My Week: The Cat House is History

Sunday came and went with not a whole lot getting done. I’m so washed out by the end of the week that I have a hard time getting going. I need a day or two to gear up for the week ahead.

Monday was Memorial Day and I spent it (as my mother would say) “doing about”. I made a list of 15 things I needed to do and got 10 of them done plus two loads of laundry and changing the sheets on the bed.

I was out at the clothesline when my neighbor drove up with her niece in tow. They had been out riding around the countryside. I talked for a little while and then asked if there were a power screwdriver available. My neighbor wanted to know if I needed one permanently or what. I said I wanted to finish taking Twinkle’s cat house down. She’d had a fellow working on it with a regular screwdriver and I’d tried it, too. The screws were monsters and there was no way to get them out without POWERRRRRRRR! She whipped out a huge piece of equipment and, brandishing it, had her niece work as assistant. It was down in no time. After they’d been duly thanked and they took their leave, I grabbed a broom and swept the deck. Without the cat house, it looks twice as big.

By bedtime, I was ‘way ready to hit the hay. Thankfully, the work week was going to be only four days long.

An old friend has managed to get in touch with me in spite of the fact that he is in Federal Prison. He and his girlfriend (now ex) used to socialize with DH and me. I’m signed up now on CorrLinks so we can email back and forth. What made it so mind-blowing was I’d heard he was dead.

My sister in the Great Northwest is able to get to the computer and email occasionally. I just had an email from her tonight. Since my bedtime is almost here, I wrote her a short note and will write more tomorrow.

The week has been stress to the extreme. On Wednesday, one of the girls took a spill and was unable to work that day or the next. I had to press the new girl into service for one 14 hour shift and one 12. She was about bonkers working yesterday for five and a half hours. Today was supposed to be her first day all by herself but she was glad when the Wounded One offered to work in her place.

It wouldn’t have been so bad if it hadn’t been the first of the month along with everything else. That’s the time when all the recurring patients (and we have a bunch of them) come due again. I spent a lot of the time I usually have for my own work registering. Yesterday afternoon, I had to lay down the law and go to my own desk to get the schedule out.

I’ve been faithfully doing my 45-60 minutes of walking a day with Walk It Out! I finished my second tour of the island on Wednesday night, set up another profile and started in on it again Thursday morning.

My pedometer is getting a workout. It doesn’t recognize all of my steps with the Wii so I know I’m getting all the steps in I’m supposed to. I thought this was kind of unique.



The 31st didn’t stay that way long, though. It updated the next time I downloaded my data. So…the numbers that show up when you transfer will change because you get up and walk around after that. At least I don’t sit and sleep in my chair in front of the computer. Maybe you do.

This morning, I got up and juned around so I could get in some walking at the track before I went to church. I wanted to do seven laps for Sabbath but I only had time for six. It was the first time I’d done that. Pretty nice. I may try it again.

Church was weird. The pianist has talked about our swapping so she’d play the organ and I’d play the piano. We did it today and I must say I’m not comfortable at the piano. If I’m not going to be playing the organ, I want a complete break from being up front. This was no break.

There was nothing in the bulletin to indicate what the hymns were or who the speaker was. We learned that on the fly. The sermon was by a very earnest young man. It was good but I felt out of place sitting on the unfamiliar side of the church.

This afternoon, I emailed my incarcerated friend, ate and cleaned out the ant-ridden hummingbird feeders and put them back up. They have ant barriers but the water had dried up in the intense heat. The grass is already turning crisp and brown, too. I think one way the ants got to the feeders was by way of all the greenery that’s growing close to/taking over the deck. I trimmed some of it away from one of the feeders but I feel like I’m in a jungle when I’m out there. If I can hunt up some pruning shears…

I’m sitting here about half asleep so I’d better get to bed. Tomorrow will, hopefully, be a full day.

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  1. Lila June 6, 2011 at 10:39 am #

    Congratulations on all the exercise! Looks like you could step it down a little and still be getting 100%. Knowing you, you may opt not to do so. Anyway, it’s good to be back on the Internet and in on what’s happening.

    • Tommie June 6, 2011 at 10:59 am #

      The more I do, the better I feel. I can assure you, though, that I won’t be OVERdoing. No danger of that!

      Glad you’re back online and I know you are, too!

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