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My Week: Alone Again. Naturally.

The chirping of WeatherBug became more frequent (if you don’t know what I’m referring to, look back at last week’s post) and DD’s nerves more frayed. We were TRYING to watch a movie but WB kept interrupting. I’d get up and read the latest and the expiration was being pushed back later and later. Online […]

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My Week: A Day Late & a Dollar Short

Last Sunday continued with the spring cleaning as did Monday. I’d called the produce place about the wrong oranges and I let them know I’d be able to come in on Tuesday to swap them. Okay. That would be fine. When I told my neighbor, she said she would be going right by there that […]

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My Week: Spring Cleaning

That’s been the focus of the past six days. Since God gave us a full 24 hour break from working, I’ve been very thankful to take Him up on it today. More thankful than usual and that’s saying a lot. Sunday, I made a list of 15 things to do in the kitchen and got […]

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My Week: The Cat House is History

Sunday came and went with not a whole lot getting done. I’m so washed out by the end of the week that I have a hard time getting going. I need a day or two to gear up for the week ahead. Monday was Memorial Day and I spent it (as my mother would say) […]

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