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My Week: Going Through the Change

Naw. Not that. I did that years ago. There have been lots of changes in the past week from the weather (a week ago today I had on shorts and a T-shirt—today it’s back to sweats and thick socks) to a disaster at Wally World to the new employee starting training. There were other things, […]

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My Week: Surviving DST

I dreaded it. It’s my springtime nemesis. I welcome the change in the fall because I can get back on track but not in the spring. It’s much more comfortable to fall back than to spring forward. One of my Facebook friends posted “Only the government would cut a foot off the top of a […]

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My Week: I’m Confused

And I don’t need any smart remarks about my age. Every morning I get up and switch on the TV and the Wii. Sometimes, I say yes to the fitness tip and sometimes no. When I say yes, there are times I get information that either contradicts other information or maybe it doesn’t. I don’t […]

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Somebody Else’s Giveaway

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and the Raw Divas are celebrating by starting a three day Green Smoothie Program. It’s completely free and loaded with helpful emails and encouragement to get you started on the road to a healthier you. And now for the giveaway part! Each person who signs up for […]

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My Week: Happy Anniversary to Me

Sunday dawned rather dreary and stayed that way. I wasn’t encouraged to go outside. To tell the truth, I had a huge breakfast that I downed too quickly and I crawled into bed long enough to “feel better”. I dropped off to sleep and didn’t wake again until almost noon. The rest of the day […]

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