My Week: Please Pray!

It’s been a typical week until today. Sunday, I didn’t go anywhere. DD and I visited. I remained very thankful the water had thawed the day before. My tub was put into service for a bubble bath. I did multiple thousand steps with the Wii.

Monday – Friday was work, work and more work. Lucky DD. She had Monday off so she only had four work days. I wasn’t so blessed. My Wordscraper opponent and I played games on some unique boards. One had a heart. Another had a couple of flowers that I think are supposed to resemble tulips. She can correct me if they aren’t. Wednesday we had our quarterly staff meeting.

One of my very good friends from church—actually, she’s more like a sister—brought me a box of grapefruit from Aldi. She wouldn’t take anything for it because I’ve been giving her persimmons now and then. I told her I’d try to think of some more things for her to pick up for me.

There was rain, sunshine, wind and snow. Never never warm, though. I kept the water running in the bathroom.

My neighbor let me know last night she was concerned about her husband. I offered to go check on him but she said I didn’t need to. I wish I had. After I got home from church today, I went ahead and had my lunch. The male half of the couple loves avocados so I decided to take him one and see how he was doing. He seemed a little out of it but I thought he might have been asleep. He complained the phone wouldn’t work so I checked and it was dead. I couldn’t find the power cord but since I’d just recently replaced my phones, I came home and got one of them and took it over for him to use. It was dead, too. I told him it would need to charge for several hours before he could use it. He didn’t look good so I offered to take him to the ER. No, he’d be okay. Well, if he needed anything, he was to let me know.

There was no exercise yesterday or today so I was doing some of the balance routines with the Wii when I heard a racket coming from the house. I looked out and it was my neighbor. He was holding his head. I went over and got a shirt on him. He was able to put on his shoes and get a jacket and his ever-present baseball cap. I asked him if he wanted me to call an ambulance but he indicated no. I told him I’d get the car. I meant for him to wait at the house and I’d drive over but he managed to get down the steps and walk to the car. I had him lie down in the back seat. On the way to the brow of the mountain, I asked him if he got carsick and he just groaned in answer.

I’d talk to him but he wouldn’t speak, he’d just groan. His face had been flushed earlier and I was getting more and more concerned. When I pulled up to the ER entrance, I tried to rouse him but he just lay there. After I rang the nurse, I told the person on the other end of the intercom that I’d need him brought in in a wheelchair. A big burly male nurse came out. It was all he could do to get him out of the car and into the chair.

He was taken straight in and by the time I could get back around and go in the ambulance entrance and into the ER to check on him, they were already working on him. The doctor was asking me about his history and I told him what I knew. Later, he suggested it might be a stroke. I was so thankful the doctor on call is very thorough and not prone to snap judgments.

I went to my desk and called my neighbor—who is also my cousin. She is out of town working on a construction job. Then I called her sister and she agreed to come to the hospital and take over. I went back to tell the patient and he looked at me as if I were a stranger. I hated to leave him but I had to come home and eat my fava beans. I met his sister-in-law (also my cousin) outside the ER and gave her a hug. She hugged me back and I left.

Since then, he’s been airlifted to the Mother Ship where he is having extensive tests. They still suspect a stroke.

Tomorrow morning, I have to be at the church business meeting and after that, it’s grocery shopping time. DD and merm will have an all day photography class so we probably won’t be in touch via phone until next week. We chatted on gmail tonight and we do that several times during the week. Technology can be wonderful. The most wonderful communication doesn’t require technology, though. It’s called prayer and that’s what I’m requesting for both of my neighbors tonight.

4 Responses to My Week: Please Pray!

  1. Stephanie January 26, 2011 at 12:40 pm #

    I read this blog periodically, and will keep these sweet people in my prayers. Please update how he is doing sometime. God answers!

    • Tommie January 26, 2011 at 5:44 pm #

      Thank you, Stephanie. I’ll update on Saturday night, as usual.

  2. Nick January 28, 2011 at 12:56 am #

    Isn’t life weird sometimes? It’s 99% boring, everyday nonsense, and then 1% pulse pounding terror. Good for you that you checked on your neighbor. In my old neighborhood, people would scream and scream and no one would call the cops or go see what was going on. My wife and I were the only ones that cared, apparently– it’s good to see other people who are similar. My prayers go out to you, and your neighbor.

    • Tommie January 28, 2011 at 6:56 am #

      They take care of me, too, Nick. I’m sorry your neighborhood is that way.

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