My Week: Discovering YouTube

My sister, newly converted to DSL, says she is spending too much time on the computer. She has discovered YouTube. I know how addictive it can be though I rarely get on it any more. My taste runs more to Hulu where I can watch the shows I used to have to pay to see on Dish Network. For instance, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is back—this time in Los Angeles. If you think he had it rough last year, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. It’s on TV on Tuesday nights and is available on Hulu on Wednesday. The first episode is the only one yet but it’s a doozy. But I’m getting off the subject.

First, another sister sent an email saying to find the dancing parrot. It was cute but not as cute as this one. If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, at least see it through “I’ll Fly Away”. Very apt.

One thing led to another and my recently initiated sister said to find “Mary Margaret Tells the Story of Jonah.” Well, I found one but I asked her to send the link. She said she didn’t know how. I explained the process and expected it to be the same thing. It wasn’t. It was better. Here’s her contribution:

I know she doesn’t spend a lot of her day on YouTube. She has emailed about planting her garden and working around the house. My other sister gets a lot accomplished, too. They both put me to shame. I work, eat and sleep—and feed Twinkle. That’s about it.

Last Sunday, I was able to get all the sheets that were dirty washed. That was all but two sets I’d washed the Sunday before. I was hanging them on the line when my neighbor came out and we started talking. She said it was a good day to hang laundry on the line and I said yes and offered to share my space. No, while it was good to do it that way, it was easier to throw everything in the dryer. I told her I knew that but I’m limited to hanging things either outside or in. She was surprised. She thought I just preferred to do it that way. It was news to her that my dryer hasn’t worked for several years.

Early that morning, I’d mixed up some nectar for the hummingbirds that I figured would be coming back soon. I looked high and low for the feeders I’d cleaned and put away in the fall and finally remembered they were hanging in the closet in DD’s room. To be on the safe side, I washed them again before I filled them and hung them out. On Thursday, I was rewarded with the sight of two hummingbirds darting about. One was chasing the other away and it was clearly evident it is a Ruby-Throated hummer. I stood and watched for a few minutes and went out later to sit in the lounge chair on the deck but they were elsewhere by then.

The weather has been a mixed bag. We’ve had everything from almost 80 degrees down to the high 30s and stiff winds. It rained again yesterday and last night. I haven’t checked the rain gauge but I know we got a lot from the looks of the gravel that has washed across the road in spots. One morning when I left to get the mail, these clouds were decorating the sky:

Morning Clouds

That afternoon, on the way home, there was quite a change:

Afternoon Clouds

DD and I didn’t talk this week but we were in touch other ways. Her last day of work was Monday and she is still in the adjustment phase. She’s made reservations to come visit this summer. It will be a real switch for her since it will probably be quite cool out in the Great Northwest but sweltering here.

Speaking of the Great Northwest, I have heard nothing from or about my sister for several weeks now. It’s frustrating but I keep telling myself that no news is good news.

My Champagne mango supply is getting dangerously low so, on a whim, I called Wally World on Tuesday when I got in from work. I asked the produce man if I could order some and he said he’d see what he could do. Thursday, he called me at work and said they should be in yesterday. He was to call me and let me know for sure. I’d almost talked myself into going to get them but he never called. The weather was horrible so I decided I’d come on home. I called from here and, yes, they were in. I’ll get them tomorrow. I was talking to a friend at church and she was saying she and her husband get them for less from Costco. Well, I don’t get to Costco and Wally World is a lot closer–like 10 miles compared to 60+ one way. I didn’t ask her how much they were since I didn’t want to spend Sabbath talking prices.

Out of the two Wordscraper games underway at the moment, I’m winning 50%. If I had the first turn on every one, I could probably win more. It’s a distinct advantage.

The new person in the office won’t be in the office this week. She has four days of intense training plus a day of testing. When she comes back a week from Monday, she will have her signon and be ready to get in and really get her hands dirty. I already have a sheaf of requests for days off. She’ll get lots of hours for quite some time.

Patient Access Week is history and it was quieter than usual. It was also the easiest one we’ve ever had. Since we can’t eat in the office, I didn’t have to make a lunch run every day. No one seemed to mind so next year should be easy, too.

That’s about it for this week. Don’t you wish you led an exciting life like I do? I have lots to do tomorrow. Check back tomorrow night. I’m posting the April 2011 giveaway.

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