My Week: In a Confessional

DD’s in-laws were visiting so I didn’t expect her to call. I was correct in my expectation. I did talk to my sons, though, and I mentioned that I dreaded Monday. Why? That’s when my electric bill would come. It would encompass all the days that had been bitterly cold. I didn’t leave the house. I’d laid in enough food that I didn’t need to go anywhere. Days like that are to be treasured.

It was back to work. There was a dusting of snow but not enough to keep me home another day. I made it through my shift and came home to the dreaded news. And dread it, I should have. The last electric bill was $169. This one doubled that at $327. Well, almost, anyway, but when it’s that much, who’s quibbling over $11? If I were using the gas logs it would be less but then I’d have the gas bill to pay and maybe put my health in jeopardy again. I’ll suck it up and pay the bill.

I’d gotten a notice from USPS Click n Ship on Monday to be expecting the box of persimmons from Dario. I set it up so I would get notifications of its whereabouts so I would know when it came in. It arrived on

I took the package into the hospital and opened it. I was distressed to see that a lot of the persimmons appeared to be bruised. One of the girls on med-surg likes lemons almost more than she likes olives so I gave her three. When I got home, I unpacked the box and discovered there was only one persimmon out of the lot that wasn’t bruised to some extent.

Bruised Persimmons

Dario doesn’t know. I haven’t decided yet whether or not I will tell him. It’s a definite that the season for shipping persimmons from California to Tennessee is over. I picked out four of the worst ones and made a seven cup container full of persimmon pudding.

I called a good friend who loves persimmons, too, and told her if she could come by the hospital, I would give her a container of pudding. She did just that and so did I. I was sad to hear that one of her and my GNW sister’s classmates had been killed by a drunk driver last week.

On the way home, I noticed the roads had been treated. When I woke the computer up, WeatherBug was chirping a warning. There was to be snow.

And now for the confessional. I’d bought a cauliflower a week ago and tried to find a good recipe for raw cauliflower soup. I found a demo on youtube but the resulting dish looked only too gross. I’d post the link but I’ll spare you. Well, I had a yen for some creamed cauliflower so I broke down and cooked it. Not only did I cook it, I ate it. Well, a third of it, anyway. I felt a little queasy but it stayed down.

I figured I would feel yucky because of my meal from the day before but I didn’t.

There was a dusting of snow so I figured the weather guessers had gotten it wrong again. It rained off and on all day. That washed the salt off the roads. When I came home, I noticed that the raindrops were mixed with what appeared to be snowflakes. I’d already talked to the pianist and told her I wouldn’t be down if the weather turned bad. All evening, I kept looking out but there was no sign of snow until almost time to go to bed. One of my sisters in North Carolina had been keeping several of the family members posted about weather developments over there so I added my two cents’ worth. Late in the evening, I emailed that there were tiny flakes of snow sprinkling the deck railing.

Oh, and I ate half of the creamed cauliflower that was left but I thinned it down to a soup consistency.

This morning I woke to a bit of snow on the ground. It was still snowing but didn’t look like it would amount to much. I called an acquaintance and invited her to church and she agreed to go. I gave her the choice of going to Sabbath School or I could pick her up for church. She chose the latter. Since today was one of the two fellowship meal Sabbaths per month, I picked out three unbruised persimmons from a previous shipment, washed them and filled a plate with the slices. I put four of the lesser bruised ones in a container to take to my persimmon-loving friend.

I took my shower, got dressed and ate. After brushing my teeth, I made ready to leave. I’d let the car warm up so it was rarin’ to go. Before I pulled out of the driveway, I bowed my head and prayed for safety “there and back”.

“My” road was snow covered but not slick. I knew if I could make it to the highway, I would be okay. Stopping at the stop sign, I noticed a snow plow parked at the county line. A snow plow?? With that little bit of snow? I made sure nothing was coming and pulled out. I was cruising along, not fast, but not slow, either. I met another snow plow. Well. Did they really think this was going to be an Event?

The farther I went, the heavier the snow was coming down. I don’t know how long it had been since the road had been cleared but it was getting completely covered in places. It still wasn’t slick so I continued on. I’ve often said I don’t mind driving in snow but ice is another matter.

I rounded a slight curve and came over the little rise before starting down the mountain. That’s when I spied an SUV—it looked like a gold-colored Tahoe—going down the road very slowly. I thought, “Oh, no! Not another one of these timid drivers!” Then I noticed something was strange. That’s when it hit me that it was going down the road sideways. I could only imagine the terror in the hearts of the occupants. I didn’t want to go and do likewise so I backed into the road that was right at that spot, turned around and started back toward home. Another driver saw me do that and did the same thing. I’ve been praying for whoever was in that SUV. That would be an awful experience. The scene keeps playing over and over in my head.

When I called and broke the news that I wouldn’t be picking up the person for church, I think she sounded a little relieved. She’d been invited somewhere else, anyway.

The church phone rang and rang but there was no answer. I called one of the elders and he told me church had been canceled. There’s a lot more snow on that side of the mountain than there is here.

My church clothes came off and I spent an hour with the Wii. I unlocked a couple of the advanced modes of some of the balance exercises and took the long run around the island following a cat that took me over rooftops and onto a ship. Speaking of the Wii, my ages this week have been Monday, 21; Tuesday, 22; Wednesday, 36; Thursday, 36; Friday, 21 again and this morning, 20! It’s going to be a red letter day if I get into my teens!

I’d already listened to the Sabbath School discussion while I was getting ready and having breakfast. I did listen to Ranger BILLLLLLLLL! It was a nice, quiet Sabbath and I have enjoyed it.

The rest of the cauliflower got some mushrooms added to it and now it’s history. I’ve had my fling with cooked so that’s over and done.

On the Wordscraper front, I’m currently winning the two games going. Oh, and I’ve played a few rounds of Entanglement—once this evening—but I’m not as enamored with it as some are.

I’m going to go walk with the Wii. I don’t like to let a day go by without getting in at least a half hour since that was the order. An hour is even better but we’ll see. There’s still time.

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  1. Mary Jane January 9, 2011 at 5:30 pm #

    I was horrified at my elec. bill, which was 306.49–almost 3x what it was the month before. And yours is even worse! Afraid it won’t be any better this month, which is always the highest one. Temp. here was 1 degree this morning!

    • Tommie January 9, 2011 at 5:36 pm #

      There were 24 hour periods last month when the furnace never switched off. It hasn’t been as cold here as it has at your house. Temperature here was 11 times yours. 😐

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