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My Week: Speculation and an Arrest

The little town where I work has been abuzz about the murders and who could have done such a terrible deed. Listening to all the speculation, everyone seemed to come to the same conclusion. However, the authorities still weren’t talking. Life does go on even after such a tragic event. On Sunday, I was pretty […]

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Going to Prison, Chapter 3

I was trying to update Chapter 2 but, for some strange reason, the update didn’t appear. I thought it might be because I was viewing a cached copy so I looked at it in another browser and it STILL didn’t show. It will be on a page all by itself. The pastor’s wife sent me […]

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Going to Prison Chapter 2

I finally have some pictures to share and permission from everyone concerned. So…here goes. The first one is of my friend before he lost a lot of weight, the pastor and his wife. If he had looked like this when I saw him, I would have had no problem recognizing him. I don’t know how […]

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My Week: A Terrible Tragedy

Sunday always seems to be a repeat of the week before. I haven’t been shopping on Sunday for a long, long time and plan to keep that off the agenda for the time being. I haven’t even been to that side of the mountain. Since I have to go to work every weekday, I shop […]

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My Week: Going to Prison

Sunday started out as pretty routine. I got up, drank my water, took my thyroid meds, shot myself in the leg, and prepared to be home for the day. Then I got The Message. I was going to prison. Note: If you’ve already read about my going to Federal prison, you can click here for […]

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My Week: Tommie’ll Eat It

People give me food. Not just any old food. One day last week, I walked into my office to find seven overripe bananas on my little round “guest” table. One of the girls had gotten them from the kitchen along with some more which she’d divvied out to the others for banana bread making. I […]

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