My Week: Tommie’ll Eat It

People give me food. Not just any old food. One day last week, I walked into my office to find seven overripe bananas on my little round “guest” table. One of the girls had gotten them from the kitchen along with some more which she’d divvied out to the others for banana bread making. I brought them home and put them in the dehydrator. Another day, someone tried to give me a large bag of cherry and grape tomatoes. With so many hanging neglected on my own vines, I couldn’t take them. On Thursday, one of the women from the other side of the building brought me two oranges and a peach. She wasn’t going to be there yesterday and she knew they’d be ruined by Monday. Any kind of produce that someone can’t use? “Give it to Tommie.” Fine with me. That cuts down on the grocery bill. It does kind of make me feel like Mikey, though.

I spent a lot of Sunday collecting more Stuff for the yard sale. My neighbor came over and fixed my sink so I can use both sides without it leaking (WOOHOO!!). She also installed a new ceiling fan in the living room which turned out to be more of a project than she thought it would be. Before it was finished, she had me standing on the step-stool holding the motor up so she could wire it. I kept feeling dizzy (I wouldn’t make a good roofer) so she got their house guest to come do it. It was almost dark when she left.

There are a couple more things on my to do list…the dryer vent and the storm door. The manual that came with the dryer specifically says it can’t be vented under the floor. It has to be vented outside. I’m afraid that, if anything goes wrong with the dryer, that one thing could void my warranty. I hold my breath every time I use it. I may have to start hanging things on the line again. Oh, woe!

By the time DD and I both were available for our visit, it was getting a bit too late. We usually talk for well over an hour and I had to get to bed. Instead, I elected to call her on Monday (which I did) and called a classmate from high school since I knew we wouldn’t talk long. It was good to touch base with her. We hadn’t talked since early ’64.

I’d already loaded the car for the yard sale and called for a pickup on Tuesday. I delivered yet another few things on Thursday. After that, I figured I’d save something for next year.

The past week has been so full of stress and agony, I’m just about ready to chuck it all and retire even if I have to go live under a bridge somewhere. I guess I feel too close to everyone any decision made will affect and it gives me the heebie jeebies to think about what might or might not happen. I was so wiped out by yesterday that I couldn’t manage another couple thousand steps to fulfill my goal for the day. I ate two apples and my requirement of fava beans, called the pianist to let her know I might not make it to church, made myself stay up until a little after 8 and went to bed.

A few seconds later, my neighbor called with news of her BIL. He’d had surgery to correct a problem with numbness in his arms and she was giving me an update. Everything was going well except for the extreme pain. She and I had a good visit on her back steps this morning, then SHE gave me half a dozen tomatoes, a couple eggplant and four jalapenos. Later on, she called with another report. The patient had a rough night but was doing better on a different pain medication (I guess it was the fifth one tried). She was away from anything that could access Facebook so I agreed to post an update for her.

Well, I didn’t go to church. I just couldn’t face sitting at the organ feeling the way I did. I feel a bit better now but the best place for me this morning was the tub. I took a good, long soak.

This afternoon, there was a knock on the door. It’s hard to hear a knock but Twinkle perked up. When I opened the door, there were two women standing there. I knew one, slightly, but the other not at all. The stranger introduced herself as “So and So’s New Wife”. Okay. That was different. There’s still a lot to be done in the house before I want to open it to people I barely know or don’t know at all. I told them we could visit on the deck.

It was beginning to sprinkle and I was standing at the front door where the deck roof needs help. The sprinkle turned into rain and the rain turned into a downpour. The water was leaking onto the floor and splashing up on my feet and legs. I directed them to a drier part of the deck and they took up residence in the chairs while I leaned against the rail. A couple of the neighborhood dogs (one belonged to the New Wife but it had moved to my neighbors to the north) joined us.

Here we were. The rain was raining all around and everyone was settled in for a spell. The ladies were visiting from the church I used to attend when my sons were small. They hinted that they would like for me to join their congregation. A couple of women from a different church had tried it a few weeks ago. Reckon God is trying to tell me something?

I don’t know how long they were here. I’m sure it seemed longer than it was. We talked about various and sundry things and then the rain slacked off. I thought about offering them an umbrella when I noticed that one of them had hers with her. No one made a move. Then it started in again, harder than ever. Finally, the lady I somewhat know decided we should go ahead and have prayer so they could make their escape the next time it let up. She stood and announced that we should each have a short prayer and I should start. I prayed a short prayer and then it went to the New Wife. She prayed a longer, very nice one and then the last lady took up the theme. She prayed a beautiful prayer but it was anything but short. She covered everything I didn’t.

When she opened her umbrella to leave, it was in pitiful shape. Later, I thought I should have still offered her one but I missed my chance. Who knows if there will ever be another one?

I came inside. On my way in, I grabbed the hummingbird feeders to wash and refill. I’d been concerned that I might not have spaced my meals very well today and I’d be eating supper much too early. No danger of that any more. I ate and now I’ve finished my last half glass of water kefir for the day. Have a good one! I hope I will.

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