My Week: I’m a Survivor

My 7th day on the go was Sunday. It was a beautiful sunshiny windy day. I got busy and put four sheets and four pillowcases on the line where they promptly wrapped themselves around each other. It was a trick to get them untangled but I did it and got some vitamin D in the process.

I was getting ready to go to town when DD called so I settled in for a conversation. She had turned her notice in at work and is planning to take several months off to recuperate from her very stressful job. Her last day is Monday and then she’ll be free as the proverbial bird. She told me her plans long ago but I’d been sworn to secrecy. The cat is out of the bag now. I have another person to envy.

The produce place had my half box of juice oranges ready when I got there. I’ve been begging them to get me some 80 to 100 count navels but they either can’t or won’t. If they’d been navels, I would have gotten a whole box.

Wally World came through with Ciruli Brothers Champagne Mangoes! I’d contacted the main office which passed the request on to the local store and there they were! I’d been looking at the sorry ones next to them when I saw yellow out of the corner of my eye. Wish I had a picture of my face when I saw what it was. I quickly picked out 18 and asked if there were any more. Sadly, there weren’t. I left some for other shoppers but I was tempted to take them all. Hopefully, they will continue to stock them as long as the season lasts. These are the cream of the crop when it comes to the Ataulfo type mango and I have been treating them like gold. I would have loved to have been able to bring home three or four boxes. I brought my loot home, rejoicing.

I’d carried the sheets in after I made the bed. I had washed all four + four in hot water with baking soda first (supposed to take out the sizing), then in hot water and detergent, then hot water and softener. I don’t know yet if it worked to make them not itchy but they weren’t as bad as the Egyptian cotton ones I bought to begin with. As luck would have it, those were the set of sheets I had that were clean so I took a deep breath and put them on the bed. When I crawled in that night, I was pleasantly surprised. I guess all the sizing was gone because they no longer irritated my skin.

Monday, I got my days mixed up for when I was supposed to go to orientation and showed up at work an hour early. Why we have annual orientation is beyond me. We are supposed to be as much like the other facilities in the system as possible but we are the only ones that have sessions each and every year. It really made it hard on our department this time because the new employee is still not trained to the point she can fill in. She doesn’t go for training and testing until week after next and then we’ll have to see how she does before she’s turned loose. I had to let my work kind of fall by the wayside for the whole five days. Friday was the first day I didn’t go in an hour early and I was about beat at the end of it all. The sessions were mercifully shorter this year and one of the facilitators announced that “They” thought we needed the face to face instruction rather than testing on the computer. We “only” had 18 classes we had to finish online besides. And people think we have easy jobs.

In spite of the produce place not getting me smaller navel oranges, I’m well supplied now. One of the girls had picked up 16 lubs for me at BiLo and I got another 16 at Save A Lot. Guess I’ll get my quota of vitamin C.

I figured out one reason I was so tired was because I had to cut out my morning exercise for so many days running. I was already getting up anywhere from 4:30 to 4:45 and I wasn’t about to get up an hour earlier. I’d still exercise in the evening but that was after I was pretty much wrung out from the day. By yesterday, I noticed I couldn’t easily turn my head to the right and when I went to bed, I winced with pain from my old whiplash injuries.

This morning, I woke at my usual time but lay in bed for almost an hour simply because I could. Twinkle wasn’t terribly happy that I wasn’t up and around and she was pitifully meowing at the door until I let her in at 5:20.

I’d seen one of the pianists at the supermarket yesterday and she told me she’d be out of town. There was no getting her to play the organ today so I manfully (womanfully?) made ready to go. I got in the shower and stood under the hot water with the shower massage pelting my sore back and neck until the muscles relaxed somewhat. I’d tried popping it back into place several times with no success but was able to get some results after I dried off. My usual adjuster isn’t doing so well, himself, so I won’t ask him to help me. At the moment, I’m a little sore but not like I was.

Our church service today was another DVD but this time there was no sleep-inducing buzzing. It was a talk by Louie Giglio. I’d never heard of him but it was riveting.

When I passed by the house with my favorite flowers yesterday, I noticed the dogwood was in bloom as well as the riot of color in the yard. I didn’t feel like stopping to take pictures then but I made up my mind to do it today. These pictures don’t even come close to doing them justice. The lines are distracting but I would have had to crop a lot of the tree to get them out or work on it more than I wanted to if I were going to retouch it. I saw my first butterfly this morning and wanted to take a picture but it flew away.

Dogwood and Flowers


My Wordscraper opponent still hasn’t played since I attempted to upset her applecart yesterday. Plus, I’d taken her a couple of cucumbers with some of my version of Matt’s Dip. She actually liked it and she hates cashews with a passion. I hope it didn’t make her sick.

It’s already past my bedtime. The clock is chiming 9. I’m feeling a bit wilted so I’ll lay me down to sleep. Tomorrow is my stay-at-home day. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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