My Week: A Day Late & a Dollar Short

Last Sunday continued with the spring cleaning as did Monday. I’d called the produce place about the wrong oranges and I let them know I’d be able to come in on Tuesday to swap them. Okay. That would be fine. When I told my neighbor, she said she would be going right by there that afternoon and would be glad to pick them up. I called back and told them and the fellow I talked to said for her to ask for Jack. I delivered the message and she was off.

A few hours later, I got a wall post on Facebook that the oranges were on the deck. I went out, looked at the box and groaned. They were Minneola tangelos and not oranges at all. I called the produce place. I could bring them back and swap them for the right ones and I was welcome to keep the 56 count navels and eat them. Once again, I said it would be Tuesday.

I had “busted” a stack of boxes that stretched for, probably, 12 feet and they were stacked at least a foot and a half high. I kept praying that they would disappear but I guess I didn’t have enough faith. Every time I went outside, there they were. Since I don’t know the schedule of the places where the dumpsters are, I went to the neighbor’s and asked. I was told to take the boxes and put them in the back of the truck and they’d be hauled off. Now, that was a pretty good trek away from the house. I figured it would be easier to load them in the car and make several trips. THEN I was told to move my car and the truck would be backed up to the steps where I could just pitch them in. It was and I did and—the next day they disappeared! My prayer was answered in the affirmative.

Monday was more cleaning. I was about to drop in my tracks but I kept going. When the time came for DD to leave the airport, I didn’t hear anything. She was supposed to call me and let me know. I called merm and was told that she probably went ahead and rented a car before she got in touch. That’s exactly what happened. They know each other well. I called her cell phone again and, this time, I got something besides voice mail. It would be close to midnight before she got here.

When she did pull in, she was a sight for sore eyes. And mine were sore. I was pretty much sore all over and ready to go to bed but I HAD to take a shower first. Because it was so late, we didn’t try to visit until the next day.

Tuesday was a relaxed and catch-up day. I called the produce place and, yes, they had my 88 count navel oranges. DD offered to go shopping for me so I took her up on it. I made a list and she set out in the rental car. Several phone calls later, she pulled in and unloaded the car. Not wanting to pull back into my driveway, she carried everything some distance. That included the box of oranges.

For supper that evening, I made some lentil soup. She and I ate our fill. Yes, the fava beans have been the Gateway Cooked Food.

Next morning, I took out half a dozen oranges, excited that I would FINALLY have some good, sweet, flavorful juice. Cutting the first two, I admired the deep orange color. The third one had a seed but I thought that was a random one. Once in awhile, a navel orange will have a couple at the most. The 4th and 5th oranges had seeds, too, and the 6th was full of them. I went and looked at the box. It had stamped on it “88 count VALENCIA”. Well, poop. The wrong ones again. I had sour OJ for breakfast.

I called the produce place. Yes, we could bring that box back. This time, I figured I’d go in person and make sure I got the right oranges. Early afternoon, DD and I got into my car and we swooped down the mountain. She didn’t seem nervous but I know I drive these roads faster than she does.

We went to the produce place first and the box was brought out for my inspection. The stamp on the side had “88 count VALENCIA”. I pointed that out to the woman and she said, “Sometimes it says the wrong thing.” She took me tothe back and cut one of the oranges in two lengthwise and there were no visible seeds. She did it again. Still no seeds. I told her I don’t cut them that way. I cut them across to juice them. When she did that, the seeds were exposed. Valencias for sure. She said she’d try to get me some 88 count navel oranges and have them there by Friday.

DD and I got a couple ears of corn each and some other things and were on our way to Wally World. While there, I got a couple of bags of small navels to do me until Friday. DD met one of “my” produce guys and we went to automotive so she could make the acquaintance of the best ex-produce guy they ever had.

For supper, we had baked potatoes and corn roasted in the oven after I ate my favas. The corn was so sweet and good it didn’t even need salt. I ate mine naked of anything else.

Thursday, we made a raw vegan cheesecake. DD made almond milk by Shari’s recipe (it’s on this page), measured out the ingredients for the crust and took pictures while I put everything together. The rest of the process was the same with her snapping away and me blending and mixing. The pictures and recipe will be posted at a later date.

DD has been working out with the Wii and I think she enjoys the Active Life Explorer. She’s gotten good at advancing through the different challenges.

Friday, I called the produce place again. The truck had come in and there were a couple of boxes marked correctly but they had Valencias in them. In the end, the manager told me that she hated to say it, but if I could get what I wanted elsewhere, I’d better do it.

I spent the rest of the day working on the living room while DD busied herself with a current project. I did break for a supper of fava beans, the other ear of corn and a piece of (YUMMM!!) cheesecake.

That night, my aches and pains had aches and pains. I’d really overdone it on the cleaning but it looks much better. Not perfect but better. I got up after midnight and ran a tub of water and remembered I had a carton of Epsom salts. I poured about half of it in the tub and immersed myself. When I went back to bed, I was much more relaxed and was able to sleep until 5:30.

I went ahead and got up so I could have my quiet time and take my shower before DD woke. We planned to go early so I could swing by the hospital, sign a get-well card for one of the girls who’d injured her hand badly and take a piece of cheesecake to my friend in the nursing home.

We did everything as planned and were at church before anyone else. The pianist and her family pulled up right after so I didn’t have to dig out my key to let us in.

After church, we headed home, ate a quick fruit lunch and went to see DS1 & 2 and their families. We had good visits and left the last place about 8:30, stopping on the way home to get more oranges at Wally World. I laid in some other food, too, and shouldn’t have to go anywhere until I go back to WORK on Thursday.

DD will be winging her way back home tomorrow. It will be a sad day at my house. I’ve taken off Tuesday and Wednesday to cry. Meanwhile, we have enjoyed our time together. This morning we Skyped with merm. Today, we spent a long time sitting on the deck and talking. Every now and then, a hummer would drop by one of the feeders and give us some entertainment.

There’s a tornado watch until 8 pm. I made the mistake of reading it aloud. We’ve decided where we’ll go should there be a need. I doubt there will be a need but One never knows, does One?

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