My Week: Settling In

The journaling went by the board after the first week. I used to write every morning, without fail, in the margins of my Sabbath School study guides (aka “quarterlies”). That was for a purpose, however, and writing in the journal now is double work because I recap each week here. The aforementioned purpose was to keep an account of my life (and DD’s) so when DH came back, he would know how we spent our days. I quit doing that when it became obvious that he either wouldn’t or couldn’t be coming home. There was no point. There may not be much of one here, either, but this is my blog and I’ll write if I want to. (It’s my party?)

So…last Sunday, my DIL fetched my granddaughter from her imprisonment at the lock-in. She came in the door and hugged me. She uttered one word, “Bye” and went to bed. Not much time had passed when she got up and said she couldn’t go to sleep. I guess she was wired from being awake all night. DIL made them both some breakfast. I went in to take a shower and when I came out, both of them had gone back to bed. I loaded the car and left.

Pulling up to the university market, I saw an old friend who used to go to church where I do. She was stranded since her daughter was supposed to pick her up and forgot. I took her home and then went back to do my shopping.

Next stop was my niece’s place where I had a good visit with my sisters for a couple hours, more or less. My niece noticed one of my tires was low so she got out the air compressor and topped it off. When I left, the car handled much better.

It was back to the market, then I headed to Wally World where I actually stuck to my list. It was getting on toward late afternoon when I finally landed at home, unloaded and ate. I called DS1 and let him know about the tire and he was relieved that the problem was so minor. Yeah.

Monday, I worked on the web site some more and got a few things set up and installed that will make life easier. Over the next few days, my neighbor and I collaborated on the site. It will come together, eventually.

Tuesday was a big day. I got a couple of calendars my friend in Federal Prison made for me. This is one of them. The other has a picture of the four of us when we went to see him.


My Dr. Heater arrived. It wasn’t until yesterday that it was cool enough to try it out. It’s a dandy! Think I’ll keep it. Well, shoot! It looks like the price has dropped by $10. Story of my life.

Which brings up another subject. Last Friday, a letter came from the Mother Ship. It said my pension was $3 less than what I’d been told before. I called but there was nothing that could be done. The woman essentially said, “Sorry, Charlie!” Well, I can be glad it wasn’t cut by $30 (to quote my neighbor).

I did an update to my life story! First time in how many moons?

Wednesday, I went down to the valley to go to prayer meeting. There were a few things I needed from the store so I took care of that and went to the nursing home to visit my friend. The old man wasn’t sitting outside but I saw him as I was leaving and he fussed at me again for not coming by that morning. Once again, I told him I’m not there in the daytime any more. Next time, I will try to slip past him, unnoticed. It just upsets him.

Prayer meeting attendance was down from the week before. There was a pianist there so I didn’t have to defend myself. It was nice to get together with friends. I hadn’t had time to exercise before I left so I did a few thousand steps when I got home. I’m being pretty consistent with the Wii Fit Plus for half an hour and walking a half hour in the mornings, then I walk another half hour in the afternoon. Not bad for an old lady.

Thursday was another work-on-the-web-site day plus getting some things done around the house. PLUS, I did a post about what I’ve learned re: water kefir. I’m on a roll!

And then Friday came. That was Car Day. I’d made an appointment to get the oil changed and asked to have the rear tires checked. I went into the station to visit with the owner’s wife. Awhile later, I heard my car alarm go off then it stopped. Then it went off again and a third time. I went to the service area and the owner was embarrassed and said, “That never happened to me before.” I got it stopped and he asked me to get in and crank it. If it isn’t done in a certain sequence after the alarm sounds, it’s disabled. I remembered what to do and all was well.

Then he gave me the bad news. My rear tires are shot. They have to be replaced. He doesn’t sell tires any more so I’ll have to go to town on Monday and get two new ones. The front ones are still good and for that I’m thankful.

DS1 has been after me to clean my car up for a long time. He’d be proud. I took it to the car wash and spent $3 vacuuming it, then pulled it into the stall to wash it. My five quarters were duly inserted into the slot and nothing. I couldn’t find a coin return so I looked for some kind of info to get in touch with the owner. There was a label with a first name and a couple of letters of the last and the first five digits of the seven digit phone number. Armed with that, I came home and did some searching. I found the number and called. I was referred to a couple of other numbers and finally got in touch with the owner. He said for me to meet him at the car wash and he make it good.

His truck was parked there when I got back and I pulled into a stall. He put the quarters in for me and went to see what the problem was with the other one. A quarter was stuck. I was busy washing my car when he came back and put in five more quarters for good measure. That was good PR. I had plenty of time to soap up the car and kind of overdid it, time-wise. I had to spend another $1.25 to rinse it off. That done, I came home and spent another hour or two cleaning the windows and getting all the Stuff out that didn’t need to be there. DS1 would be proud.

I saw my neighbor’s construction partner later and he said it was strange going to the hospital to have tests and not see me there. He said someone told him they’d thrown me a big party and if they want to know what’s going on with me, all they have to do is click. I say “Click away!!” I talked to someone yesterday afternoon who’d been in for something on Thursday and she said the same thing. At least the patients miss me! I don’t hear from anyone else but everyone’s busy, I know.

After all that activity, I went to bed at 8:15. Guess that was the reason I woke at 4:30 this morning. I lay in bed, thinking and praying, until 6.

I took my time getting ready for church. Had to change that last word. I’d automatically typed “work”. Anyway, today was the third Sabbath in the month and the music coordinator had said she would play the organ every third Sabbath and I’d get a day off. When I got there, she was at the piano. I took my seat on a pew toward the back of the sanctuary and settled in to enjoy the service. After she played the piano for both Sabbath School and church, I did wonder what was going on. One person asked me, “Did you retire from the organ, too?” Another wanted to know if my arms and legs were broken.

The sermon was good. The speaker is the church school principal and he is a born preacher. We are fortunate to have him and his wife with us. She has lost a lot of weight and she told me today that she’s going all raw for a couple of months except for protein shakes in the mornings plus she’ll eat cooked on Sabbath. I told her I was seeing less and less of her all the time.

Well, back to the piano/organ, there was a conflict and the other pianist couldn’t play. Upshot was, she’ll let me know when she can fill in at the organ and I’ll play whenever I’m here.

My neighbor posted on my Facebook wall that she’d left something outside for me. I discovered a bag with green tomatoes and jalapenos! I wrapped up a Super Duper Gut Bomb and took it to her. She ate part of it while we visited. On my way out, she gave me another jalapeno (like I needed it) and two eggplant.

Well, that’s about it for my second week of “retirement”. My neighbor said she wanted to keep me from being bored. There’s no way I’ll have time to be!

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  1. Lila October 15, 2011 at 9:12 pm #

    The Gut Bomb sounds dangerous! Clue me in, I don’t remember the recipe. Naturally.

    • Tommie October 15, 2011 at 9:41 pm #

      That’s what I was going to bring you that I said I’d gotten it too well-seasoned. I’ve tried to write down the recipe but it never turns out well when I measure. I just dump in ingredients until it smells and looks right. It’s an oatmeal patty.

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