated it should be. I rechecked my figures and had to come to terms with—I’d made a mistake. That didn’t make it any easier to swallow. I spent some more time in the Depths of Despair.

Yesterday, I tried to work on the house. I wasn’t terribly inspired to do anything. I made it through the day and went to bed at 8:15.

Today was communion. The service is being revamped and today it went better. The Powers That Be are trying to make it more orderly and reverent. I took part in the foot-washing with one of my younger Facebook friends who was there with her handsome boyfriend.

After church, I was talking to the pastor and he wanted to know if I were having the “retirement blues”. Maybe that’s what it is. I wouldn’t, though, for all the tea in China, go back to my old job at the hospital. I’ll make it some way. I may still have to get that job at Walmart. I know Twinkle and I won’t have to live under a bridge in a cardboard box. The pastor had prayer with me on the front porch of the church and I went to my car.

The pianist came over and we talked for a long time so I got my quota of vitamin D for the day. Maybe two or three days.

I’m back to winning most of the games on Wordscraper. The boards that woman builds are INSANE!!

Well, another week has come and gone. That makes three of them into retirement. Hopefully, I won’t have any more curve balls coming my way any time soon. I like to be a happy person.

4 Responses to My Week: Curve Balls

  1. Mary Jane October 23, 2011 at 10:37 am #

    Wow! You were hit hard financially!! Glad you have a friend at WalMart, but hope it won’t come to that. It’s hard to go back to work after being retired, as we found out when we did it.

    • Tommie October 23, 2011 at 10:41 am #

      I’ve tweaked and re-tweaked my budget and I don’t THINK I’ll have to get a job outside of the web site I’m setting up but who knows? Maybe the Lord has other plans for me. I know I’ve been talking to Him a lot lately. 😕

  2. Lila October 23, 2011 at 5:50 pm #

    I think “curve balls” is an understatement, but I don’t think of anything better – unless it’s “disaster”.

    • Tommie October 23, 2011 at 6:28 pm #

      That might be more apt.

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