My Week: Revamping My Routine

Sunday was a day at home. I really really need those days. A day to recoup from going almost constantly for the previous six. It’s hard to keep from feeling depressed because TWO people who are both younger than I am are retiring. One will be gone on the 9th, the other on the 18th. People tell me, “You can do it, too! Just go ahead and take the step!” Yeah, and Twinkle and I can live under a bridge in a cardboard box. No way can I see my way clear to retire now.

What did I accomplish? It was a gorgeous day. One full of sun and relative warmth. I did four loads of laundry and hung them on the line. My face showed a little pink. The rest of my body would have, too, if the temperature hadn’t been low enough for me to be fully clothed. When I got the bed made, Twinkle took up residence and lounged while I tried to make our home a better place to live.


My exercise was Walk It Out! and I got in umpteen thousand steps. I don’t remember what my Wii age was. Doesn’t matter. It doesn’t make me any younger. No matter what it says, I’ll be 67 day after tomorrow and still a full time employee.

Monday, I dragged myself back to work. I didn’t want to go. I wanted to stay home and do whatever it is that stay-at-home-people get to do. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were about the same. There were a few happenings that set them apart.

My neighbor came home from Florida on Monday. I figured I’d let her and her husband have some alone time since they hadn’t seen each other for so long. I was late getting home on Tuesday so I called her and told her I’d come over the next night. She said there was something on the deck she’d bought me before she came back. I went out and there was a bag with a bamboo wind chime in it. I didn’t hang it up right away. I took it to work to show it off.

Wednesday, I went over to see her and she was asleep. The night before, her foot had gone to sleep and when she stood up, it turned and something popped. She couldn’t walk on it so she’d spent the day in bed. I came on back home. I didn’t want to disturb her.

Every day, I had been beating a path back and forth from my office to one where options for staffing were being discussed. On Thursday, there were two people who wanted to have a discussion. One of the results was the information that I’m not supposed to eat at my desk. I’d mentioned I was doing that so I could be available as backup if necessary. According to what I was told, it’s an infection control issue. I knew there was supposed to be no eating at the nurses’ station but I don’t work in a patient care area. Oh, well.

So…my mind started working. Hmmmmmmm. How am I going to be able to get all my food in and still be where I can pinch-hit if necessary? Well, I can get up an hour earlier, take my thyroid med, have my devotions in the meantime, eat an hour after my med and still have enough time to exercise, shower and get ready to go. That will mean I’ll have to go to bed earlier but I’ve heard all my life that “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Maybe it will do it for a woman, too. Then, with breakfast so early, I will eat my lunch at 11 Central and be back in the office before the others take theirs. That means I’ll have to give the word that no one else is supposed to be eating in the office, too. That should go over like a lead balloon.

After work, I went to Save a Lot to get some more of their little tiny Clementines and who should I run into but another younger than me retiree. I can’t win for losing. When I cried on his shoulder, he said, “Well, it IS and adjustment. I had to downsize.” I told him if I did that, it would be a box under a bridge—my standard reply. With my new routine, though, will wealth be in my future? We talked for a long time and I came on home.

It was getting toward my evening meal time but I went over to visit my long lost neighbor before I came home. She was able to hobble around on her foot but she had to wear her husband’s shoe when he drove her to town. We got caught up on everything and I told her I was staying home the next day. It may be the last day I get to take off for a long time.

Today, both Sabbath School and church were health-related times. The speakers were a husband/wife team and they are very good. While the husband was speaking, there was a strange noise that started. The pianist had told me the organ was making weird noises one week I wasn’t there and she’d had to turn it off. She came up and turned it off, then came back to where I was sitting and said that was what had happened before. Since it was so random, I didn’t know what I’d tell the repairman. Then, with it off, there was the noise again. Probably an hour later, it happened a second time. The organ wasn’t guilty! After church, we were both wondering where it could have come from.

I came home, had seven Clementines (they are exceedingly small), my green smoothie and treated myself to some mango sorbet. I put in some time with the Wii balance training and ran around the island three times in the advanced mode. I have fava beans to containerize and tomorrow is grocery shopping day. Oh! And I saw five deer grazing behind the house.

In Wordscraper, I’ve been roundly trounced while I barely squeaked by to win one.

The outlook for the office is this. At one point, I was told I could have a 20 hour a week with benefits person but now it’s a PRN person. RETIREMENT! WHERE ARE YOU??

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  1. Shari February 9, 2011 at 7:13 am #

    You know at 67 you can make as much money as you like and still collect SSI. Why don’t you take the 20 hour a week job and start collecting SSI?


    • Tommie February 9, 2011 at 8:15 am #

      I’m already collecting Social Security. If I have a next job, it won’t be in healhcare.

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