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Earth Day Plus Two: Fighting Back

I know. Earth Day was last Friday but this is as close as I’m gonna get unless I wait until next year. That being said, I hate junk mail. I hate mail of any kind unless it has a real purpose, like personal mail. A couple of years ago, I started fighting back with the […]

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My Week: Moving Back to Nebraska

When I was growing up, the wind blew primarily in March. There would be wind other months but not on and on and on like it has been for months on end. It made it seem as if I were in Nebraska. Out there, the wind comes sweeping down the plain. I’ll be the first […]

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April 2011 Giveaway: The Raw Truth

This is a different sort of giveaway than the usual. To begin with, the pictures are all professional shots from the actual recipe book. Also, I also have permission to reprint three of the recipes.* I must admit at the outset that I’m not a recipe kind of person when it comes to raw food. […]

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My Week: Discovering YouTube

My sister, newly converted to DSL, says she is spending too much time on the computer. She has discovered YouTube. I know how addictive it can be though I rarely get on it any more. My taste runs more to Hulu where I can watch the shows I used to have to pay to see […]

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Not Darwin. My own. It’s been many a moon since I did an update about what condition my condition is in. People have been asking me and I guess it’s about time I let everyone know. I’m still alive. Of that, I’m very sure. Otherwise, I haven’t had any comprehensive blood work done so I […]

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My Week: I’m a Survivor

My 7th day on the go was Sunday. It was a beautiful sunshiny windy day. I got busy and put four sheets and four pillowcases on the line where they promptly wrapped themselves around each other. It was a trick to get them untangled but I did it and got some vitamin D in the […]

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My Week: Happy Birthday to merm!

I’m already on the verge of wanting to go to bed so this won’t be very long, I hope. One never knows, though, does one? Sunday, I had my stay-at-home day but didn’t get nearly as much accomplished as I thought I would. I told my sister I celebrated by putting new sheets on the […]

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