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My Week: Setting the Record Straight

Well, I was being nice last week and not going into detail about what happened with my neighbor. I didn’t think it was anyone’s business so I beat around the bush. Some tales have been started that are patently untrue so I’m going to set the record straight tonight. When I went to check on […]

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My Week: Please Pray!

It’s been a typical week until today. Sunday, I didn’t go anywhere. DD and I visited. I remained very thankful the water had thawed the day before. My tub was put into service for a bubble bath. I did multiple thousand steps with the Wii. Monday – Friday was work, work and more work. Lucky […]

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My Week: Water!

Sunday, I went to Trade (as my mother would say). I know I quote her a lot but she’s the person who made the biggest impression of anyone on me. Her “isms” go through my mind daily. So bear with me. The roads were clear and I was able to get there and back in […]

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My Week: In a Confessional

Sunday DD’s in-laws were visiting so I didn’t expect her to call. I was correct in my expectation. I did talk to my sons, though, and I mentioned that I dreaded Monday. Why? That’s when my electric bill would come. It would encompass all the days that had been bitterly cold. I didn’t leave the […]

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My Week: An End and a Beginning

After my stressful four days, I was dragging on Monday. I didn’t want to go anywhere and seriously considered not going in to work. I decided it couldn’t make me feel any worse so I milled around and got ready and went in—late. I managed to make it through the day. At least it would […]

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