My Week: Alone Again. Naturally.

The chirping of WeatherBug became more frequent (if you don’t know what I’m referring to, look back at last week’s post) and DD’s nerves more frayed. We were TRYING to watch a movie but WB kept interrupting. I’d get up and read the latest and the expiration was being pushed back later and later. Online radar showed the line of storms moving parallel to the closest highway and on the far side. That didn’t help. I tried calling the neighbors to see if they could tell me what was on TV but I got a generic voice mail. When I went to the front door to look out, my neighbor was standing on his back steps. He yelled at me, wanting to know if I’d tried to call. While DD stood on the deck looking like doom was staring her in the face, I went over to talk to him. He invited me in so I turned and motioned for her to come, too.

I have no idea what they were watching on TV but they kindly switched the channel so we could look at the weather maps. There was some weatherman talk about damage close to where I work but nothing specific. We stayed and visited and every now and then, he would go out and look to see what he could see. “Nothing but stars.” When the weather bulletins were replaced by regular programming, we came home and finished watching the movie.

DD asked, “What would you have done if I weren’t here?” Since it was well past 11 o’clock I said, “Go to bed.” She snorted and rolled her eyes. Her mother will never change.

There was no reason for either of us to get up early so we both slept in. Of course, she hadn’t really adjusted to EDT so she slept longer than I did.

She was having problems with her netbook and went bo town to see if she could find something to fix it. When she got back, it was only to discover that, while it wasn’t perfect, it still worked. She got everything packed and loaded, then left about 2 pm. I had posted this on Facebook:

Her mother-in-law left a comment that she understood exactly how I felt. I had shed some tears as she pulled out of the driveway.

Coming back in the house, I went to her room, stripped the bed, got her still damp towels and emptied the wastebasket of its evidence of a Little Debbie Fudge Rounds fan. No one would have guessed she had ever been here. It was sad. I was alone again. Naturally.

I took the rest of the day off of doing much of anything. She called me from the airport to let me know she’d driven through all that Atlanta traffic safely.

Tuesday was unremarkable. It rained. I should have washed the sheets while the weather was nice but I didn’t.

Wednesday, I got back in gear and tried to Get Something Done. The vacuum had an enormous clog somewhere and wouldn’t pick up anything. I’d taken it over to my neighbor on Friday and she had blown everything out with the air compressor so I was sure this was a different problem. I tried all sorts of remedies to no avail. I used my little handheld battery-powered Dyson to do what I could. I also managed to get the Nordic Track and Healthrider moved out of the living room and into DD’s room where they will await whatever fate I can dream up for them.

Thursday was back to work and people seemed glad to see me, especially my backup for the bank and mail. She said, “We had rain, storms and hail!” Yes, and I’d contended with that whenever I was HER backup and she would have me go on inclement weather days.

We had department head meeting and, as soon as it was over, I was handed a message to call someone with a vaguely familiar name at the Mother Ship. I made the call and was informed that I’d missed a critical deadline. A plea for an extension would be made but I would have to do what I could to get things shipshape and done before the week’s end. I hove to and got everything squared away that I could except one really bad error that I couldn’t correct. I had to email someone at the state level who contacted someone at the programming level. The fix hadn’t come in before I left for the day.

I ate later than I had become accustomed to eating and had weird dreams up until 1:30 next morning. I woke and started thinking about the error and could NOT go back to sleep. I dozed, fitfully, now and then and got up at 4:30 feeling like something Twinkle had drug in if she had the opportunity.

The fix, thank goodness, was in my inbox. I got that done and started in on sorting through what was, by then, around 300 emails. By noon, I’d had it. I emailed my boss and asked to leave early. She said okay. It was just 30 minutes but 30 minutes is half an hour.

I was running the mail through the postage meter while I was talking to one of my co-workers. There was a manila envelope to mail so I weighed and stamped it. Turning around, I sorted through the letter sized envelopes and picked out the ones that were the same size to make it easier. There were five envelopes that were just a tad bit bigger than the others so stamped them separately. Looking down, I was horrified to see I’d stamped them all at $1.08. The person I was talking to said it was the first time she’d ever seen me upset. Guess I’m worthy of an Oscar because it surely wasn’t the first time I ever had been.

Grabbing the envelopes, I went back to my office and cut that part of the envelopes off, replaced the bare spots with pink sticky notes and tape, then ran back to the meter and printed off tapes with the correct amount. I stuck the stamped pieces in my drawer to make out a refund form to take to the post office on Monday. I was still able to get out by 3 pm.

After I went to the post office, I came home. I knew the clog in the vacuum was going to trouble me if I didn’t get it out so I gave the machine a thorough going-over. I prayed and saw where there was a clamp and a screw (or a bolt?) holding the hose in a curved position. I took the screw/bolt out and pushed through the clog. It was out!! With the machine cleaned out and up, I took it over and stowed it in the garage since no one seemed to be home. I forced myself to stay up until 8:15 when I had to collapse.

New vacuums have been on my mind, too, and I’ve been mulling over whether to invest or not. I love my Dyson when it works but it hasn’t worked for a long time. It will vacuum for a few minutes and quit. I called Support yesterday said I have a dead Animal and was told I should call back when I’m where the vacuum is. The woman was almost sure they could walk me through getting it to work. I’ll call tomorrow and proceed from there.

I slept last night. The error was fixed. The clog was out. My Animal may not be dead after all. I was content.

Church today was interesting. There’d been a revival several nights last week but I never was sure when the meetings were supposed to meet. Announcements are buried in the bulletin and I rarely read the whole thing because a lot of it is repeats. I did know one thing and that was the closing hymn. The pastor had just preached at another church and when he announced it, he gave the number for the opening song. I thought, “I must have been mistaken when I thought he said what he said.” I proceeded with Seeking the Lost and he sang the words to #322, Nothing Between. After the first verse, he called a halt and got started on the right song which I hate to play, anyway, and I had to play it all the way through from the beginning. THEN we played it through two more times while people went out. BTW, the sermon was very good.

The revival is ending with the Agape Feast. After eating all afternoon to get my food in (I’d had to put part of my breakfast in the fridge because I ran out of time), I got dressed in slacks and sandals and made my way back down the mountain. When I got inside, there was a flurry of activity in the kitchen. I offered to help but my help wasn’t needed. I guess one reason was that the deaconesses were supposed to be doing the preparation and I’m not a deaconess.

I went into the beautifully done up fellowship hall and everyone was dressed in their Sabbath best. I definitely felt out of place. All of a sudden, it hit me how very tired I am and when I get tired, I get emotional. I went into the bathroom and tried not to cry. Knowing it was a lost cause, I slipped back into the kitchen, got my purse and keys and left. People probably won’t even miss me. Each person who is there is there with someone else so…I’m alone again. Naturally.

4 Responses to My Week: Alone Again. Naturally.

  1. Lila June 26, 2011 at 8:54 am #

    Being alone can be a good thing, but sometimes it can be very lonely. I think you might have been feeling this more keenly, having had your daughter there with you for a week. Yep, one really can be lonely in a crowd!

  2. Tommie June 26, 2011 at 9:24 am #

    Don’t I know it! And I do miss DD. We had some good talks. People asked me where we went and I’d answer, “Home.” There’s so much for her to do in the Seattle area that she, I think, was glad to take a break. Of course, we went to see the brothers but that was just one afternoon.

  3. Mary Jane June 26, 2011 at 12:54 pm #

    Yep, I know the feeling! And it is especially hard when you have had family visit, then leave and you’re all alone again.

    Sorry you had so many problems, but glad they were solved and you could sleep!

    • Tommie June 26, 2011 at 12:59 pm #

      I know you understand, for sure. Lila has family close but she’s the closest to you and that’s still a distance to travel. Your boys live far, far away.

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