My Week: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Last Sunday, I had to go Trade. It isn’t my favorite thing to do but, unless I want to go hungry I have to so I did it. The new produce guy got me some fresh romaine. I told him he was a keeper and I think that pleased him. The frozen food girl said she knew I’d be glad to see they had frozen wild blueberries again and I assured her I was overjoyed.

It was too cold to hang clothes on the line so I used the racks (including the two small ones) to dry a couple of loads of laundry. Twinkle always wants to lay under the clothes—maybe she’s playing “fort”? At one point, a smaller one collapsed and scared her. She was rather cautious after that.

That night, I went to bed early because Monday was the premiere of my new routine. I did okay that day and made it a point to get to bed early again. Next day, I was a little bushed but persevered. This is get up at 4:45 and go to bed at 8:45. Not four hours later but 17 hours later. I’m going most of that time. Third day, I was doing a little better and by the fourth day, it was feeling more natural. Last night, I went to bed at 8:38 and since the alarm was off, I didn’t stay up when I went to the bathroom at 5:45. I went back to bed and slept until 7. I was plumb lazy. Even with all that sleep, I’m getting sleepy now and it isn’t quite 8:30.

On the job front, I did my first interview yesterday. The woman was very nice, presented well (which is a definite plus because we are dealing with the public), but she was under the impression that it would be 20 hours a week, scheduled. That would allow her to get a second part time job. I had to burst her bubble. The interview lasted for half an hour but the upshot was, she decided to pass it up. It wasn’t for her. There’s one more interview on Monday and then nothing. So…I asked for more applications. The ones I have are, by and large, not acceptable. There’s one applicant who lives, at best, two and a half hours away. That would be a long commute when I need someone who could be there in 15-20 minutes. That one had applied for 17 jobs. I don’t think the person has any idea where we’re located. Another one lives a good hour away and the third about that, too. For the position, the hours and the pay, no one would really want a long commute. A woman whirled into the office one afternoon and demanded to know about the job. No matter what it was, she could do it. We gave her an idea of what was expected. No matter. She was qualified. I told her to go online and put in an application and we’d take it from there. As she went out the door, I wished her luck. Over her shoulder, she shot back, “I don’t believe in luck!” Okay. We’ll see how that goes.

Wednesday was the day of the retirement party. Talk about a circus and a comedy of errors! First, we were going to have it in the break room so all of the staff could be there. That was too small so it was moved back to the conference room. I’d prevailed on the folks at the nursing home to let me use their luau decorations so one of the girls took them back there and started in. When I could break free, I went to help her and we had it looking really cute and kind of tacky. A couple from another department got the tables ready and put leis down the center of the sheet tablecloths. Yet someone else blew up some helium balloons and tied several to the retiree’s chair. That’s when another person walked in and said we were going to have to move the party somewhere else. That room was going to be used for an online conference with managers from the Mother Ship. It was concerning the winter weather advisory that had been issued.

Oh, I forgot about the earthquake! Every now and then there is an online drill to track disaster resources and one had started that morning. I was supposed to update every hour so I updated once and another person took over after that. The fake earthquake drill concluded at 11. It couldn’t have come at a worse time.

Now, back to the party. We were being urged to vacate. The chapel would be used for church so we’d have to be out of there by 1:30. I figured we could do that IF we could get everything moved and set up. Somebody pulled the leis off the table and the meeting was underway. After a few minutes, the administrator broke in. Would this meeting have anything to do with our hospital? Everything mentioned was concerning the other facilities. She told the facilitator she would be signing off if our hospital wasn’t involved because the room was booked for another meeting. Bless her! It was back on.

I’d been running up and down the corridors until I figured I wouldn’t have to exercise that evening. I went to the office and grabbed my camera, hoping to get one picture without people in it that I could post on here but that was not to be. Every one I took had SOMEBODY or several somebodies. You’ll just have to go on faith and not by sight.

There were two of us who were taking turns going to the back. I didn’t get to see her open her gifts. I had the other person take my camera and shoot some pictures during that part, too.

The retiree and her husband were leaving later in the week on a cruise to the Bahamas so I’d had the kitchen make a “Bon Voyage” cake. That IS one picture I can post.

Bon Voyage Retirement Cake

There were multiple trips to the vehicle to stow all her stuff. While she was out of the office, I couldn’t resist fishing her keys out of her purse that was sitting wide open and tempting me. I put them ‘way back in the drawer and waited. She came in and was searching in her purse (it’s more like a small suitcase) for the keys. I finally had to break down and get them out for her. We hugged and she was gone. I couldn’t help but be envious.

This morning, I made it to the church after song service had started. During lesson study, the teacher had worked up a sweat and wanted the heat turned down. I was quite comfortable and wondered why he couldn’t take his jacket off. Maybe his shirt wasn’t ironed underneath. A woman once told my mother that she only ironed the collar and cuffs of her husband’s shirts because that was all that showed. Wonder if that’s his situation, too? I had to wrap my coat around my legs in church and put my hands in my pockets. If there’s a next time, I will speak up.

I was invited to the Valentine banquet tonight but chose not to go. It was a ’50s theme and I don’t have anything left from that era. Besides, I would have had to pack my food and it’s easier to eat it at home.

My! It’s past my bedtime! I’m going to have to wind this up and hit the hay. Good night!

2 Responses to My Week: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

  1. Mary Jane February 13, 2011 at 11:05 am #

    What a day you had with the party! Sounds like a real success–and it should have been after all that work and confusion.

    Hope the right person will show up for the job. There are many job seekers, but the job and the person have to be the right combination.

    • Tommie February 13, 2011 at 11:47 am #

      The degree of success is something I can’t confirm because I wasn’t there for most of it. The penalty for having an area that has to be staffed especially during the daytime hours.

      I’m praying for the right person to show up—someone who is willing to stay after he/she learns everything the job entails. It costs up in the thousands to train a person. The last woman I hired lasted for three days. Not a good recommendation for what we have to do.

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