My Week: Spring Cleaning

That’s been the focus of the past six days. Since God gave us a full 24 hour break from working, I’ve been very thankful to take Him up on it today. More thankful than usual and that’s saying a lot.

Sunday, I made a list of 15 things to do in the kitchen and got 10 of them done. Gordon Ramsay would have approved of my refrigerator. I was pretty proud of it, myself, and still admire it whenever I open the door. There’s one thing on the list still to be done but it’s minor.

There were no more lists made in the days following. If I’ve seen something that needs to be done, I do it. The problem is, there are things EVERYWHERE that need to be done so I’ve been overwhelmed at times.

Monday, I did laundry and worked on the kitchen some more. I wanted to do deep cleaning in that one area. No, I didn’t clean out cabinets but I did what I did thoroughly. In the afternoon, it sounded as though rain was coming in so I ran out to get the sheets and clothes off the line. There was no rain but a powerful wind that made me wonder if I were going to be blown away. I made it back to the house with only windblown hair to show for it. Later, when I went outside, there were little branches from trees all over the yard. Even later than that, I discovered that a large limb from the neighbor’s oak tree had blown into my yard and landed not four feet from the house. Its twin was still in their yard.

It's bigger than it looks in its picture.

Tuesday was spent in the kitchen. Honestly, there was a lot to do in there but also honestly, I was getting sidetracked easily and not sticking to what I was supposed to be doing. I could have been done a lot sooner had I stayed with it.

That afternoon, I picked up one of the two watermelons I’d bought the Friday before and was going to put it in the fridge to cool when I saw the end of it was rotten. I cut it in two and barely sampled a bit and found that it didn’t taste exactly like it should. Many years ago, my sister got very sick eating unpristine (is that a word?) watermelon and I surely didn’t have any time I could spend being sick. I made up my mind I had to go to town the next day to buy more food. I was just about out of oranges so I called the produce place to see if he could get me a box of 88 count navels. Yes, he could but not until Friday. I made arrangements with my neighbor to pick them up.

Wednesday, I went to town and laid in a supply of groceries. I’d so hoped I wouldn’t have to do that but my stores were running low. Wally World’s produce section looked like a war was going on and food was in short supply. I found someone and asked why the empty shelves. They were remodeling. Didn’t they just do that a few months ago? A woman had assured me they had Champagne mangoes so I asked for the two boxes I’d told her to save for me. I’d kept questioning her while I had her on the phone, even to making sure they were from Ciruli Brothers and the boxes were purple. Yes, Ciruli Brothers was the distributor. When they were brought out, they were NOT Ciruli Brothers, NOT Champagne mangoes and they were NOT in purple boxes. I finished up my shopping and came home.

Thursday morning, I happened to glimpse these. I had to get my camera and take a picture.

Prickly Pear Cactus Blooms

Now to backtrack a little. Over a month ago, I had submitted my recipe for Mango Tomato Soup to the Champagne Mango site. Last Monday, I was notified that it had been accepted for publication. As a courtesy, I would receive a 10 lub box of mangoes. What made it even better was that my friend in the nursing home had submitted one, too, and it was accepted. We were both looking for our mangoes to arrive on Thursday. I had to aggravate her a little and tell her the FedEx man had left them with me. They duly arrived at both locations. It’s agony and ecstasy. Agony because they are pretty green and ecstasy looking forward to eating them.

Champagne Mangoes

Thursday afternoon, I pulled out my vacuum and discovered the belt on the brush thingy is broken so the brush doesn’t whirl. Well, I got the Dyson out and it was vacuuming beautifully—for about 10 minutes. Then it quit. I think I killed it vacuuming up salt after the flea fiasco. I was about ready to climb the walls. I’d bought bags for the other vacuum the day before but, had I known it wasn’t going to work, I wouldn’t have. I called my neighbor and she came to my rescue—again. She told me where the key is to the house and where I’d find her vacuum. I’ve been making good use of it.

It’s taken me days to get to the point that I felt rested enough from the stress of the hospital to really get in gear, but get in gear I have. I’ve made a real dent in the cleaning and it’s looking pretty decent. No, it isn’t all done but it’s getting there. It can also be hazardous to my health. I got these from breaking down boxes.


I was looking outside all yesterday afternoon to see if my neighbor was home. I’d used the last of my oranges and was completely and totally out for the first time in years, literally. I called the wife and she said he’d pick them up but he’d probably go back to where she was working until today. Well, okay. As long as he got them. Later, I called the produce place and yes, they’d been picked up. I could breathe.

This morning, I woke at 4:30. It was the first morning this week that I didn’t have the alarm turned on. I was going to sleep later but it wasn’t to be. Twinkle heard me stirring and started her mewling outside my door. I lay there a bit longer but figured I’d been in trouble if I went back to sleep at that point so I rolled out.

Not having oranges for breakfast was highly unusual so I had half a cantaloupe. Period. No bananas. Bananas after cantaloupe just doesn’t seem to go. The cold cantaloupe chilled me to the point that I ran a tub of water and soaked until I warmed up. When I got out, it was still early. I decided I would go to the track and walk some laps. Getting dressed except for my pantyhose and shoes, I went to the valley. I did seven laps before the heat got to me so badly I had to give up.

My friend in the nursing home had a birthday recently and I’d gotten her a small gift. After I’d stopped at the church and changed my foot gear, I went to the nursing home to deliver her present. While I was there, she asked me to bring her mangoes home with me and take her a ripe one now and then. I couldn’t do that. I’m sorry. Someone else’s mangoes in my house would be more than I could handle. I would end up eating them and feeling horrible for doing it. She’ll have to get another victim to babysit the mangoes.

Sitting in church, I looked down at my lap for some reason and got a whiff of my underarm. WHEW! Walking seven laps in a polyester dress is not advised. I avoided getting too close to anyone after that.

My oranges were on the railing of the deck when I got home and I am most distressed. They are 56 count and not 88. The larger ones aren’t nearly as good. I’ll have to call tomorrow to see what happened. I surely won’t have time to go swap them before DD gets here on Monday. Guess I’ll just have to suck it up and use them. It isn’t pleasant when I special order something and get a less desirable product instead. Just as I thought, I had a class of OJ for supper and it’s just this side of tasteless. ACK!!!!!!!!!!

It’s been a quiet afternoon. I visited with my neighbor for a little while and came home and ate. It will be to bed early as possible tonight so I can get up in the morning and start in again. Spring cleaning in June.

4 Responses to My Week: Spring Cleaning

  1. Lila June 11, 2011 at 10:03 pm #

    Are those cactus blossoms? Or something else? They are beautiful.
    Sounds like you have been a BUSY GAL! Enjoy your visit with your daughter. Sorry about the oranges.

    • Tommie June 12, 2011 at 5:21 am #

      Yes, prickly pear. My neighbor wanted to know if it’s edible and it is. I told him to get some and try it out—but beware of the spines. I used to wear DH’s welding gloves to handle what I’d pick in the wild in Nebraska.

      I have been busy. Finally. I still don’t know what we will be doing while DD is here. I may just collapse and let her wait on me. 🙂

      It’s very aggravating to have gotten the wrong oranges but at least it isn’t fatal. I’ll get to the bottom of this one way or another.

  2. Mary Jane June 12, 2011 at 7:49 am #

    Congratulations on having your recipe accepted and the reward of mangoes!

    Enjoy your time with DD. Nice that you got so much done ahead of time. Maybe you can just relax for a few days.

    • Tommie June 12, 2011 at 8:33 am #

      I have another one to submit but, even if it’s accepted, I won’t get another reward. 🙁 One per person. At least I got that one!

      It isn’t “got”. It’s “getting”. Present tense. Also “will get”, future tense. Plain tense. 😕

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