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The Raw Vegan: Part CXXVIII: November 2002

Time was marching on. The birthdays were behind us and the holiday season stretched ahead. DS1 and my DIL asked me to stay with my granddaughter while they went to the company holiday “do”. She was at that age that we could have lots of fun together so it wasn’t a hardship to say yes. […]

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My Week: Curve Balls

Sunday was fairly quiet. DD and merm were off to see the parents and I was mostly left to my own devices. As my mother (and sisters) would say, I dunced around and didn’t get a whole lot accomplished. I’d been up late the night before so I really didn’t feel like doing a whole […]

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The Raw Vegan: Part CXXVII: Two Birthday Celebrations

It was August, 2002, and time for another trip to North Carolina to celebrate my mother’s birthday. Since it wasn’t a landmark celebration—after all, she was turning “only” 98—my sister didn’t come in from the Canyon Lands of Colorado. The ones of us who were close enough to attend couldn’t all gather until the 18th, […]

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My Week: Settling In

The journaling went by the board after the first week. I used to write every morning, without fail, in the margins of my Sabbath School study guides (aka “quarterlies”). That was for a purpose, however, and writing in the journal now is double work because I recap each week here. The aforementioned purpose was to […]

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