My Week: A Terrible Tragedy

Sunday always seems to be a repeat of the week before. I haven’t been shopping on Sunday for a long, long time and plan to keep that off the agenda for the time being. I haven’t even been to that side of the mountain. Since I have to go to work every weekday, I shop locally. I may pay a little more but it evens out in the long run in gas consumption as well as saving time.

DD and I had our visit. She’s still looking for that dream job but is being realistic, too. Settling would be if she had to apply to a large company/corporation and was hired. She’ll do it if she has to but she’d still rather work in a more meaningful setting. A long time ago, I told her she could have my job but she didn’t seem to think too much of the idea.

DS1 called, too, for a chat. It’s always nice to hear from my children.

Monday, it was back to work. I wasn’t happy that it was Monday but it has to roll around if Friday is to ever get here. I was being urged to increase the hours from 8a to 8p on the weekends to (at least) 8a to 10p. Until I heard it from my boss, I dug my heels in and waited.

Tuesday, when I got back from my bank/post office run, I was met with some sad news in the extreme. Two of the ladies (sisters) we had all known for years and years had been murdered early that morning. One was 79 and the other 82. The older one was still in bed. The other was on the back porch, seemingly trying to get away. It has rocked the whole community. The authorities aren’t talking. If they have a suspect or suspects or even persons of interest, they aren’t saying. Theories abound and there’s lots of finger-pointing.

Both the sisters were sweet, quiet and good Christian ladies. Neither one of them, as far as anyone knew, would do anything to hurt anyone. The theme has run through the rest of the week.

People from the three nearby TV stations plus the major area newspaper were in town and roaming around what part of the property the sheriff would let them into. There are lots of pictures of the tape barricading the driveway and interviews with people who knew them.

I went to Google news and set up an alert to be notified whenever anything new was posted on the WWW. After awhile, it was rehashing the same stories. It would be the same information stated in a different way.

There’s a local forum that has been buzzing with the latest rumors and gossip. Some of it seems a bit slanderous to me but I don’t know the limits of the law on making allegations online. There’s finger-pointing at individuals and law enforcement. People are on edge. It isn’t surprising. No one knows if it was an isolated incident or if the killer(s) might strike again.

The bodies had been sent to Nashville for autopsies. The news said they had both been shot in the face but, I heard, that was true only of the older sister. The other was shot in the back of the head with the bullet coming out close to her jaw. Whoever did it intended for them to both be finished.

Visitation was Thursday night with the double funeral on Friday. I knew there would be hoards of people at both and I was right. I didn’t feel I needed to swell the crowd. Even though I knew both of the ladies, I didn’t know their families so it wouldn’t mean anything to anyone to have my name on the books. The media was there in force so I made myself scarce.

There’s been nothing on the news since the funeral. At least I haven’t gotten an alert from Google. So now we wait. And wait. And wait. The wheels of justice do turn slowly.

Life does go on. Mid-week, I was taking the leavings from my breakfast out to the compost bin (I still have an amazing amount in spite of the fact that I’m not 100% raw any more) when I saw the sunrise. I had to run back in the house to get my camera.


No one can paint the skies like God can.

I didn’t have to play the piano today! I’d failed to take a jacket with me and the church was, as usual, cold. Going over to the piano, I told the pianist that I might have to leave if it was unbearable. She looked a little unsure of the future and said, “Okay…”

Song service went off without too many shivers. When I got back to my seat, it was beginning to get a little better. A young man the church had helped send on a mission trip to the Philippines had pictures of his trip. The update started about 9:45 and lasted an hour. It was all good but I had to get up and go out. I’d had a quart of water, half a glass of water kefir and a 16 ozzie glass of OJ. The pianist looked around and, I think, she assumed I’d vacated the premises because when I came back in, I sat on the back row rather than parade up to the front. She seemed a bit surprised and relieved when I appeared at the organ.

The temperature was almost bearable by the time the service was over. On the way out, the young man had a large basket full of little baskets he was handing out.

Filipino Basket

It’s a precious tiny thing and I’ll treasure it because the giver is one of my favorite people.

My cousin/neighbor has been plying me with more food. She’s given me jars of pickles, both banana pepper and cucumber. They also made salsa and have shared it. I had tomato-pineapple soup for lunch using some of the tomatoes she gave me. I’m going to miss all this good food when the summer is done.

She called me tonight and told me there was a box on the deck for me. When I opened the door, I spied a tomato box full of freezer containers. I’d mentioned to her the other day that I love applesauce and planned to make some this year. I don’t plan to can it. I’ll freeze it. When she cleaned out her aunt & uncle’s freezer, she washed all the containers and matched them to the lids and GAVE THEM TO ME!! What a windfall!

I met her outside and we visited until well after dark. Now it’s going on 10 o’clock and I must get to bed.

Watch this space for a special post, hopefully, tomorrow.

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  1. Lila August 20, 2011 at 9:59 pm #

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful sunrise!

    • Tommie August 20, 2011 at 10:21 pm #

      You’re welcome!

  2. Mary Jane August 21, 2011 at 12:28 pm #

    That sunrise is breathtaking! Glad you could get a picture.

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