My Week: I’m Confused

And I don’t need any smart remarks about my age.

Every morning I get up and switch on the TV and the Wii. Sometimes, I say yes to the fitness tip and sometimes no. When I say yes, there are times I get information that either contradicts other information or maybe it doesn’t. I don’t know. Anyway, it has told me some mornings that I need to eat before I exercise. A banana is suggested as a good fuel source. Then, other mornings, it will say I need to stock up on sugars and proteins after I exercise. Now, if I follow the first advice, I’ll eat BEFORE I exercise. If I follow the second, I’ll eat AFTER I exercise. If I follow both, I’ll eat before AND after I exercise. That would pretty much make me eat two meals within an hour of each other. So…which do I do?

Speaking of the Wii, I do the body test with the Fit faithfully. Two of the last three mornings, I have managed to come in at 20 years old. This morning, I’d aged a bit and was 23. Maybe that was because I slept most of 10.5 hours last night? That must be it. The Fit mistook me for Rip Van Winkle-ess.

It’s been three weeks since DD and I actually talked on the phone and the last time was my fault. I’d gone Shopping as I said I would but I didn’t get started until mid-afternoon. Unloading and putting things away and eating and washing up took the rest of the day until bedtime. I didn’t call her another day because, with my bedtime so early, I didn’t get through the necessaries before I had to hit the hay. Tomorrow is a stay-at-home day so maybe then. The other time was Google’s fault. The glitch experienced with gmail ate a message from DD along with the one from DS2. She thought I was ignoring her but I wasn’t.

The background check finally came back on the new hire so she goes to orientation on Monday. She has to do her online training on Tuesday and possibly Wednesday, tour the facility, meet with the Infection Control nurse and get fit tested. The people at work spell that “fite” and I never have figured out why. Another confusing thing. As I was saying, after all that, maybe she’ll be able to start getting familiar with the office on Thursday. Time will tell.

This next week is going to be rough. I got up at 4:30 yesterday morning and thought, “Next week, this will be 3:30.” I don’t wanna have to spring forward! That’s nothing new. I never want to.

My neighbor is still having problems with her foot. She went to see a nurse practitioner the other day and an x-ray was ordered. When the results came back, there’s no fracture but she still can’t walk on it very well. She’s wearing a “boot” that is totally miserable and is going stir-crazy because she can’t really get up and do anything constructive. According to this, it will probably take some time to heal completely. And she wasn’t even playing football.

There’s been rain, snow and high winds this week but I’ll take that mix over what Japan has suffered. Today was beautiful and I got out in the sun for a little while after I came home from church. I sat with one of DD’s former schoolmates during the Sabbath School lesson. I was glad to see him and I hope he comes back. He stayed for the fellowship meal, too.

This afternoon, DS1 called and said my granddaughter had just gotten back from Academy Days at DD’s alma mater. He said she was pretty impressed. The people were friendly and she had a good time. They’re about an hour closer to the school than I was when DD was there so they’d be able to see her often. She hasn’t made her decision yet but who knows? She might be following in her aunt’s footsteps.

Daffodils are in full bloom and they’re lasting a long time with the cool weather we’ve been having. Hyacinths at the hospital are budded, Bradford pears are beginning to show some white and the tulip trees are gorgeous. Spring is wonderful but I can’t help but think it’s a tad early this year. There’s always the danger of the apple crop being damaged with early warmth and then a freeze.

My Wordscraper opponent crafted a board of green and blue that I mistook for a butterfly. It was supposed to represent a shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day. That’s only five days away. Don’t forget the wearin’ of the green! There’s also time to get in on Somebody Else’s Giveaway.

If I hurry, I can get some time in on Walk It Out! so I think I’ll wind this up and do just that.

4 Responses to My Week: I’m Confused

  1. Michelle March 13, 2011 at 11:05 am #

    I’ve never aged better than 30 on that thing! haha

    You mentioned the giveaway.. I’m having one if you’d like to enter.. it offers $200 towards raw foods.. some courses, books, a raw food t-shirt… Hope you enter 🙂

    • Tommie March 13, 2011 at 11:48 am #

      Just did enter, Michelle! Thanks for the tip.

      The secret for getting younger with your Wii age is to do it every day.

  2. Lila March 13, 2011 at 6:43 pm #

    After your variable weather last week, I hope this week is off to as good a start for you as it is here for me. The temperature here at 6:40 DST is 73.8, and it’s probably cooling down a bit by now. Bradford pears are in their glory, along with jonquils and tulip trees. Spring ~ my favorite time of the year!

    • Tommie March 13, 2011 at 7:05 pm #

      It hasn’t gotten quite so warm here and it’s been mostly cloudy today. I went to visit my neighbors and on the way back, I couldn’t resist pulling some weeds out of my garden boxes. I munched on some volunteer arugula, too. Won’t be long until it will be time to plant!

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